Konkan Beaches

Ratnagiri Beach
Ratnagiri Beach

Arabian Sea Flowering Feet, on the coast of Maharashtras waterfalls, could be a house of the many beautified cities that boast of the traditional coastline for the proper backyard holidays And such a horny destination for Ratnagiri. Being a well-liked gateway within the southwestern a part of Maharashtra, this port city contains many of the simplest coastal areas of Ratnagiri which are still not very large and it's necessary for all passengers to go to at the identical time.


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Murud beach
Murud Beach

Murud Beach could be a broad extension of black sand with clear blue water spreading at a distance of 1.75 km near the beach is one in all the famous beach in Maharashtra and it's one in every of the highest places to go to Alibaug. Murud Beach may be a charming destination, where the sand is stretched along the sand of three sides. Rocky outcrop moves northward and south, while east of Murud Town and hills.

Murud is known for its vast sandy coastline which has been decorated by...

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vengurla beach
Vengurla Beach

Vengurla beach is located in Maharashtra. He has white sand and many hills around him. Some temples near Vengurla Beach are some of which are tourist attractions - Rameshwar Temple and Shree Devi Temple. Other major tourist destinations like Sagareshwar Agricultural Research Station, Mochappa, Shiroda Gav, Navati, Readys Ganpati and Vithoba Temple are some of the important tourist spots. Vengurla is located in Maharashtra, at a distance of 522 km from Mumbai, 200 km from Ratnagiri, 401 kilometer...

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tarkarli beach
Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli beach is that the best white sand beach along the complete plateau of Konkan coast. Although as regards to Goa, Tarkarli remains one in all the foremost popular beaches in South Konkan. The Karli Backwater is one amongst the foremost beautiful places on the one side and on the opposite side of the Turquoise Blue Sea, Tarkarli are the foremost popular beaches in Maharashtra. a serious beach destination on the map of Maharashtra Tourism Department Tarkarli Beach Tourism is popular amon...

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malvan beach
Malvan Beach

Malvan is a dream holiday destination with its beautiful beaches, quiet backwater, historic forts and exciting adventure ways. Backwater Water in Malvan is an ideal place for sports and today Malvan is the most popular after known destination for water sports in Maharashtra. Malvan is one of the rare places where you can enjoy SCUBA diving and snorkeling in Maharashtra. Although the tourist season in Malvan increases up to October (end) - the best time to visit (Middle) May will be the best exci...

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Shrivardhan Beach
Shrivardhan Beach

Shrivardhan is a historic landmark and Arjun Pandavas are visiting their pilgrim places. It was formerly an important monkey in the 16th and 17th century traders of Ahmednagar and Bijapur. It seems to account for European tourists. Shrivardhan is in Raigad district of Maharashtra state. Distance between Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar is 18 km and they are considered to be the oldest cities. Divegar is a quieter place than both cities, which has recently received a new notice which has converte...

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Akshi beach
Akshi Beach

Akshi Beach is 5km from Alibaug ST depo on Alibaug-Revdanda Road The main attraction is pollution free, clean and intense atmosphere and Cyprus Grove can see Alibuag Beach and Kulaba Fort from Akshi Beach. Akshi is a green village Fisher is not perfect Anyone can travel to Alibaug-Ravdanda bus, eight-seater auto rickshaw or Akshi for private vehicles. It takes about 15 minutes. All the houses in the village are built in deep shade of coconut and aromatic plants.

Akshi is access...

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ladghar beach
Ladghar Beach

The Ladghar is a small village on the shore south of the rocky hill, which separates it from the karde. To the south there is a small fishing basin - the Ladghar is spread over Burundi. Datta Temple is situated on the hill on the northern foot of the northern hills of Ladhahar beach. Water sports like Paraselling and Water Sports are available in Ladghar and those are very popular.

Ladghar is 8 km from Dapoli bus stand. When you leave Dapoli-Anjale road and Dapoli village to Ladghar, yo...

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Mandwa beach
Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach is the most important and most people love the coast, there is a wonderful trip with close friends and loved ones. Mandwa is an amazing beach 12 km away from Alibaug, separate from the crowd and pollution. There are many beautiful places to meet at Mandva Beach, which can give you complete peace of mind. Enjoy executing sports or leisure activities in the surroundings of Mandwa Beach and with your family members. 19 km from Alibaug, 13 km away from Kahim beach, Mandwa beach is a be...

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Kihim beach
Kihim Beach

Kihim is a small village to the north of Alibaug. People in Mumbai are commonly known as gateways at weekends, they are accessible via roads and water. Mandwa Kihim beach is 12 miles away from Alibaug. It is 136 km from Mumbai. There is 10 nautical miles away from Mumbai in the sea. The closest sea port is Rewas which is 6 kilometers away from Kihim. Regular round service is available from Mumbai to Rewas. Those who want to travel through the train, get down on the pen. Pen Railway Station is...

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Dapoli beach
Dapoli Beach

Dapoli is the largest beach of the entire Konkan route. The Dapoli coast, starting from Dabhol, travels to kelshi via Ladghar and karde. Most of the coastline has a white sand cover but there is black sand beneath it. Most of the coastal roads are connected but some caves and adventurers can try to reach the shore coastline on a circular area from a bicycle ride! The best time to visit Dapoli is from mid-October to mid-March, however, you will be able to see a separate photo especially during D...

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Kashid beach
Kashid Beach

kashid beach is popular beach in Maharashtra for mumbai and pune tourist. About 18 km north of Murud At the distance, the beautiful beach of the beautiful sand, reminding the middle of Goa, is the main attraction of foreign tourists. It is important to note the importance of this place after seeing a crowd of tourists waiting for rest in the Nayanmanohari Bagh on the outskirts of the kashid coast. Hundreds of tourists are present for the beach in weekend. Modeling TV Shooting of serials and mov...

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Diveagar beach
Diveagar Beach

Diveagar is a village and tourist place in Shrivardhan taluka of Raigad district of Maharashtra. Diveagar is situated on the Arabian Coast, 75 km south of Alibaug and 175 km south of Mumbai. Diveagar is a village located in Shrivardhan taluka of Raigad district of Maharashtra, in almost 170 km south of Mumbai. This area is quiet, clean and beautiful. This area includes local businesses like fisheries, beach, a temple, coconut and beetle plantations and some tourist business such as restaurants, ...

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Nagaon beach
Nagaon Beach

Nagaon Beach is a popular beach destination in Maharashtra and weekend gateway for tourist. This beach is also known as Satad Bandar. The specialty here is that the beautiful sun lounges of beautiful beaches in a queue on the coast and the beautiful beach of Roopari Sand which surrounds the festive ocean, white sun loungers are very fascinating. There are plenty of nutritional meals and accommodation facilities for tourists. Tourists are so happy on this coast that Maharashtra Government has ...

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Ganpatipule Beach in maharashtra
Ganpatipule Beach

Popular beach destination in Konkna maharashtra. Take a possibility from the town and visit the gorgeous coast of Ganpatipule beach.It is known to the peaceful waves of Maharashtra and deep blue seas, which is that the most preferred destination for holiday makers and fun seekers in maharashtra. Beach within the ganpatipule beach coast of Konkan has always enjoyed the specified status.

A Ganapati temple situated on the coast of the beach, whose name is in its name. The idol is ...

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alibuag beach in konkna maharashtra
Alibaug beach ( konkan )

Alibaug may be a coastal town in Konkan Maharashtra. Alibaug is found in municipal council in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Alibaug is one amongst the main tourist spots in Maharashtra near Pune and Mumbai. Alibaug is surrounded by sea on three sides it's founded by Kanhoji Angre who was Chief of Armar in swarajya in 17th century. 400 year old Ganesh temple also can be seen in alibuag. Become a witness to the nice Sunset once you are on Alibuag coast. the most effective thing about this...

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