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Stituated on the Mumbai Goa highway, Mahad is one of the best historical places to visit in konkan, raigad. Apart from staying in the famous Raigad fort, Mahad is also known as the center of the famous sociopolitical movement called Dalit Satyagraha started by Dr.Bhimrao Ambedkar. The history of Mahad goes back to Raigad fort, the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Mahad is considered to be the land of freedom fighters. Many revolutionary freedom movements in India originated in Mahad. Apart from this, there was a glorious history even during the reign of the great Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj. The capital of Hindavi Swarajya and Samadhi of Shivaji Maharaj is at Raigad fort. Which is about 24 km from the city. It was part of Birwadi Subha and was ruled by the steps of Birwadi Subhedars. The Samadhi of Shivaji Raje's mother Jijabai is at Pachad at the foot of Raigad fort. As Raigad fort was the capital of Shivaji Maharaj, it was the seat of the Maratha kingdom. The place also encourages cultural tourists by organizing festivals like Shimga Festival and Shimgotsav. Raigad Ropeway, Pandavaleni Caves and Gandharpale Caves are some of the other best places for visiting in mahard.

Among the Ashtavinayakas of Maharashtra (8 Ganesha), the name of this temple is Varad Vinayak, which means one who fulfills all desires. The temple is situated in a scenic spot and behind the temple is a small temple in bamboo trees which is dedicated to Shri Dattatreya. Vinayak is a place at a distance of 83 km from Mumbai. Everyone from Raigad Congress Khalapur is sacred and just like Ganesha is not needed. In ancient times, Kundinya's Bhima was very brave and noble, but without a son, the king was unhappy. According to the story, while wandering in the forest with his wife, he came across Vishwamitra who suggested that he should perform penance for Lord Ganesha to fulfill his child's wish. Bhima is said to have undergone rigorous penance at the end of which Ganesha blessed the royal couple with a son. He was named Rukmanggad. When the child grew up, the king entrusted all his power to his son and followed the path of 'Vanprasthashrama'. Once while on a hunting trip to Rukmangad, Vachaknavi reached the sage's ashram. Then the sage was bathing in the river and his wife Mukunda fell in love with the beautiful prince and asked him to fulfill her wish. When Rukmangad refused to do so, an angry Mukunda cursed him. She fell in love so much that finally Lord Indra fulfilled her bodily desire by taking the form of Rukmanggad. She had a son named Grutsamada. When he heard the story of his birth, he felt ashamed and prayed to Ganesha.  Ganesha finally gave him a boon and said that he would have a son who would not be defeated by anyone but Lord Shiva. Grutsamada blessed Ganesha with forest and asked him to make it his permanent home. He then built a temple here and installed an idol of Ganesha. The temple at Mahad faces east. There are two huge images of elephants carved in the rock. To the west is a lake known as the 'Lake of God'.

When you visit Mahad, you will want to visit popular tourist destinations and enjoy the local culture. Among other things to do in Mahad, you can definitely find some great things to do in Mahad to make your trip perfect. A trip to Mahad involves seeing the attractions of Mahad and visiting the sights. According to legend, the Gandharapale caves are sculptural houses built by the Pandavas in one night. These caves are basically Buddhist caves built during the reign of Prince Vishnupalita Kambhoja. Mahad is a well known holiday destination in Konkan. Holi (which falls in the summer around March) and Ganpati (which falls in the rainy season around September) are the most celebrated festivals by the locals.

Things to Do in Mahad & Best time to visit

It is one of the oldest places to visit along the Konkan coast, as it has the same ancient Buddhist caves and Maratha forts, as this historic city was once the capital of the Maratha Empire in Shivaji's time. Due to the frequent floods, the disaster prone area looks like a triangular peninsula with water on three sides. You can visit near savitri river, this place is situated on a hill which has ancient Gandhar leaf Buddhist caves. Raigad, Pratapgad, Lingana, Birwadi and Wardha forts are all around and will remind you of the past glory of Shivaji maharaj kingdom. Winter is the best time to visit this beautiful place, as you will be able to see the lush green natural beauty and beautiful waterfalls of Sahyadri. It's definitely not a wide area, but it's still a nice place to be. Schedule your trip during the winter months of December to February.

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Popular hotels in Mahad from Rs 1500/- to Rs 2500/-

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FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Mahad

Q: Which are the best budget hotels in Mahad?


Top Budget hotels in Mahad are -  Hotel Kuber Palace, Saitej Lodging, Royal Beach Resort, Luckys Resort, La Seagull Beach Resort, Savli Resort, Dolphin Resort etc.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Mahad?


Best places to visit near Mahad are - Mahad Ganpati Temple, Gandhar Pale Buddhist Caves, Lingana, Sondai Fort etc.

Q: What is the price range starts for Mahad hotels?


Mahad hotels price range starts for Rs.1000/- and luxury hotels starts from Rs.2000/-

Q: How many hotels in Mahad are available for booking at hotelinkonkan?


Around 8 properties are available for booking check among those listed Mahad hotels on

Q: How to reach Mahad by Rail ?


The Veer railway station is the nearest railway station to Mahad. It is connected to all train networks to Mumbai and also to the Indian Railways Network. Distance from Veer to Mahad is 10 KM. You can get any local transporation to reach Mahad from Veer.

Q: Which hotels are suitable for children and family in Mahad?


Hotel Kuber Palace, Saitej Lodging, Savli Resort, Dolphin Resort, Soham Guest House, La Seagull Beach Resort, Luckys Resort are some suitable for children & family hotels in Mahad.

Q: What is distance between Pune to Mahad?


Distance between Mahad to Pune is 128 Km long.

Q: What is distance between Mumbai to Mahad?


Distance between Mahad to Mumbai is 160 Km long.

Q: What type of properties are available for booking in Mahad ?


Mahad has 8 Hotels, 6 Resorts, 2 Homestay, 1 Cottages, 1 Bungalows,  4 MTDC hotels in Mahad such property types are available for booking in Mahad.

Q: Which are the best cheap hotels in Mahad?


Best cheap hotels in Mahad includes - Saitej Lodging, Hotel Kuber Palace, Savli Resort, Soham Guest House, Luckys Resort, La Seagull Beach Resort. book any resort in Mahad and click here for get all resort list.

Q: How to get the best hotels & resorts for Mahad stay?


You can pick best hotels & resorts on the basis of top reviews given from our guest on hotel detail page, check photos, rates, amenities, hotel & resort location, popular landmarks, you can see some best hotels in Mahad are - Hotel Kuber Palace, Saitej Lodging, La Seagull Beach Resort, Dolphin Resort, Savli Resort. click for all Mahad hotel list.

Q: Can you suggest us hotel rooms under Rs. 1500/- for hotels in Mahad ?


Available hotels in Mahad offers hotel rooms under Rs.1500/- those are Saitej Lodging, Hotel Kuber Palace, Shrivardhan Lodge, Savli Resort, Dolphin Resort, Soham Guest House. You can book Mahad hotels & resorts as per your budget.

Q: Which hotels have pay directly to hotel facility in Mahad?


All hotels in Mahad that are listed on have pay directly to hotel facility. However, there are some hotels that take a low amount as advance to book hotel for you.

Q: Which are the popular couple friendly hotels in Mahad ?


There are many couple friendly hotels in Mahad on Please check the following list of some of the best couple hotels in Mahad: Hotel Kuber Palace, Saitej Lodging.

Q: Which hotels in Mahad have the best views?


The following hotels near Mahad offer great views from the room and are loved by many tourists. There are many resorts like Hotel Kuber Palace, Saitej Lodging which have great views from their rooms.

Q: Can unmarried couples stay in hotels in Mahad?


Yes, there are many hotels in Mahad where unmarried couples are allowed. However, it is mandatory to show a valid ID at the time of check-in. While booking a hotel in Mahad you need to call the number given in the SMS and ask the identity proof for unmarried couples.

Q: What is the average price of hotels and resorts in Mahad for weekend?


A Normal price for a resort in Mahad on Saturdays and Sundays is Rs.1400/- for Non Ac Room  and AC room cost starts from Rs.1800/- . Meals and other activities are charged extra.

Q: How to choose the best hotel and resorts from Mahad accommodation?


You can select properties based on reviews, their location, famous landmarks, budget and availability, convenience of choosing accommodation in Mahad according to your interest and needs. We have listed some popular hotels and resorts in Mahad which are well reviewed by mahad visited guests.