Murud Beach

Murud beach

Murud Beach

Murud Beach is a broad extension of black sand with clear blue water spreading at a distance of 1.75 km near the beach is one of the famous beach in Maharashtra and it is one of the top places to visit Alibaug. Murud Beach is a charming destination, where the sand is stretched along the sand of three sides. Rocky outcrop moves northward and south, while east of Murud Town and hills.

Murud is famous for its vast sandy coastline which has been decorated by the fort and made perfect vacation scenes, shown by palms and coconut trees. With a district of Rigad and resorts and natural beauty, you have a relaxed, simple holiday, sparkling golden beaches. Located in Dapoli city, Murud Beach is the biggest beaches in the konkan. Beautiful scenery of the surrounding sports or adventure sports You can find both of these things here. Here you can enjoy a thrilling water sports initiative such as parceling, banana boat ride and more. You can also search for some local foods at a number of meals that are found here. there are lots of homestay options and resorts which are provides traditional kokan veg, non veg and sea food.

Located on the edge of the coast of Konkan, Murud is about 11 km from Dapoli. A beautiful, ancient Durga Devi temple on the beach and beach on the beach has a long, beautiful view. It is also known as Murud-Harnai. The beach looks like an ornament of Maharashtra. Crystal Blue Water is used for any type of pollution. This attracts many tourists and water sports lovers on the beach. The view of the sunrise and sunset is very beautiful and the nearby forts are connected with coastal beauty. The beach enjoys a decent and gentle atmosphere at the beach, which gives travelers time to cook.

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