Kihim Beach

Kihim beach

Kihim Beach

Kihim is a small village to the north of Alibaug. People in Mumbai are commonly known as gateways at weekends, they are accessible via roads and water. Mandwa Kihim beach is 12 miles away from Alibaug. It is 136 km from Mumbai. There is 10 nautical miles away from Mumbai in the sea. The closest sea port is Rewas which is 6 kilometers away from Kihim. Regular round service is available from Mumbai to Rewas. Those who want to travel through the train, get down on the pen. Pen Railway Station is located at a distance of 85 km from Mandwa Kihim.

The citizens of Mandwa, Kilim City have a calm and gentle effect. This place is ideal for nature lovers. Forests of wild flowers, wild birds and butterflies appear nearby. Kolhaba Fort makes another attraction. The coast is near Only 15 kilometers away from Alibaug. Chaul is a historical importance spot. A temple and a synagogue have also been seen. The main attraction in Kihim is the sandy beach. Even though Kihim is once known as a paradise seen in the bird, there are very few species of birds found in the covered areas of trees. Various types of butterflies are found here. The village is on the north coast of Alibaug With the dense, pleasant aromatic fragrances of coconut palm, Mandwa brings along the coastline and brings a world of tourist to the beautiful coastal on the map. Beach tourists also love paragliding, with many water activities

The beauty of Mandwa Kihim Beach has been shown in many Hindi films of Blockbuster, for which shooting was done at this shooting place. On a clear day, the Gateway of India at Sea will have an amazing view. There are many attractions of Mandwa village - at least they do not have any coconut glitter. The tourists can park the tent and spend the beach in the night. However, there is a shortage of accommodation options. The only place to live is an MTDC initiative. Tents can be appointed throughout the year, except for the monsoon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q: How can I reach Kihim Beach from Mumbai, and what are the available transportation options?
A: Travelers often want to know the best way to reach Kihim Beach from Mumbai. Provide information on accessible routes, including roads and waterways. Mention specific details about the distance from Mumbai, the nautical miles in the sea, and the sea port at Rewas. Include details on road travel and any regular ferry services.

Q: What are the main attractions near Kihim Beach, and how far are they from the beach?
A: Visitors may be interested in exploring nearby attractions. List the main points of interest, such as Kolaba Fort, Chaul, and any historical or natural spots. Mention the distance of these attractions from Kihim Beach and provide guidance on how travelers can reach them.

Q: What activities and water sports are available at Kihim Beach, and how can visitors participate?
A: Beachgoers often seek information on available activities. Describe the water sports and recreational activities offered at Kihim Beach, such as paragliding and other water-based adventures. Provide details on how visitors can participate and enjoy these activities.

Q: Is there accommodation available near Kihim Beach, and what are the options for staying overnight?
A: Potential tourists may want to know about accommodation options. Explain the availability of accommodation near Kihim Beach, including details on any hotels, resorts, or other stay options. Mention the MTDC initiative for tents and provide information on booking procedures.

Q: Can visitors camp on Kihim Beach overnight, and are there any restrictions or guidelines for camping?
A: Some travelers may be interested in camping on the beach. Clarify whether overnight camping is allowed on Kihim Beach and outline any restrictions or guidelines. Provide information on the MTDC initiative for tents, including whether reservations are required and any seasonal considerations.

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