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What to See in Shrivardhan.

Shrivardhan is taluka located in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Shrivardhan town is well developed and poplular tourist destination with beach resort along its seacoast. Shrivardhans long seacoast with clean water and cool environment is perfect getaway to experience nature. Two more beaches beside shrivardhan that is Diveagar Beach and Kondivali Beach add more beauty as tourist point of view.

Peshwe mandir is one of the main attractions in Shrivardhan where statue of balaji vishwnath with sword in his hand has been placed. Jiwana port which are popular for too big fish auction. Swayanbhu Jiwaneshwar temple and peshwe smarak are also sight to worth visit. Shiva Temple in shrivardhan is another sightseeing where excellent architecture and design drawn, temple is totally dedicated to lord shiva with his goddess consort parvati.

Various accommodations available to stay in shrivardhan includes MTDC hotels and beach resort, private lodges, villas, farm house, bungalows, luxury hotels, 1 Star, 3 Star, 5 Star hotels. online hotels booking facility also available. They also serve delicious, tasty konkany style coastal foods. Pure veg restaurants are also available in shrivardhan.

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