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Kashid is perfect gateway for weekend trip. It gives you a escape away from the hustle life of the city. The coastal breeze is perfect for an evening walk along the sea shore. you can find lots of adventure beach activity like Parasailing , Jet - Ski Ride, Banana Ride and many more activities available on kashid beach. Camping activity at Kashid beach is also very famous activity among the adventurous. Kashid is a beach destination on the Arabian Sea coast in northern Konkan region of Maharashtra. It is about 30 km from Alibuag and 135 km from Mumbai on the Alibaug - Murud road. on the south side of the Kashid Beach, Revdanda and the Koraila fort. Kashids green surroundings and seaside of soft sand will not take any time to get an idea of ​​any nature lovers. Kashids main attraction is along the beautiful Kashid Beach and beach along the shores of the coast, but if you are on a lot of vacation, there is a lot to do in Vacation in Kashid. 

A pleasant and quiet place in the midst of nature, Kashid is lightly captivated by its serene atmosphere and scenic location. This seaside town is also known for its majestic mountains and whispering Casuarina. A delightful place for those looking for a quiet environment, Kashid has a quiet beach that is spread out extensively and presents a magical sight. Kashid Beach is one of the best beaches in the Konkan region. Kashid Beach is a complete gateway in every sense but the main reason for its huge popularity is between Mumbai and Pune. The proximity of the two metropolises makes it a popular beach destination near Mumbai and is very crowded on weekends. This is a unique place on the border of Alibag where there is something to offer for couples and families. The crystal clear blue water of Kashid Beach is a feast for your eyes, giving both peace and beauty in a single frame!

Kashid is a popular weekend gateway and it become popular quickly because it sits between pune and mumbai city. some more places to visit near kshid are Murud janjira fort, Phansad Bird Sanctuary, Korlai Fort, Datta temple, Padmadurg Fort etc are the best tourist attraction near kashid. Hundreds of tourists are present for the beach in weekend. Modeling TV Shooting of serials and movies is consistent here. Hotels resorts, which have perfect facilities from the small storied beach, have become a major tourist attraction for the Kashmir Valley. Kashid is one of the closest coastline from Mumbai and Pune, and is a favorite place for a rest during a week, especially the fascinating water spaces in the city of kashid and the perfect distance between those cities and the perfect distance due to not very close cities. Visiting this place creates a holiday mood. Considering the increase in tourist attractions here, tourism in the area has definitely developed and there are various beach resorts available in the area at very reasonable rates on weekends. However, it is often advisable to look at local residences rather than resorts, as they give the tour a different experience. Special Konkani fish and food are served in the local home stay, cooked in the traditional style. It is very important to try this substance.

A beach town in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, famous for its white sand and blue sea, Kashid is the perfect place for a relaxing weekend getaway from Mumbai. A soothing and peaceful place in the lap of nature, Kashid is mildly charming with its serene atmosphere and picturesque location. This beach town is also known for its majestic mountains and whispering casuarinas. An idyllic destination for those seeking a tranquil environment, Kashid has a serene beach that stretches widely and offers an enchanting scene. Kashid's pristine waters and clean beaches make it one of the most beautiful places in the vicinity. A drive through the area is a great experience. Chaul near Kashid has many Buddhist caves which are popular with people, as well as famous churches and temples that you can visit.

Star gazing at Kashid is the main attraction at Kashid. As the beaches are beautiful and the sky is clear and pollution free, Kashid is considered the perfect place for star gazing. Kashid also has packages that include a star gazing experience. If you've got some fancy equipment, head to this beautiful, secluded village and see the countless constellations visible in Kashid's clear surroundings. Water Sports in Kashid If you're looking to lounge around the beaches in Kashid, you can experience a fascinating array of water sports on the beach.  Famous for its sparkling white sand, blue sea, green mountains, paddy fields and streams, it is one of the top tourist destinations in Maharashtra. The city has emerged as a great destination. One can do many adventure activities with his family and friends in this place.

An idyllic destination for those seeking a peaceful atmosphere, Kashid has a peaceful coastline that stretches widely.  A drive through the area is a great experience. The city is a great weekend destination for those living in Mumbai and Alibaug. Apart from the famous Kashid Beach, you can visit Ravdanda Beach and Fort. Although the fort is in ruins, it is worth a visit for its sheer beauty and serenity. Like most weekend destinations, Kashid promises you a hassle-free, peaceful and rejuvenating holiday with great food, stunning sunsets and warm people.

Things to Do in Kashid 

Kashid is famous for its water sports activities like parasailing, banana boat ride, jet-skiing, surfing etc. The place is famous for camping as well as fishing. Major attractions to visit in Kashid include Kashid Beach, Murud Janjira Fort, Phansad Bird Sanctuary, Korlai Fort, Revdanda Beach, Historical forts and ancient temples. You can also do Laze around on the beach hammocks, horseriding, swimming, camping, stargazing, bonfire on kashid beach.

Apart from simple sightseeing, there are many amazing things to do in Kashid that will give you a fun and adventurous vacation. Among the many activities, the most popular is, indeed, scuba diving. With it, you can dive into the glorious ocean world and discover many new species of fish, plants and more. However, if you want to try something less extreme, you can also opt for banana boat riding here. Considered as one of the things to do near Kashid Beach, this particular activity can be very tempting for a group, as you can race against each other.

Apart from doing adrenaline rushing activities, there are a few other places worth visiting in Kashid. For example, if you are a backpacker, you can trek to Phansad Sanctuary and spot a variety of birds and animals. On the other hand, if you are visiting Kashid for the first time, you must visit Siddhivinayak Temple Nandgaon. With so many things to do for tourists, Kashid makes a perfect destination for your next vacation. Another major attraction of this beach is a road trip to Kashid from Mumbai or Pune. This route is so beautiful that many people like to self drive to travel the distance. Especially to enjoy a pleasant highway drive and breathtaking landscapes around. Also many people travel from Mandwa to Kashid Beach to enjoy the long distance scenic beauty. If you love photography, you will stop several times to capture the amazing contrast between the sky and the Arabian Sea.

1. Kashid Beach

Konkan is said to be full of beautiful beaches, lush gardens and lush green nature. This beach in Alibaug is a tourist attraction. White sand, blue beach, green mountain ranges are the characteristics of Kashid Beach. The water of this three kilometer long beach between two hills is equally clean. Despite the crowds of tourists, this beach is quiet. Most of the tourists who come to Alibaug visit Kashid Beach. This beach is so beautiful that it is compared to the beaches of Goa in terms of beauty.

About 18 km north of Murud. A major attraction for foreign tourists is the clean beautiful Kashid beach with its silvery sand reminiscent of the beacheslike Goa. The importance of this place can be realized only by seeing the crowds of tourists resting in the picturesque gardens of Surur on the shores of Kashid. On weekends, hundreds of tourists gather here for beach bathing. Modeling T.V. The shooting of serials and movies is constantly happening here.

2. Korlai Fort

Korlai Fort is huge and it is said that in its heyday the fortifications could accommodate over 7,000 horses and as many men! The strategic importance of the fort was revealed during the invasions, as it is located on the slope of a hill, has a tall lighthouse and eleven large gates, making it difficult to infiltrate. Spanning 2828 feet in length and 89 feet in width, the enclosure overlooks a small fishing community and offers excellent views of the bay. From the top of the fort, the view of the sea waves crashing on the rocks is picturesque. Koralai Fort is now a famous tourist attraction due to its mesmerizing atmosphere filled with historical ruins and serene scenery. This place is perfect for photographers and nature lovers and evening is the best time to visit if you want to enjoy a colorful sunset. The fort premises are vast and you can enjoy a trip to the nearby lighthouse. A charming place, this place is a must for everyone!

Koralai Fort was built by the Portuguese in 1521 on the island to guard the route to Revdanda Bay. The fort has 11 gates and each of the seven towers is named after a saint such as São Francisco. The area of Korlai Fort comes under the Maharashtra Forest Department. And since it is situated on a hill, you will be greeted with a soulful view of the village and the sea.

3. Vikram Vinayak Temple

The temple has a fine dome made of white granite. The prayer hall has an exquisite architecture open from all sides. It is made of transparent polycrap sheet material. Lord Ganesha is the main idol flanked by Riddhi and Siddhi. When we talk about tourism these days, religious tourism is an interesting one, in which devotees visit various old as well as new temples of a region. Vikram Vinayaka Temple is one of the newly built temples in the region. Also known as Birla Mandir, this sanctorum is built by the famous Vikram Ispat Udyog around 20 km from Alibaug city. The temple houses idols of various Hindu gods and goddesses like Radha Krishna, Durga and Lord Surya. In the garden of the temple There is a big statue of Aditya Birla.

It is a very popular temple in Alibaug area. It is situated on a hill in the premises of Vikram Isplat Company. It belongs to the prestigious industrial conglomerate- Birla. The temple is very well maintained and worth a visit. The architecture is interesting and tasteful. The main material used in its construction is white granite. The roof is made of transparent polycarp material. The scenery around the temple is very beautiful. This place is highly recommended for those who seek peace. The temple premises are located in a small village called 'Salav' on the Alibag-Roha road in a well-planned residential estate of Vikram Ispat Industries. The temple complex is quite large, well maintained and situated on a small hill near Salav village. From the top there is an amazing view of the rugged Konkan belt stretching as far as the eye can see. The surrounding forest area is worth capturing on camera.

4. Datta Mandir, Kashid

It is a red domed temple situated on a hill at a distance of 18 km from Kashid Beach. There is a road to the temple, but a trek up to it is also a popular option. A scenic and beautiful climb is a joy. The view from the top is quite spectacular. For some more beautiful views one can enjoy watching the sunset from here. While there is a road leading to the temple, a trek to it is a more popular option. The hike is scenic and beautiful to enjoy. The view from the top is spectacular. To get the best views, don't miss the sunset from the top of the temple.

5. Padmadurg Fort

Known as Casa Fort, Padmadurg Fort was built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to rival the Janjira port. However, now this magnificent facade has become a popular tourist destination, especially ideal for those who are interested in Indian historical heritage. Padmadurg Fort is a large island fort built by the Maratha Empire. It is 338 years old and very well maintained and eco-friendly fort for tourists. It is one of the strongest and greatest fortifications of the Marathas and stands as a naval command on the Arabian Sea. The fort was also used as a cell in the 19th century. It is located in the Raigad district of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Although it is almost ruined now, you can still enjoy the 16th century architectural beauty by visiting here. Some eye-catching places are also available here, which can be ideal for you to click some memorable photos. Padmadurg is one of the sea forts built by the Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1676 to control the movement in the Arabian Sea. It is about 4 km north-west of Janjira Fort. During cleaning activities in 2012, ASI officials found around 250 cannon balls of historical value. The sea fort of Padmadurg is not as big as Janjira but still one can enjoy visiting this fort. Customs / Navy permission is required to visit the fort. This fort was not only a part of the defenses of Sindhudurg but was also the main shipbuilding yard of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. This fort can be seen from Janjira as well.

Padmadurg Fort, also known as Casa Fort, is an island fortification in the Arabian Sea built by Chhatrapati Shivaji to gain naval superiority in the region. This fort, which is believed to have been built during this time, is located on the coast of Raigad district in Maharashtra. This place is about 157 km south of Mumbai city. The fort is included in the Archaeological Survey of India's list of protected monuments, but as of 2011, the fort and its surroundings are in a state of neglect and the ASI cannot undertake restoration work due to lack of resources. This fort was one of Shivaji Maharaj's shipbuilding yards. Since there is no direct boat rental to reach the fort, visitors have to hire a private boat and take permission from the Navy Coast Guard to visit the place.

6. Nandgaon Beach

Nandgaon Beach – On the way to Kashid via Murud About 7 km away from the hustle and bustle associated with Murud is a quiet and peaceful place known as Nandgaon. When you are traveling by road, you will skip this particular beach so as not to get too many spectators. For those who love peace and personal privacy, Nandgaon Beach is a great choice for all of us. The actual wonderful breeze of this beach acts as a remedy for your soul. Nandgaon beach is communing with air flow, drinking water as well as fine sand, the best renovation. Outdoors is safe as well as debris is not powerful due to Kashid.

Nandgaon beach near Kashid is popular for camping and is about 7 km away. Nandgaon is the most beautiful beach for beach camping. It is a beautiful campsite for couples and families looking to celebrate a special day away from the crowds with the clear waters of the Arabian Sea washing the coast, a white sand beach lined with towering palm trees. A campsite facing the beach surrounded by tall palm trees providing perfect shade throughout the day. A starry night at this campsite is an ideal place to take your partner on a date or for a family get-together. For that reason we all suggest it in regards to home as well as young families. In the town of Nandgaon there is a magnificent forehead associated with Siddhivinayak try to visit that place.

The hilly region is known for the sight-seeing Sri Siddhivinayak's forehead as well as its perfect beaches. The actual fantastic Shrine of Our God Hippos is going to be loaded with supporters for 30 days associated with February. Ganesha's Ulsava, who is famous here along with the eminence and elegance, is indeed the main appeal of the shrine. The real clay as well as relaxing beach associated with Nandgaon offers all kinds of sparkle. The perfect coastal air pollution free environment is definitely a tourist attraction in Murud. A common beach in the midst of pilgrims, Nandgaon offers unique opportunities related to relaxation in the midst of sanctity.

7. Camping at Kashid beach

Go for this amazing camping experience near the beach in a secluded location, away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Listen to the sounds of the water as you sit on the beach or enjoy the views of the greenery surrounding the property. An ideal weekend getaway should provide a pleasant change to your busy routine and a relaxing mental break. What we need is a visual change. With our Kashid Beach campsite you can trade the tarmac, crowds and worries of city life for a fantastic mix of sun, sand and total relaxation. This coastal paradise is just three hours away from the heart of Mumbai and is very popular with tourists. However, Letscampout's site has none of the tourist traps due to its unique location. Tall trees and views that will leave you in awe are ready to add thrill to your camping experience. Indulge in fun activities like playing volleyball, cricket and badminton. A barbeque is also featured on site for a delicious barbeque meal. Enjoy the music and sit by the bonfire in the evening. Kashid Beach Camping Experience includes evening tea and snacks, dinner and breakfast with tea to give you a complete experience of beach camping.

8. Horse Riding

Along with water sport activities, you can also enjoy horseback riding on horses and camels. The rides are exciting and fun. You can either ride alone on a horse or ride a cart with your whole family. You can go horseback riding on the white sand or spend your free time on the hammocks on the beach. The view of surrounding water, rocks gives a real sense of satisfaction. A professional will help you on your journey. They will also control the horse. So you don't need to fear it. One of the must do near Kashid beach is horse riding. There are many things you can do at Kashid Beach and enjoy your vacations.

9. Korlai village

This is the story of Korlai village situated at the confluence of Kundlika river in Raigad district. Surprisingly, the language of the village is a unique blend of Marathi and Portuguese. The Portuguese came to the area for business about four centuries ago and quickly established themselves in this area. The language, food and cultural lifestyle of Koralai gradually absorbed Portuguese influence, resulting in the development of Koralai Creole Portuguese, also known as Noling. The vowels in Koralai Portuguese are similar to those in Central Portuguese, which were largely pronounced by Portuguese soldiers who came to the region. However, it has a Marathi accent, and the nasal vowels are reduced in both Marathi and Korlai Creole Portuguese. A rocky beach nestled between Revdanda and Kashid, a village of Indians born of Indo-Portuguese ancestors, speaks a unique Creole language of Portuguese. The beach has been invaded by local sand mafias and therefore does not offer a pleasant look except at high tide.

It has retained its rural character to this day. Despite its location on the border of Chaul, it was not fortified, although the fort benefited from being built on top of a ridge by the Muslims and later taken over by the Portuguese. On the contrary, the ramparts and noble form of the buildings made Chaul an exceptional settlement. The Koralai remained rural and maintained close ties with the Cholas, and certainly through a variety of influences, first and foremost language, followed by dress, technology and tools, etc. received Even as the chawls faded into oblivion, it survived as a living village, the various Hindu, Muslim and Catholic communities being united into a distinct unit even after the Catholic Church and the premises moved out of the village in the 18th century. This village is worth seeing and you can visit it during your kashid trip.

10. Watersports activity at Kashid Beach

Kashid is one of the most popular places for water sports in Alibaug division with more waves than other beaches in the area. Almost all popular water rides like bumper ride banana ride and jet sky are available in Kashid beach. Snorkeling at Kashid Beach is an adventure and equally fun. However, to taste the glow of this particular activity, you need to head to the quiet Murud Janjira Beach, a short drive away. However, the experience here is unparalleled, especially if you are snorkeling for the first time. While swimming through the deep waters of the Arabian Sea, one can see unique seaweeds and fishes.

Best time to visit

Kashid Beach is a complete getaway in every sense but the main reason for its immense popularity is its location between Mumbai and Pune. The proximity of the two metros makes it a popular beach destination near Mumbai and is very crowded on weekends. If you are planning a trip here, it is suggested that you make a reservation in advance and avoid last minute hassles. This area has a moderate temperature throughout the year. The summer season usually starts in the city in the month of March and then it stays in the city till the month of June. During the summer season, the average temperature of the city is around 32 degrees Celsius. The weather in the city is cold from December to February. But most people avoid going to the beach in winter because it becomes difficult to bathe at the beach.

The atmosphere at Kashid is cool and amazing. You get the freedom to explore the city to the fullest. Make sure you don't miss out on a jacket when you're eager to rock with the cold weather. You can try fun activities like banana boat ride or swimming at Kashid. To welcome the New Year, Kashid throws a grand celebration on the beach. Spending the night on the beach is one of the most electrifying things in the form of star-gazing or campfire. This place is also perfect for couples who want a romantic date as there is plenty of space for tents on the beach. This season is most favorable if you don't want to miss out on a little bit of your happiness. October to April is the best time to visit Kashid when the weather is pleasant and conducive for water sports and beach activities. In summer, the days are hot and humid while the evenings are mostly pleasant. The rainy season from June to August is very uncomfortable as it hampers sightseeing as well as other activities. Kashid is 125 km from Mumbai, making it a great weekend getaway. October to April is the best time to visit Kashid when the weather is pleasant and conducive to water sports and beach activities. In summer, the days are hot, humid & the evenings are mostly fragrant. Rainy season from June to August is extremely uncomfortable as it disrupts tourist attractions as well as other activities.

Kashid Accommodation

Kashid has no of Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Cottage, Bungalow for large group. you can choose you stay as per your choice. provides you a list of Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Cottages, Bungalow. Book online Resorts in Kashid, Kashid Hotels, Bungalows in kashid and kashid cottages at budget rate. Due to its proximity to Mumbai, the Kashid Alibag coast attracts a large number of travelers every year. Here you will find accommodation related services very expensive. Travelers planning to visit the region must book a hotel or resort in advance. There are many hotels and resorts that offer you metropolitan comfort and charge for it at the same time. Here one can find a lot of homeliness, calmness and good food which overall makes your entire trip unforgettable.

There are many hotels and resorts in different parts of Kashid. You can find all the hotels and other accommodation in a specific location listed on We provide a comprehensive list of hotels in Kashid so that you can find and book the right hotel room for you. We choose our hotels with full focus on cleanliness, hygiene, atmosphere, quality of services, safety and hospitality and many more facilities at kashid hotels. By booking Kashid Hotels with us you can get attractive discounts upto 30% off on your booking. The best choice for hotels in Kashid Beach. There are 10 options listed price start from just Rs.1000 and suit a wide range of hotels & resorts your needs. Choose from the best hotels in Kashid Beach and get ready for an unforgettable stay! Scroll down for more hotel options in kashid hotels.

How to Reach Kashid

Ferry is the most convenient way to reach Kashid from Mumbai, except during monsoons, via Alibaug. There is a very regular ferry service from Gateway of India to Mandwa Jetty and then to Alibaug, from where you can get frequent buses to Kashid from Alibaug Bus Stand. If traveling during monsoons, you can also take a ferry from Gateway of India (Mumbai) to Alibaug where there are frequent buses to the beach. You will also find regular local bus services from Mumbai and Pune to Kashid Beach. As Kashid Beach is close to Mumbai, Pune and Alibaug, it is easily accessible by road from all three places. Kashid has a good system of roads that connect it to Alibaug and consequently to other major cities of Maharashtra like Mumbai and Pune. MSRTC operates a regular bus service on Alibaug to Murud route which passes through Kashid. It takes about 1.5 - 2 hours to reach Kashid by bus.

Reach Kashid by Road

Kashid can be reached by road from Mumbai and Alibaug. It is 128 km from Mumbai and 30 km from Alibaug. Many buses plying between Mumbai and Murud stop at Alibaug. The best option is to hire a cab to reach Kashid from Mumbai (122 km). It takes around 3 hours 20 minutes and costs Rs 10-16 per km depending on the type of car. Apart from buses and trains, you can also take a ferry from Mumbai (Gateway of India) to reach Mandwa Beach. Then you can take MSRTC bus to Alibaug. Kashid roads are connected to various parts of Maharashtra and the main routes are from Mumbai and Alibaug. You can hire a taxi to reach Alibaug from Mumbai. You can reach Alibaug by bus and hire a cab from there. Tourists also hire cabs to go directly to Kashid from Mumbai.

The road from Mumbai to the beach is very good and if traveling via Vashi and Navi Mumbai it is 160 km from Mumbai, 135 km from Thane, 110 km from Navi Mumbai and 170 km from Pune via Mulshi or about 170-180 km. If traveling by Khopoli-Mumbai-Pune Expressway. MTDC buses running between Mumbai Central and Murud stop at Kashid and can also be reached by buses running between Alibag and Mumbai or Thane.

Let's see the distances between Kashid and some of major cities in maharashtra:

  • Mumbai to Kashid – 128 km
  • Pune to Kashid – 173 km
  • Satara to Kashid – 220 km
  • Nashik to Kashid – 265 km
  • Kolhapur to Kashid – 342 km
  • Sangli to Kashid – 342 km
Reach Kashid by Train

Kashid Beach does not have a railway station and the nearest station is Panvel, 64 km from Kashid. Trivandrum Central- H. Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express, H. Some trains like Nizamuddin-Trivandrum Central Rajdhani Express, Kerala Sampark Kranti Express stop at Panvel. There are many trains from Mumbai to Panvel. There is no railway station at Kashid. If you are traveling by train, you have to get down at Panvel railway station. Kashid is 90 km from Panvel. Panvel is one of the nearest cities to Kashid. From there you can take a taxi to go to Kashid.

Reach Kashid by Air

The nearest airport to Kashid is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. Mumbai is well connected to cities across India and countries around the world. Mumbai is the nearest international airport at a distance of 135 km. Mumbai is well connected to major cities in India. You can go for many other options that provide services to reach the destination from Mumbai. Tourists can conveniently reach Kashid by traveling by road or rail after reaching Mumbai by air. It is a place where you will surely experience a calm and refreshing holiday.

FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Kashid

Q: What is the price range starts for Kashid beach hotels ?


Cheap Hotels in kashid starts at Rs.800/- and deluxe hotels in kashid starts from Rs.2100/-.

Q: How do i find best kashid beach hotels ?


You can find list of beach hotels in kashid on website. get hotels with modern amenities.

Q: What are the best hotels in kashid ?


Best hotels in kashid are - Sahara Beach Villa, Vasantam Beach Resort, Suryakiran Guest House in kashid.

Q: Where to stay in Kashid Beach?


hotelsinkonkan listed all Hotels for stay near Kashid Beach. Click Here to find best Kashid Beach hotels.

Q: Which are the Top Budget hotels in Kashid ?


Top budget hotels in Kashid are - Shree Savli Guest House, Suryakiran Guest House, Aakansha Tourist Home, Kiratpur House, Vasantam Beach Resort etc.

Q: What are the popular hotels near kashid beach ?


Popular hotels near kashid beach are - Shree Savli Guest House, Suryakiran Guest House, Aakansha Tourist Home, Kiratpur House etc.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Kashid?


Best places to visit near Kashid are - Kashid Beach, Murud Janjira Fort, Phansad Bird Sanctuary, Korlai Fort, Revdanda Beach and Fort, Datta Manir etc.

Q: Which are popular beaches near Kashid?


Revdanda Beach Fort, Nandgaon Beach, Akshi beach, Kihim beach, Nagaon beach, Revdanda beach are popular beaches near kashid.

Q: Which Kashid hotels are best for families?


Shree Savli Guest House, Suryakiran Guest House, Aakansha Tourist Home, Kiratpur House, Vasantam Beach Resort are the best hotels for families in kashid.

Q: Can any offer available for hotel booking in Kashid Beach?


There are many deals & discounts available on hotel booking at Kashid Beach. Click here to book hotel to get deals and discounts.

Q: Do kashid hotels offer Wi-Fi facilities near beach?


Yes, there are many hotels with Wi -Fi facilities. To check best hotels with WiFi facility visit website. Many hotels offer Free Wi-Fi facility to its guests. 

Q: Which are the best suitable hotels for couples in Kashid?


There are some hotels available which peovides excellent stay for family - Swapnali Guest House, Shree Shanti Niwas, Shreyas Guest House are best couple friendly hotels. get full list of kashid hotels

Q: How many Kashid hotels are available for stay at


There are total 33 Hotels available for Kashid stay. You can book hotels in kashid here

Q: What type of properties are available for booking in Kashid?


Available properties in Kashid include Hotels, Homestays, Resorts, Cottages, Bungalows, Lodges, MTDC and Akshi 3 Star Hotels. You can book any of these properties as per your convenience.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Kashid?


Kashid Beach, Korlai Fort, Vikram Vinayak Temple, Datta Mandir, Padmadurg Fort, Nandgaon Beach, Korlai village are famous places that you can visit during your trip to Kashid.

Q: What are the Luxury hotels Near Kashid Beach Alibaug ?


The best luxury hotels near Kashid Beach, Alibaug are Shreyas Guest House, Kashid Sea Face Tourist Home, SK Guest House, ONest countryside, Swapnali Guest House.

Q: Which hotels near Kashid Beach offer free breakfast?


You can enjoy breakfast in all hotels in kashid which are listed on Hotels in Konkan but it is advisable to call the hotel owner's number provided by us at the time of hotel booking please confirm about free breakfast.

Q: Which hotels near Kashid Beach have free parking?


Almost all the hotels and resorts listed in kashid have free parking service and all the hotels are safe parking. Visit to find hotels with free parking service in locations other than Kashid.