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Revdanda is a beach town in Raigad district and Revdanda fort is one of the oldest Portuguese forts in Maharashtra. Remains of the Portuguese fort are covered with wild groves. What are the differences between the cannon holes in the walls of the seafront. Although the fort is now in ruins, it is a pure historical attraction with its unique beauty of nature. You must visit Revdanda fort during your Revdanda trip. This fort is located at the mouth of Kundalika river. Revdanda Fort, also known as Revdanda Agarkot, was built in 1558 by the Portuguese Captain Soj in 1740, Revdanda and Korlai forts came under Maratha rule, according to an agreement made by the Portuguese. The perimeter of the fort is about 5 km. The entire rampart has two main gates, one from the north and the other from the south. The north gate was used for land connection and the south gate for sea. This route runs from Revdanda Bay to the main sea. The north and south gates are directly connected by a long road made of stone. Now, only the remnants of the ancient fort remain on the western side of the compound. The remaining part has become Revdanda village with houses and agricultural lands over time. There is a Datta temple in the Chaul area of ​​Revdanda. The temple is at the top of the peak, the road to the temple is about 1500 steps high. From this temple we can see the whole region around Revdanda. And it is believed to have been built during the reign of King Shivaji to keep an eye on the enemy. There is a big festival of five days in a year, it starts from Lord Datta's birthday and lasts for 5 days.

Revdanda Beach which is about 17 km from Alibag & only 105 km from Mumbai. It is a remote beach located on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. This beach is covered with black and clear sand. At this point, while trying to beat the blues and try to revive your flared nerves, you might find the peace that awaits you on this  beach vacation. At Korlai Fort, about 6 km from Revdanda Beach, you can take a local cab or auto. There is a Birla Ganesha temple here, with attractive interiors and exquisite carvings. From October until the summer heat, you can visit Revdanda in comfort as there is perfect weather during this period without rain or scorching heat. The fortifications of Revdanda fort have two main gates, one from the north and the other from the south. The north gate is used for land connection and the south gate for sea. This route runs from Revdanda Bay to the main sea. The Portuguese built a dock here which eventually ceased to exist. The north and south gates are directly connected by a long road made of stone. Now, just west of the compound are the remains of an ancient fort. The rest has become Revdanda village with houses and farmland over time. 

If you are looking for places to visit near Revdanda Beach then you can choose from the amazing contrast between the uninhabited hill stations on one side and the original beaches on the other. All these places are surrounded by ancient forts, temples, fishing villages and wildlife sanctuaries which are unique for the culture and landscape of the magnificent Sahyadri. Places near Revdanda Beach take you away from the usual crowded tourist destinations to the amazing scenery of nature, culture and history. These places, often crowded with tourists, are great for spending time with yourself or your friends and family. Whether you like to relax on the beaches, eat traditional food or experience the thrill of watersports, these wonderful places will leave you with unforgettable experiences and memories. The remains of a Portuguese fort are covered with wild plantations. What stands out are the cannon holes in the fortification walls bordering the sea. Although the fort is now in ruins, Ravdanda Beach a pure historical attraction with extraordinary natural beauty is a must-visit. Revdanda was the first place in India where Afanasy Nikitin, the first Russian traveler, landed. At high tide, the place offers a beautiful view of palm fringes touched by the waves. Revdanda can be reached by a 15-minute drive from the village.

Things to Do in Revdanda 

If you are staying overnight at Revdanda Beach, you will want to visit some of the sights near the beach to see the beauty of the place - Revdanda Fort, Portuguese Church, Korlai Fort, Phansad Dam, Shitaladevi Temple, Kulaba Fort.  Alibag is packed with great restaurants that serve mouth-watering dishes and regional cuisine. You will have plenty of options to choose from and the variety of foods on the menus. Here are some of the best restaurants near Revdanda Samudrakina where you can enjoy your Konkani meal.

1. Revdanda Beach

Revdanda Beach, its picturesque locale has a cluster of towering coconut trees, betel nut trees with bunches of betel nuts and paddy fields with lush green water. Revdanda village is famous for "Bakuli" which is a sweet smelling flower found in this village. There are three main temples in the city, Lord Dutt Temple and Rameshwar Temple and Sheetala Devi Temple. A separate beach with black sand also exists. Although it resembles the period of Shivaji Maharaj's rule, it is not of that period. The region is dotted with betel nut and coconut trees. It is locally called Naralachi Bagh in Marathi. Revdanda Beach here is unique and beautiful. It is covered with black sand and is a great place to relax.

2. Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach is located on the shores of the Arabian Sea. Famous for its beautiful white colored sand, Kashid is one of the cleanest beaches in North Konkan. The beach stretches for 3 km and is surrounded by bushes and trees called casuarina. Kashid Beach is a complete getaway in every sense but the main reason for its immense popularity is its location between Mumbai and Pune. The proximity of the two metros makes it a popular beach destination near Mumbai and is very crowded on weekends. Surrounded by a diverse landscape of water, rocks and cliffs and close to Mumbai, Pune and Alibaug, this place witnesses a large number of visitors throughout the year. There are tons of beachside lodging, dining and shopping options to suit your every need.

3. Raigad Fort

Raigad is a hill fort located at Mahad in Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is one of the strongest forts on the Deccan Plateau. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built many constructions and structures at Raigad. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj repaired this fort and gave it to him in the year 1674 it was declared the capital of the Maratha Empire. There is a ropeway facility to reach the fort, so one can reach the fort within a few minutes.

Raigad Fort is a great weekend destination that is popular with tourists and provides a memorable opportunity to witness the legacy of the ancient Maratha Empire. Gangasagar Lake is an artificial lake located at Pachpad, which is one of the major tourist spots in Raigad Fort. Gangasagar Lake was built during the reign of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. It is believed that this lake was formed from the water of river Ganga during the coronation of Shiva Raya. Ganga Sagar Lake is situated in front of Raigad Fort and is surrounded by black rock. Ranivasa is located near this lake. This lake attracts tourists.

4. Kundalika Rafting Camp

Kundlika Rafting Camp is ideal for anyone looking for excitement amidst the greenery of nature! Being just two hours away from Mumbai, it is a favorite hub for all adventure tourists. One can encourage oneself by participating in various activities at the camp site. Comfortable tents with two or three shared bases are available to choose from. River rafting at Kundalika is a great escape from the hectic routine of life. This 12 km stretch of white water is for heart racing thrills. These grades and rapids are not for the faint of heart. You will embark on your journey with skilled and experienced guides trained in the technical aspects of rafting who value your safety above all else. End your rafting experience in the refreshingly cool Kundalika river. Enjoy and relax in this ideal getaway away from the monotony of everyday life. It is a perfect blend of tranquility and adventure.

About two and a half hours from Mumbai and Pune, Kolad is easily accessible by road. One has to drive through the winding roads, breathe in the fresh air and gaze upon the acres of greenery around you. The beautiful Sahyadris in their splendor provide a refreshing change from the city life. During monsoons, this trek takes on a new life with waterfalls and trees that let you touch the sky.

5. Revdanda Fort

Revdanda was an ancient port in the 6th century which grew in importance by the 10th century as the Nizamshahi rulers of the region expanded trade. With the advent of the 16th century, the Portuguese ruled these parts of the land. Revdanda Bay gradually became an important place for their trade and commerce, leading to the construction of Revdanda Fort in 1558. Captain Soj was the architect of this fort, which still stands in ruins as a testimony to the Portuguese. The history of this place dates back to the ancient mythology of Lord Krishna. According to mythology, the entire Revdanda area is believed to have been the ancient "Revati Kshetra", where Krishna's brother Balarama's wife Revati lived. This place was gifted by Krishna to Revati at the time of her marriage. Another story is that King Hansadhwaja halted the Ashwamedha sacrificial horse here and Revdanda witnessed a violent battle between him and the great Arjuna.

The Revdanda fort has two main gates to the entire fortification, one from the north and the other from the south. Of these, the northern gate was used for land access and the southern gate for access to the sea. This route leads to the main sea through Revdanda Bay. The Portuguese built a dock here which has been destroyed over time.

6. Korlai Fort

Korlai Fort also known as Castle Curlew is a Portuguese fort in Korlai, a small village in Maharashtra. The ruins are well maintained and interesting. The best thing about this fort is that the climb is not too strenuous as the fort is situated on a fairly small hill. It is a pleasant surprise that despite being so close to Mumbai, it is quite untouched and unexplored. The view from the fort is very beautiful as it is surrounded by the sea on three sides. It is an amazing place to watch the sun sink into the sea. It overlooks the stunning sands of Koralai Beach, which also houses a lighthouse. The fort is connected to the light house by a flight of steps. The beach is small but clean and beautiful. It eliminates a perfect family.

7. Nagaon Beach

Nagaon Beach is a very famous place for tourists from Mumbai and Pune. Famous for its clean beache water and water sports, Nagaon Beach offers a flat beach that makes it ideal for swimming and other water sports. This beach is also known as Satad Bandar. The distinctive features of this place are the graceful swaying trees lining the shores and the clean beautiful beach of silver sand with the white waves of the deep sea lapping at it very much fascinates the tourists. There are plenty of accommodation and breakfast facilities for tourists. Tourists are so happy with this coast that the Maharashtra government has focused its attention on the development of this coast from the angle of tourists. Do visit this natural beach that attracts tourists. Nagaon also offers delectable local cuisine and seafood. Beach resorts and cottages are popular accommodation options here. Tourists can also choose from hotels and private bungalows.

8. Akshi Beach

Akshi Beach is a great weekend getaway for people looking for quality time away from the crowds. Akshi is an ever green village. There are many resorts nearby that offer a pleasant stay to tourists. The beach is ideal for long walks by the sea with only the sound of the waves. Just 4 km from Nagaon Beach, Akshi Beach offers a very unique view, away from the hustle and bustle and very clean too. This beach is great for swimming and a paradise for bird lovers. Seagulls, Terns, Ibis, Sandpipers, Sand Plovers etc. are easily seen here. There are usually no crowds for full fishing. Major attractions on the Alibag-Rewdanda road are the pollution free, clean & vibrant environment & the suru tree grove. You can see Alibag Beach and Colaba Fort from Akshi Beach.

9. Pushkarna Kund

Pushkarna Kund may not be a tourist attraction for the most part but the quaint secluded water tank does not share a very favorable reputation with the locals and obscure stories have been attached to it which has led to the tank being closed to tourists. The circular water tank is very close to the Kankeshwar temple. Pushkarna Kund is surrounded by dense forest, which is home to a large number of poisonous snakes and dangerous wild animals. 

10. Vikram Vinayak Temple

At a distance of 20 km from Vikram Vinayak Temple Alibag, Revdanda is a small village called 'Salav' on Alibag - Roha road. There is a temple on top of a hill near Salav village. The temple named 'Birla Mandir' has been built by Vikram Ispat Company, a part of Birla Udyog Group. The temple is located in Vikram Ispat Company and its beautiful residential estate. The temple has marble floors and the temple hall is open on all sides. The roof of the temple is transparent allowing free flow of air and plenty of light. Upon entering the temple there is a square shaped navel. The nave is also made of marble and is beautifully carved. A beautifully carved idol of 'Ganpati' is placed in the naiva. The idols of 'Riddhi and Siddhi' are placed on either side of the idol. Around the nave are small temples of 'Radha-Krishna', 'Shiva-Parvati', 'Bhavanidevi' and 'Suryadev'. Vikram Vinayak Temple Situated on a small hill, the temple is surrounded by beautiful gardens with fountains. The massive dome of the temple is built in white granite and houses the idols of Lord Krishna along with Lord Shiva's consort Parvati, Radha, Sun God and Goddess Durga.

Best time to visit

Beach camping is open for tourists from October to June. The best time to visit here is in winter, especially at the end of the year. It's best to say goodbye to the year while welcoming the new one with beach parties and DJs. Weekends are more crowded than weekdays. So, you can think about it before you plan your trip here. From October till the heat of summer, you can visit Revdanda comfortably as the weather during this period is perfect with no rain or scorching sun.

The best time to visit Revdanda beach is from October to March when the weather is not too hot and fragrant. Summer is a bit hot and humid to enjoy the beach and it is uncomfortable to stay out during the day. In the rainy season you can visit the beach as the place glows with rain washed greenery and the beach looks even more beautiful. But keep in mind that ferry rides don’t run in the rain and swimming on the beach is a little dangerous.

Revdanda Accommodation

A visit to Revdanda  can also be combined with other tourist destinations in the city with its captivating cuisine, and opportunities to explore the surroundings, Alibag is perfect for an authentic and unique experience! There are many ideal places to visit in and around this amazing city, with prominent local landmarks and friendly restaurants. Take a tour of Alibaug and its attractions to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. By visiting Revdanda you will learn more about the different cultures and traditions of Alibaug. If you are thinking of spending a holiday in Alibag, you should visit Revdanda beach. It is an integral part of the socio cultural landscape.

Revdanda provides lots of stay options like Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Cottages, Luxury Hotels and resorts, Bungalow. you can choose your option as per your requirement. provides you a list of hotels, resorts, homestay, cottages, Bungalow listing according to budget, location and guest preferences. You can book Revdanda Hotels, Resorts in Revdanda, Cottages in Revdanda and Revdanda Homestay as per your comfort.

How to Reach Revdanda

Revdanda is about 20 kilometers from Alibag on the Alibag-Murud Janjira route. You will love the golden sand, azure sea and general tranquility of Revdanda beach. You can try some old school fishing at the harbor, find some solitary moments at the Birla Ganesh Temple, play some beach games, cook your own barbecue on the beach or just be a beachcomber! After spending a weekend at Revdanda, you will surely come home refreshed. Here is how to reach Revdanda from Mumbai. Mumbai is hardly 105 km, which makes it very easy for air passengers to reach Revdanda. Pune, around 150 km away, also makes Revdanda very approachable.

Reach Revdanda by Road

The road from Pen town in Raigad district to Alibaug is incredibly beautiful. However, the condition of this road is not good during monsoon. If you are coming from Pune you can come via Tamhini-Kolad route. If you are coming from Mumbai then you can use Khopoli-Pen route. Revdanda is 105 km from Mumbai. It takes around 2 hours 30 minutes to reach this picturesque place. You can reach Revdanda via Jijabai Bhosle Marg, Sion-Panvel Expressway and Uran Road to Gavanphata - Chirner Road/ Ulve, Padeghar via MH SH 104.

Let's see the distances between Harihareshwar and some of major cities in maharashtra:

  • Mumbai to Revdanda – 105 km
  • Pune to Revdanda – 159 km
  • Satara to Revdanda – 261 km
  • Nashik to Revdanda – 244 km
  • Kolhapur to Revdanda – 381 km
  • Sangli to Revdanda – 382 km
Reach Revdanda by Train

The nearest railway station from Revdanda Beach Campsite is Roha, which is just 40 km away. From Rohia to Revdanda beach you can use state transport, taxi or cab to reach Revdanda. Although this is not the most preferred route, it is available for those who prefer the rail route.

Reach Revdanda by Air

Revdanda Beach is a part of Alibaug and the nearest airport from Alibaug is Mumbai Airport which is 115 km away. There are several road options to reach here from the airport. To reach the beach from Mumbai, you can use a ferry or take a state transport bus or a private luxury bus.

Reach Revdanda by Ferry

It is the most picturesque option chosen by Mumbaikars to visit Alibaug. You can get ferry service from mumbai. Ferries are not available during monsoon, otherwise, you can easily take ferry from Gateway of India, Mumbai to Mandwa Jetty and Mandwa Jetty to Alibaug you can reach by bus or taxi. From Alibaug bus stop, you can reach Revdanda beach by big rickshaw, which is the local transport there or hail a taxi.

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FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Revdanda

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Revdanda?


Best places to visit near Revdanad are - Korlai Fort, Kashid Beach, Vikram Vinayak Mandir, Shri Ballaleshwar Ashtavinayaka, Kolaba Fort, Alibag Beach, Alibaug Birla Mandir etc.

Q: Which beaches are best in revdanda for visit?


Revdanda beach, Varsoli beach, Alibaug Beach, Nagaon Beach, Rewas Beach, Kashid Beach, Akshi beach, kihim beach are best beaches for visit near Revdanda.

Q: Which are the best budget hotels near Revdanda beach?


Best Budget hotels near Revdanda beach are -  Kumarwadi Homestay, Niwaant Kokani House, Niwant Cottage, Kalpvruksh Villa etc.

Q: What is the price range starts for revdanda hotels?


Revdanda hotels price range starts for Rs.500/- and luxury hotels starts from Rs.3000/-

Q: How many hotels in revdanda are available for booking at hotelinkonkan?


Around 25 properties are available for booking check among those listed Revdanda hotels on

Q: Which hotels are suitable for children and family in Revdanda?


Kumarwadi Homestay, Niwaant Kokani House, Niwant Cottage, Kalpvruksh Villa, Anuj Cottage are some suitable for children & family hotels in Revdanda. Book any hotel or resort for your perfect family trip in revdanda.

Q: How to reach Revdanda by Rail ?


The Roha railway station is the nearest railway station to Revdanda. Distance from Roha to Revdanda is 40 KM. You can take any local transporation to reach Revdanda from roha railway station.

Q: What is distance between Pune to Revdanda?


Distance between Revdanda to Pune is 157 Km long.

Q: What type of properties are available for booking in Revdanda ?


Revdanda has 25 Hotels, 14 Resorts, 8 Homestay, 3 Cottages, 4 Bungalows,  8 MTDC hotels in Revdanda those property types are available for booking hotels in Revdanda.

Q: Which are the best cheap hotels in Revdanda ?


Best cheap hotels in Revdanda includes - Kumarwadi Homestay, Niwaant Kokani House, Niwant Cottage, Kalpvruksh Villa, Anuj Cottage. book any resort in Revdanda and click here for get all resort list.

Q: How to get the best hotels & resorts for Revdanda stay?


You can pick best hotels & resorts on the basis of top reviews given from our guest on hotel detail page, check photos, rates, amenities, hotel & resort location, popular landmarks, you can see some best hotels in Revdanda are - Kumarwadi Homestay, Kalpvruksh Villa, Niwant Cottage, Niwaant Kokani House. click for all Revdanda hotel list. 

Q: Can you suggest us hotel rooms under Rs. 1400/- for hotels in Revdanda?


Available hotels in Revdanda offers hotel rooms under Rs.1400/- those are Niwaant Kokani House, Niwant Cottage, Kalpvruksh Villa, Anuj Cottage. You can book Revdanda hotels & resorts as per your budget.

Q: Which are popular couple friendly hotels in Revdanda ?


List of many couple friendly Hotels in Revdanda at Check some best couple hotels in Revdanda - Kumarwadi Homestay, Niwaant Kokani House. click here for more couple hotels

Q: Which hotels have pay directly to hotel facility in Revdanda ?


All hotels in Revdanda that are listed on have pay directly to hotel facility. However, there are some hotels that take a low amount as advance to book hotel for you.

Q: How to choose the best hotel and resorts from Revdanda accommodation?


You can select properties based on reviews, their location, famous landmarks, budget and availability, convenience of choosing accommodation in Revdanda according to your interest and needs. Below are some popular hotels and resorts to choose from. Book Niwaant Kokani House, Kumarwadi Homestay, Shubham Karoti Cottage, Shree Krupa Bangalow.

Q: What are the popular hotels for unmarried couples in Revdanda?

A: has a wide range of hotels for unmarried couples in Revdanda. Some popular hotels among couples are Tent by the bay, Kalpvruksh Villa, Kumarwadi Homestay, Niwant Cottage. While booking a hotel in Revdanda, you need to call the number given in the SMS and ask what identity proof is required for unmarried couples.

Q: Is there any offer available for Revdanda hotel booking near Revdanda Beach?


There are many deals and discounts available for Revdanda Beach Hotel booking. Find the list of hotels in Revdanda and book one of the best hotels near the beach. Give us a confirmation of hotel booking and you can get discount in the hotel you have booked.

Q: What is the best time to visit Revdanda beach?


The best time to visit Revdanda beach is from October to March when the weather is not too hot. Summers are a bit hot and humid to enjoy the beach and it is inconvenient to be outside during the day. So the best time to visit Revdanda Beach is in winter.

Q: Do hotels in Revdanda offer Wi-Fi facility?


There are plenty of Revdanda hotels that offer Wi-Fi facilities. Visit website for more hotels offering Wi-Fi facility in Revdanda. Many hotels offer free Wi-Fi facilities to their guests. However, it is always better to check whether the hotel offers Wi-Fi facility by calling the hotel owner's mobile number provided in the sms while booking.