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Enjoy the wonders at the Tarkarli beaches so it serve as a perfect getaway for Pune and Mumbai tourist. lots of tourist from pune and mumbai visit tarkarli to enjoy the natural beauty of tarkarli every weekend. This is an ideal picnic spot for beach and adventure lover. This is one of the place for water activities and scuba diving activity in konkan. you can find lots of beach activities like boat ride, Sleeping bumper, Stay in a House Boat, banana ride, Jet-sky ride, Parasailing and famous deep water scuba diving in tarkarli beach. Tarkali is a small village in western Maharashtra, situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea. The village is famous for its clear sea water and white sand depicting the beach. A new weekend gateway from Mumbai and Goa, the place hosts adventure water sports. To the south of this village flows the river Tarkarli, which is surrounded by dense forest. One can travel by boat in the river to enjoy the calm of the backwaters flowing in the Arabian Sea. You can visit Sindhudurg Fort on the beach to know the history. The place is popular for its clean environment and various water sports available on the beach. Tall cypress trees also add to the beauty of nature. You can also go on a water dolphin tour. This beach is also known as 'Queen Beach' of Sindhudurg.

A series of ancient beaches, Tarkarli is an ideal choice for holiday weekends. If lucky, you can also see dolphins. Tarkarli is proud of the excellent talcum-powder sand available in the Konkan. The most beautiful beach in Maharashtra, not in India. Since this place is being searched recently, you may find it obscure due to commercialization. The white shoreline covered with cypress trees is a great place to relax, get close to nature and eat amazing Malwani food. From long walks along the original white sand shores to a glimpse of the majesty of Maratha forts. Stituated between the Sahyadri mountain ranges and the Arabian Sea, Tarkarli is one of the most attractive vacation spots for the city travellers. The calm blue of the sea, the white soft sand on the lonely beach surrounded by tall coconut trees. Tourists flock to Tarkarli and Malvan for coral reefs and clear blue waters filled with exotic fish and dolphins. The lush green hills of Amboli and the white beaches of Goa are a short distance from Tarkarli. Visit Tarkarli and let the colors and sounds of nature enchant you! . During the morning walk, a group of people are seen pushing the boat into the sea to catch a new one all day long. There were many small and medium sized boats are on the beach.

Tarkarli is one of the fastest growing major tourist destinations in Maharashtra and for the last few years it has become the second most preferred destination after Goa.Tourists from all over the world visit this place all year round, Tarkarli enjoys a beautiful and clean white sand beach, clear backwaters, tranquility of nature and greenery and many other fascinating places like traditional markets, temples, forts. Tarkarli is perfect holiday gateway in Maharashtra. there are some other places to visit near tarkarli are Achara Beach, Tsunami Island Beach, Devbagh Beach, Chivla Beach, Vengurla Beach, Nivati Beach, Kunkeshwar Beach, Mochemad Beach, Tondavali Beach, Kolamb Beach, Sindhudurg Fort, Dolphin Spotting many more places. The setting sun will captivate your mind and body completely. In addition to the amazing beauty of the sea, you can also see dolphins floating in the water. To enjoy some wonderful seafood and boat trips at sea, visit the nearby fishing village of Devbag.

Things to Do in Tarkarli & Best time to visit

Tarkarli is famous for its long coastline and many quiet beaches, including the mighty Sindhudurg Fort. Apart from this, Tarkarli has many adventures. In addition, you can have plenty of Malvan food. Alternatively, you can relax on the beaches, go for thrilling water sports, stay in a houseboat or enjoy a boat ride on Dhamapur Lake. Tarkarli is famous for its water sports activities like parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boat ride, jet-skiing etc. Houseboat riding is one of the best activities in Tarkarli. It is also famous for dolphin spotting as well as exploring underwater life with corals around 350-400 years old.

Tarkarli is the beach. The best time to visit Tarkarli is October, November, December, January, February and March. It is expected to be a bit crowded this time as it is peak season. This time is perfect for scuba diving, snorkelling and other activities. Many cultural programs are also organised at this time. Moderate weather is experienced during July, August and September.  The rainy season can also be a good time to plan a trip, although heavy rains can ruin your plans. Summer is the shortest time to visit Tarkarli due to the scorching heat and unbearable humidity.

Tarkarli Accommodation

You can choose to your stay options as per your requirement. there are Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Bungalow for large group. provides you a listing of Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Bungalow as per budget, location preferences. Book Tarkarli Resorts, Hotels in Tarkarli, Tarkarli Homestay, Bungalow in Tarkarli. at budget price.

You will find all the hotels in Tarkarli, the best resorts and other accommodations in a particular place near tarkarli. We provide a comprehensive list of hotels in Tarkarli, allowing you to find and book the right hotel room for you. We choose our hotels with full focus on cleanliness, hygiene, atmosphere, safety and hospitality and many more services. By booking Tarkarli hotels with us you can get attractive discounts upto 25% off on every booking. Tarkarli hotels starts from Rs 1000 per night. Budget hotels in tarkarli provides Free Wifi, Ac & Non Ac Rooms, modern amenities, clean rooms, traditional food at budget rate. to get discount offers you need to share your booking details with us to availe discount offer. Choose best tarkarli hotels from best Budget and Luxury Hotels list in Tarkarli.

Top Hotels in Tarkarli from Rs 2500/- to Rs 5000/-

FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Tarkarli

Q: What are the cheap options available to stay during Tarkarli trip ?


Cheap options for stay in tarkarli are - Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Lodges, cottages available which starts from at Rs. 800/- for book cheap hotels in Tarkarli.

Q: Which are the popular budget hotels in Tarkarli ?


top budget hotels in Tarkarli are - Ratnasindhu Beach Resort, Samant Beach Resort, Matruvastalya Home Stay, Mangal Nivas etc.

Q: What is distance between Pune to Tarkarli ?


Distance between Pune to Tarkarli is 385 Km.

Q: What are famous in tarkarli ?


Deep water Scuba diving, Dolphin watching, Water sports activities clear water beach are famous in tarkarli.

Q: What is the price range starts for Tarkarli hotels ?


Price range for Homestay in Tarkarli starts from Rs.950/- (For 2 Guest) and luxury hotels in tarkarli price range starts for Rs.2050/-

Q: What type of properties are available for booking in Tarkarli?


Hotels, Resorts, Bungalows, Cottages, Lodges, MTDC hotels and Beach homestay in Tarkarli such property types are available for booking.

Q: For what is Tarkali famous ?


Tarkarli is famous for clean water beach and popular scuba diving destination in Maharashtra.

Q: Which are the top beach hotels in Tarkarli for family stay?


Mangal Nivas, Matruvastalya Home Stay, Samant Beach Resort, Ratnasindhu Beach Resort are top beach hotels in Tarkarli for family stay.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Tarkarli?


Water sports, Tarkarli beach, scuba diving, Karli backwaters, Dhamapur lake, Sidhudurg fort, Achara Beach are the best places to visit near Tarkarli.

Q: How can i search best hotels in Tarkarli?


You can find available hotels inTarkarli on website using amenities, Price, Hotel Type search filters at budget price.

Q: Which hotels are closest to tarkarli beach ?


There are some hotels listed on HotelsInKonkan are closest to tarkarli beach - Mangal Nivas, Manali Resort, Namrata Niwas, Siddhivinayak Beach Resort. book tarkarli beach hotels at budget price.

Q: Which are popular couple friendly hotels in tarkarli ?


Many tourist visit tarkarli beach continuesly some guset recommended for couples - Vedaa holidays, Siddhivinayak Beach Resort, Manali Resort are popular hotels for couple in tarkarli. get full list of tarkarli hotels 

Q: Where to stay in tarkarli during trip ?


HotelsInKonkanhas wide range of properties to stay in tarkarli - 20 hotels in tarkarli, 18 Resorts in tarkarli, 11 Homestay, 8 Cottages, 9 MTDC hotels, 4 Bungalows are listed. chooe your accommodation as per your requirement to stay in tarkarli.

Q: Which hotels have pay directly to hotel facility in Tarkarli?


All listed hotels in Alibaug are having pay directly to hotel facility. However, there are some hotels that take a some money as advance for book tarkarli hotels for you .

Q: Can you suggest us hotel rooms under Rs. 1300/- for hotels in Tarkarli?


Here is list of some hotels under Rs.1300/- : Namrata Niwas, Mangal Nivas . get full list of tarkarli hotels 

Q: There is any deals & offers available for hotel booking in Tarkarli?


Many deals & offers are available on Tarkarli hotel which listed on book tarkarli hotels to get attractive discounts now !