Kashid Beach

Kashid beach

Kashid Beach

kashid beach is popular beach in Maharashtra for mumbai and pune tourist. About 18 km north of Murud At the distance, the beautiful beach of the beautiful sand, reminding the middle of Goa, is the main attraction of foreign tourists. It is important to note the importance of this place after seeing a crowd of tourists waiting for rest in the Nayanmanohari Bagh on the outskirts of the kashid coast. Hundreds of tourists are present for the beach in weekend. Modeling TV Shooting of serials and movies is consistent here. Hotels resorts, which have perfect facilities from the small storied beach, have become a major tourist attraction for the Kashmir Valley. Kashid is one of the closest coastline from Mumbai and Pune, and is a favorite place for a rest during a week, especially the fascinating water spaces in the city of kashid and the perfect distance between those cities and the perfect distance due to not very close cities. The best time to visit Kashid is November-February during the winter season. If you are planning to visit Phansad Sansthan from Kashid, then there is a good time for jungle trek during the period from September to October after the monsoon season ends.

Kashid is a beach on the Arabian Sea coast in northern Konkan region of Maharashtra. It is about 30 km from Alibuag and 135 km from Mumbai on the Alibaug - Murud road. Murud Janjira is a popular beach near Pune, on the south side of the Kashid Beach, Revdanda and the Koraila fort. Kashids green surroundings and seaside of soft sand will not take any time to get an idea of ​​any nature lovers. Kashids main attraction is along the beautiful Kashid Beach and beach along the shores of the coast, but if you are on a lot of vacation, there is a lot to do in Vacation in Kashid. Journey to Murud - 20 km from Janjira Sea Fort Kashid. At the distance your journey to Kashid can be unforgettable. Jungle Trek in Phanasad is another exciting option to forget about temples and forts in Kashids area.

Kashid Beach is trapped in two rocky hills on the Alibaug-Murud road. It is one of Konkans most popular shores. Like other beaches in Alibaug, Kashid beach is like a beach in white sand and some rocky patches are almost 2 km away. Its at the distance. Kashid has a lot of joy over other shores of Alibaug. Kashid is a popular place for water sports. Hotel in Kashid is conveniently situated 2 km from Kashid Beach. When Kashid is taking a little rest, you can add almost all of Kashids details that Kashid is famous for getting a break. Depending on the choice of the resort options you want to visit earlier. Although there are many temples and historic forts near Kashid, they can help us to make Kashid more comfortable and enjoyable by choosing what to include in our tourist attractions near Kashid.

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