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Harihareshwar is located on the west coast of India in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. It is a combination of rocky as well as sandy shores. This place is close to diveagar and shrivardhan beaches. This place is known for its Shiva temple near the beach and is considered as an important pilgrimage site for many Shiva worshipers. The place is famous for its clean and sandy beaches. It is most popularly known for Shiva and Kalbhairava temple. Due to the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, this place is also known as Dakshin Kashi. Since the beach is not known to many tourists, it still has kept its clean and serene form. The place is famous for Kabhairav Jayanti Utsav. There is a story attached to the sculptures of each temple - many Hindu epics that will leave you mesmerized. Harihareshwar is a wonderful small town. Surrounded by four hills, Brahmadri, Pushpadri, Harshinachal and Harihar, Harihareshwar is situated in the Konkan region, surrounded on one side by lush forests and on the other by picturesque beaches.

Situated on the Konkan coast, Harihareshwar beach is situated near the high mountains of the Western Ghats. The black sandy beach is clean and relatively less crowded. Harihareshwar is spared the rampant commercialization and offers solitude and peace in many respects. The beach here is clean and there are many water sports available on beach.The origin of the land of Harihareshwar back to the Maratha dynasty under Emperor Shivaji Maharaj. The first Peshwa ruler, Bajirao is said to have visited the shrine in 1723. The ancient architecture of many temples and structures here bears witness to the Indian architectural style adopted and prevalent at that time. Harihareshwar Temple is one of the oldest and most famous temples in the Konkan region of Maharashtra and one of the most famous places to visit in Harihareshwar. The temple complex consists of two adjoining temples. One of them is the small Kalbhairav ​​temple which you have to visit first and the other is the main Harihareshwar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva created Kalbhairava and blessed him with all the mantras.

There are two beaches on either side of the Harihareshwar temple which is the main attraction of Harihareshwar. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation has also set up a beach resort on two southern beaches. One of these beaches is about 2.4 km straight and in front of the temple, while the other L shaped beach is about 2 km. Harihareshwar, with two beaches called Shrivardhan and Diveagar Beach, especially in Pune and Mumbai, is a popular destination for weekends. Harihareshwar is a famous tourist destination in Konkan and is mainly known for its temples and beaches. It is an evergreen place, which means it can be visited at any time of the year due to its favorable climate stituation. although the best time to visit this place is after the rainy season and during the winter season. Harihareshwar attracts huge crowds every year not only for the temples but also for its scenic beaches. Delightful atmosphere, Vihangam beach is the place of attraction in Harihareshwar.  It is situated in the foothills of the Sahyadri mountain. Ganesh Galli is a beautiful surprise for nature lovers and Ganesha worshipers. Bagmandala is a small village and it is a wonderful tourist attraction. The nearby Pushpadri Hill adds to the charm of the entire scenic spot. The serenity of nature can be felt while strolling along the shores of Harihareshwar. Clean air and cool breeze make it an ideal vacation spot. There is a small hill called Harihar Hill on the beach which adds to the beauty of the place. small boats always available, tourists can enjoy water rides on the beach.

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Harihareshwar is a religiously important place and is referred to as Dakshin Kashi. It has many temples of various deities like Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. Kalbhairav ​​Temple and Yogeshwari are two other religious places. Harihareshwar is famous for its scenic beaches. You can visit these historical temples, beaches and forts. Harihareshwar is famous for its untouched beaches covered with coconut and betel trees. The beaches here are wide and quiet. It offers peace of mind and breathtaking views of the sunset. It is a popular destination for weekend getaways as well as picnics. Velas Beach, Shrivardhan, Diveagar, Kondvil beach, Bagmandla are some popular tourist places near harihareshwar.

Harihareshwar is considered the peak season for tourism, with a minimum temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. Also, the city celebrates Mahashivaratri in February which attracts the surrounding tourists. October to March are the best months to visit Harihareshwar when the hot weather takes a little break. The celebrations of Diwali and Shivratri during this period, including Ganesh Chaturthi in September, can make going to Harihareshwar even more captivating. Summers are very warm, followed by humid rains and pleasant cold winters.

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FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Harihareshwar

Q: Which are the best budget hotels near Harihareshwar beach?


Best Budget hotels near Harihareshwar beach are -  Vishranti Residency, Apsons Resort, Patil Guest House, La Seagull Beach Resort, Siddhai Resort, My Red Stone House etc.

Q: Which beaches are best in Harihareshwar for visit?


Harihareshwar Beach, Kondivli Beach, Velas Beach, Shrivardhan Beach, Diveagar Beach are best beaches for visit in Harihareshwar.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Harihareshwar?


Best places to visit near Harihareshwar are - Harihareshwar Beach, Kalbhairav Temple, Shankar Temple, Bhagamandala, Ganesh Gully, Bankot Fort, Somja Devi Temple, Ghushmeshwar etc.

Q: What is the price range starts for Harihareshwar hotels?


Harihareshwar hotels price range starts for Rs.900/- and luxury hotels starts from Rs.2000/-

Q: How many hotels in Harihareshwar are available for booking at hotelinkonkan?


Around 27 properties are available for booking check among those listed Hariahreshwar hotels on

Q: How to reach Harihareshwar by Rail ?


The Mangaon railway station is the nearest railway station to Harihareshwar. It is connected to all train networks to Mumbai and also to the Indian Railways Network. Distance from Mangaon to Harihareshwar is 65 KM. You can get any local transporation to reach Harihareshwar from Mangaon.

Q: Which hotels are suitable for children and family in Harihareshwar?


Vishranti Residency, Apsons Resort, Patil Guest House, La Seagull Beach Resort are some suitable for children & family hotels in Hariahreshwar.

Q: What is distance between Pune to Harihareshwar?


Distance between Pune to Harihareshwar is 171 Km long.

Q: What type of properties are available for booking in Harihareshwar?


Harihareshwar has 27 Hotels, 12 Resorts, 6 Homestay, 8 Cottages, 3 Bungalows,  7 MTDC hotels in Harihareshwar such property types are available for booking in Harihareshwar.

Q: Which are the best cheap hotels in Harihareshwar?


Best cheap hotels in Harihareshwar includes - Vishranti Residency, Apsons Resort, Patil Guest House, La Seagull Beach Resort, Siddhai Resort, My Red Stone House. book any resort in Harihareshwar and click here for get all resort list.

Q: How to get the best hotels & resorts for Harihareshwar stay?


You can pick best hotels & resorts on the basis of top reviews given from our guest on hotel detail page, check photos, rates, amenities, hotel & resort location, popular landmarks, you can see some best hotels in Harihareshwar are - Patil Guest House, La Seagull Beach Resort, Siddhai Resort. click for all Harihareshwar hotel list. 

Q: Can you suggest us hotel rooms under Rs. 1400/- for hotels in Harihareshwar?


Available hotels in Harihareshwar offers hotel rooms under Rs.1400/- those are Pravasi Guest House, Luckys Resort, Madhura Holidays, Soham Guest House, Aai Cottage, Guru Mauli, Apsons Resort . You can book Harihareshwar hotels & resorts as per your budget.

Q: Which are popular couple friendly hotels in Harihareshwar?


List of many couple friendly Hotels in Harihareshwar at Check some best couple hotels in Harihareshwar- Patil Guest House, La Seagull Beach Resort, New MH 12 resort, Dream Beach Family Resort Resort.

Q: Which hotels have pay directly to hotel facility in Harihareshwar ?


All hotels in Harihareshwar that are listed on have pay directly to hotel facility. However, there are some hotels that take a low amount as advance to book hotel for you.