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Shrivardhan hotels

Shrivardhan is popular tourist destination located in Raigad district Konkan Maharashtra. Shrivardhan is of the most famous weekend destinations from Mumbai as well as from Pune. Shrivardhan is one of the tourist destination of the Konkan region. Shrivardhan have no of beaches so this destination is become famous now a day. Shrivardhan has surrounded with mango plantations and palm grooves.

This place has been blessed with natural beauty in abundance. The clean white sand and the tranquility of this place every year attract a decent number of tourists from the nearby cities like pune and mumbai. A vacation in Srivardhan is a refreshing one. During your visit do not miss explore beaches and the temples. you can enjoy peace and traditional veg and non veg food. The town is renowned as a historically and religiously significant destination in Maharashtra.

Shrivardhan also offers spectacular views of sunset. The beach is the place for seafood lovers and adventure lovers. There are some places to visit during your trip in shrivardhan like Harihareshwar beach, Peshwa memorial, Kondivali beach, Kunkeshwar temple, Shankar temple and many more places.

Shrivardhan Accommodation

Many tourist stay places available in shrivardhan like Hotels, Resorts, Cottages, Homestay options select as per your budget, Location, stay type in shrivardhan. hotelinkonkan.com provides you a list of all Hotels, Resorts, Cottages, Homestay in shrivardhan. book Hotels in shrivardhan, Shrivardhan Resorts, Cottages in Shrivardhan, Shrivardhan Homestay as per your requirement.

FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Shrivardhan

Q: What are the top budget hotels in Shrivardhan ?

A: Top budget hotels in Shrivardhan are - Savli Resort, Ashirwad Lodge, Sea Coast Beach Resort, Silver Sand Beach Resort etc.

Q: What is the price range starts for Shrivardhan hotels ?

A: Cheap hotels in Shrivardhan price range starts from Rs.850/- and Luxury hotels price starts from Rs.2000/-

Q: What type of properties are available for stay in Shrivardhan ?

A: Property type are available for stay in Shrivardhan are Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Cottages, Bungalow, Lodges and MTDC hotels in Shrivardhan.

Q: How many hotels in Shrivardhan are available for booking at hotelinkonkan?

A: All listed properties on hotelinkonkan.com are available for Shrivardhan hotels near beach booking.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Shrivardhan?

A: Harihareshwar beach, Diveagar beach, Kondivali beach, Shankar temple, Kunkeshwar temple are the best places to visit near shrivardhan.

Q: Which are the best cheap hotels in Shrivardhan?

A: Best top cheap hotels in Shrivardhan are - Savli Resort, Ashirwad Lodge, Nanda Nivas, Sea Coast Beach Resort, Silver Sand Beach Resort etc.

Q: Which Shrivardhan hotels are best for families?

A: Savli Resort, Ashirwad Lodge, Nanda Nivas, Silver Sand Beach Resort, Sea View Beach Resort are best family hotels in Shrivardhan.

Q: Why Shrivardhan hotel rates are changing so frequently?

A: The hotel rate change is depending on hotel owner, room availability and season those reasons directly impact on hotel so rates are changing frequently. Find Bungalows in Shrivardhan at budget rate for large group.

Q: What is distance between Pune to Shrivardhan?

A: Distance between Shrivardhan to Pune is 211 Km long.

Wide range of hotels in Shrivardhan

Price Range Between Rs 500/- to Rs 1500/- Price Range Between Rs 1500/- to Rs 2500/- Price Range Between Rs 2500/- to Rs 5000/-