Career With Hotels in Konkan.

Congratulations! Finally, we've got the craziest club on earth only for you!Good in LOOKS? nahh..NO PROBLEM....Tackle problems? yea... COOL Smiling Face? yes i'm smiling now…Best IT company in INDIA Team Player? yes, proven team player…WoW…

We have got some splendid creative designers but don't have any clue the way to make a tea? in a very similar way, one loves coding, but hate cooking the food! Hehe, one loves meeting clients but gives harsh look while washing clothes…errr…and many more…So there can be number of belongings you are weak at but you've got certain strengths, which our crazy club is in need of. We are in rummage around for team players and not degree holders. If you're thinking that you've got the courage to bring smile on our customer’s faces, deliver quality projects within the ultimatum, tackle upcoming challenges and be dedicated towards supporting customers in every possible way, then you're heartily welcome to be a component of our family. Grow and help us grow!!

Join our crazy club, grow and help us grow!

Accounts (Vacancy 1)

Ooops..Clients Phone Nahi Uthathe? Paisa Time Par Nahi Dete? Do they? Employees too disturb for Incentives? Sabko Paisa Chahiye..Hamara Koi Nahi Hain. But, i really like and luxuriate in being busy in game of assets and liabilities Hey, Cheers Mate, Hamara Bhi Koi Nahi Hain…Let’s join the group..

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Sales Development (Vacancy 2)

Jyada Kaam Nahi Karta. Hafte Mein 5 Din and 15 Meetings. 50* C Mein bhii Kaam Karta Hu.. Sales Head 110% Karne Ko Kahta hain. Mein Bolta Hu..Itna Kam? Lekin Incentives Ache Lagte Hain…Pagal Hu Ziddi Hu, i like networking, enjoy meeting new clients, understand their Requirement and connect them with Operations Team Pleasantly.

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Graphic Designer (Vacancy 2)

Kapde Dhone aate hain? No..Khana Banana? No..Ooops..Painting to Aaati Hogi? Yes..Rango se Khelna? Yes. Wow...Photoshop, Coral, DreamViewer? Yes..Umm hmm...Mein Hathkar Sochta Hu Sirjee, Apna Face Bina Dekhe Bana Sakta Hu. I don’t Need Google in any respect. Not at all..Yes, let’s meet, we are crazy, trying to find craziest power……

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SEO Specialist (Vacancy 3)

Kya Google Ko Hara Sakte Ho? Yes.. Are you able to beat Client’s Competitors on Google? Yes..How? i do know Of Page and On Page Link Building..OK.. i do know the Strategies.OK..Sirjee..I’m reasonably Stubborn/Ziddi Sa Hu...Hmmm.I enjoy brining traffic on Websites on Any Niche..It’s my Passion, I can surprised clients, you never expected..Sacchi…Can I join Crazy Club at hotelinkonkan? Yes.

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