Diveagar Beach

Diveagar beach

Diveagar Beach

Diveagar is a village and tourist place in Shrivardhan taluka of Raigad district of Maharashtra. Diveagar is situated on the Arabian Coast, 75 km south of Alibaug and 175 km south of Mumbai. Diveagar is a village located in Shrivardhan taluka of Raigad district of Maharashtra, in almost 170 km south of Mumbai. This area is quiet, clean and beautiful. This area includes local businesses like fisheries, beach, a temple, coconut and beetle plantations and some tourist business such as restaurants, cottage rentals and hotels. Tripura, a popular beach after the secret maze of Ganesh golden mask, is a prosperous village from one end of Raigad coast. Though the mask was stolen from the temple of Suvarna Ganesh in 2012, the popularity of the Diveagar beach did not diminish because no one could steal on the sea shore!

Raigad is famous in three coastal areas. Diveagar is 15 km away from Shrivardhan. Harihareshwar is 20 km away from Shrivardhan. Diveagar beach is not like any other coastal plain in this region. Divear Beach is a major attraction in Diveagar. Diveagar is a prosperous village and one of the major beach in Raigad district. Divegar is situated on the north side of Diwaghar Shrivardhan and Tripura of Harihareshwar. Opposite Harihareshwar is not a rocky beach along the divider beach and waves of that are too much fun at Dinghera Beach are also enjoyable. Divegar is a safe beach and the main attraction of Diveagar beach is water sports.

Diveagar is an ideal place to break a week from cities like Mumbai and Pune. Diveagar is about 190km from Mumbai and 160 km from Pune. It will take approximately 4-5 hours to reach the distance and reach from Diveagar to any city. there is old Suvarna Danesh temple and Ruparayan temple are located near the beach. This is an important attraction for Davegers short day trip. Due to visiting Murud Janjira, 20 kilometers from Diveagar, it will be really random. Diveagar is situated on the north side of Rajpuri creek and on the south side of Bagamand, where Savitri river is goes into the sea. Suvarnadurga Shipping operates both transport vehicles from both the pits, which drain all four wheels. During the long holiday at Diveagar, there is a tourist spot in the Diveagar area and the search for konkan is really convenient with Diveager. Thanks to the festivals that visit the forts and temples of Ratnagiri during the long vacation in Diveagar.

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