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Kashid is perfect gateway for weekend trip. It gives you a escape away from the hustle life of the city. The coastal breeze is perfect for an evening walk along the sea shore. you can find lots of adventure beach activity like Parasailing , Jet - Ski Ride, Banana Ride and many more activities available on kashid beach. Camping activity at Kashid beach is also very famous activity among the adventurous. Kashid is a beach destination on the Arabian Sea coast in northern Konkan region of Maharashtra. It is about 30 km from Alibuag and 135 km from Mumbai on the Alibaug - Murud road. on the south side of the Kashid Beach, Revdanda and the Koraila fort. Kashids green surroundings and seaside of soft sand will not take any time to get an idea of ​​any nature lovers. Kashids main attraction is along the beautiful Kashid Beach and beach along the shores of the coast, but if you are on a lot of vacation, there is a lot to do in Vacation in Kashid. 

A pleasant and quiet place in the midst of nature, Kashid is lightly captivated by its serene atmosphere and scenic location. This seaside town is also known for its majestic mountains and whispering Casuarina. A delightful place for those looking for a quiet environment, Kashid has a quiet beach that is spread out extensively and presents a magical sight. Kashid Beach is one of the best beaches in the Konkan region. Kashid Beach is a complete gateway in every sense but the main reason for its huge popularity is between Mumbai and Pune. The proximity of the two metropolises makes it a popular beach destination near Mumbai and is very crowded on weekends. This is a unique place on the border of Alibag where there is something to offer for couples and families. The crystal clear blue water of Kashid Beach is a feast for your eyes, giving both peace and beauty in a single frame!

Kashid is a popular weekend gateway and it become popular quickly because it sits between pune and mumbai city. some more places to visit near kshid are Murud janjira fort, Phansad Bird Sanctuary, Korlai Fort, Datta temple, Padmadurg Fort etc are the best tourist attraction near kashid. Hundreds of tourists are present for the beach in weekend. Modeling TV Shooting of serials and movies is consistent here. Hotels resorts, which have perfect facilities from the small storied beach, have become a major tourist attraction for the Kashmir Valley. Kashid is one of the closest coastline from Mumbai and Pune, and is a favorite place for a rest during a week, especially the fascinating water spaces in the city of kashid and the perfect distance between those cities and the perfect distance due to not very close cities. Visiting this place creates a holiday mood. Considering the increase in tourist attractions here, tourism in the area has definitely developed and there are various beach resorts available in the area at very reasonable rates on weekends. However, it is often advisable to look at local residences rather than resorts, as they give the tour a different experience. Special Konkani fish and food are served in the local home stay, cooked in the traditional style. It is very important to try this substance.

Things to Do in Kashid & Best time to visit

Kashid is famous for its water sports activities like parasailing, banana boat ride, jet-skiing, surfing etc. The place is famous for camping as well as fishing. Major attractions to visit in Kashid include Kashid Beach, Murud Janjira Fort, Phansad Bird Sanctuary, Korlai Fort, Revdanda Beach, Historical forts and ancient temples. You can also do Laze around on the beach hammocks, horseriding, swimming, camping, stargazing, bonfire on kashid beach.

October to April is the best time to visit Kashid when the weather is pleasant and conducive to water sports and beach activities. In summer, the days are hot and humid and the evenings are mostly fragrant. The rainy season from June to August is extremely uncomfortable as it disrupts tourist attractions as well as other activities.

Kashid Accommodation

Kashid has no of Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Cottage, Bungalow for large group. you can choose you stay as per your choice. provides you a list of Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Cottages, Bungalow. Book online Resorts in Kashid, Kashid Hotels, Bungalows in kashid and kashid cottages at budget rate.

There are many hotels and resorts in different parts of Kashid. You can find all the hotels and other accommodation in a specific location listed on We provide a comprehensive list of hotels in Kashid so that you can find and book the right hotel room for you. We choose our hotels with full focus on cleanliness, hygiene, atmosphere, quality of services, safety and hospitality and many more facilities at kashid hotels. By booking Kashid Hotels with us you can get attractive discounts upto 30% off on your booking. The best choice for hotels in Kashid Beach. There are 10 options listed price start from just Rs.1000 and suit a wide range of hotels & resorts your needs. Choose from the best hotels in Kashid Beach and get ready for an unforgettable stay! Scroll down for more hotel options in kashid hotels.

Popular hotels in Kashid from Rs 1500/- to Rs 2500/-

FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Kashid

Q: What is the price range starts for Kashid beach hotels ?


Cheap Hotels in kashid starts at Rs.800/- and deluxe hotels in kashid starts from Rs.2100/-.

Q: How do i find best kashid beach hotels ?


You can find list of beach hotels in kashid on website. get hotels with modern amenities.

Q: What are the best hotels in kashid ?


Best hotels in kashid are - Sahara Beach Villa, Vasantam Beach Resort, Suryakiran Guest House in kashid.

Q: Where to stay in Kashid Beach?


hotelsinkonkan listed all Hotels for stay near Kashid Beach. Click Here to find best Kashid Beach hotels.

Q: Which are the Top Budget hotels in Kashid ?


Top budget hotels in Kashid are - Shree Savli Guest House, Suryakiran Guest House, Aakansha Tourist Home, Kiratpur House, Vasantam Beach Resort etc.

Q: What are the popular hotels near kashid beach ?


Popular hotels near kashid beach are - Shree Savli Guest House, Suryakiran Guest House, Aakansha Tourist Home, Kiratpur House etc.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Kashid?


Best places to visit near Kashid are - Kashid Beach, Murud Janjira Fort, Phansad Bird Sanctuary, Korlai Fort, Revdanda Beach and Fort, Datta Manir etc.

Q: Which are popular beaches near Kashid?


Revdanda Beach Fort, Nandgaon Beach, Akshi beach, Kihim beach, Nagaon beach, Revdanda beach are popular beaches near kashid.

Q: Which Kashid hotels are best for families?


Shree Savli Guest House, Suryakiran Guest House, Aakansha Tourist Home, Kiratpur House, Vasantam Beach Resort are the best hotels for families in kashid.

Q: Can any offer available for hotel booking in Kashid Beach?


There are many deals & discounts available on hotel booking at Kashid Beach. Click here to book hotel to get deals and discounts.

Q: Do kashid hotels offer Wi-Fi facilities near beach?


Yes, there are many hotels with Wi -Fi facilities. To check best hotels with WiFi facility visit website. Many hotels offer Free Wi-Fi facility to its guests. 

Q: Which are the best suitable hotels for couples in Kashid?


There are some hotels available which peovides excellent stay for family - Swapnali Guest House, Shree Shanti Niwas, Shreyas Guest House are best couple friendly hotels. get full list of kashid hotels

Q: How many Kashid hotels are available for stay at


There are total 33 Hotels available for Kashid stay. You can book hotels in kashid here