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Murud Janjira is a fort in Murud city located at an approximate distance of 165 km from Mumbai and 181Km from Pune. Murud beach bordering the Arabian Sea is popular because of the island for of Janjira. The combination of the warm water and cool breeze makes complete sense and feels incredible as well during the trip. This place is located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, the twin islands of Murud Janjira have become a popular tourist destination with its ancient forts, scenic beaches, temples and churches. Residents of Mumbai visit Murud Janjira frequently as it takes them less than 3 hours to reach the scenic holiday destination. The city is famous for the Murud Janjira fort, which remained undefeated despite attempts by the Dutch, Marathas and british to invade. Situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea, much of the fort is still intact and open to the public. Among the attractions at Murud Janjira is spread over 45 acre Ahmedganj Palace. The palace was once the residence of the Janjira Nawabs, adorned with Mughal and Gothic architecture. Another huge fort in the region which occupies an area of ​​9 acres and it is  formerly known as Padmadurg Fort, it resisted many attempts of mighty Marathas against Siddi and now serves as a popular tourist destination near alibaug. Murud is famous for its coconut Chikki and barfi. You can shop at any sweet shop near ST bus stand or at the market near Siddibagh. Mumbai weekend tourists buy fish from here - surmai, pomfret and prawn etc.

Murud Janjira is one of the clean beach near Alibaug. you can relax surrounding of nature and beach in murud. you can enjoy beach activities like Boat Ride, Bumper ride, banana ride and more water sports activities on murud beach. There are many places to visit during your trip like Murud Janjira Fort, Murud Beach, Garambi Falls, Ahmedganj Palace etc. Sightseeing at Murud Janjira is one of the best ways to explore nature. Tourists can also do nature walks from different parts of Murud janjira areas. Due to the breathtaking landscape of the island, the guest experience while staying here is incomparable. The name Janjira is not in any Indian language. Its origin is found in the Arabic word - jazira which translates as approximately island. Murud was once called Habsan or Negro - which literally means Abyssinian in Marathi. Murud is closely related to the Konkani word Morod. Therefore, the fort got its name from a combination of Konkani and Arabic words - Morod and Jazira - and changed its name to Murud Janjira over the years. Most people also interestingly call the fort Jal Jira, as the monument is surrounded on all sides by the Arabian Sea.

Attractive Janjira is a famous fort on an island off the coast of Murud. Equally fascinating is the story of the Siddhis who ruled over the Murud region for more than three centuries and who built this magnificent fort. Siddi was a merchant warrior from Abyssinia (Ethiopia) who settled in Murud-Janjira and gradually merged with the local population. Some of them ruled the region for about 400 years and became famous with their forts. Today, in addition to the beach, Janjira Fort and its moss-covered strong walls attract tourists to these beautiful beaches. The amazing island fort of the Bassein is another historical structure from which the original Bassein beach should be visited. The nearby Panchala fort is also a visiting place. Janjira Fort is oval in shape instead of the usual rectangular or square shape. The fort wall is about 40 feet high and has 19 circular porches or arches, some of which are still mounted on cannons, including the famous cannon Kalal Bagdi. These cannons were widely used to repel enemies coming from the sea. There is a picturesque palace on the shore. Built by the former Nawab of Janjira, it offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and the Janjira Sea Fort. Within the walls of the fort are the remains of a mosque, a palace and a bath with water flowing from streams, evidence of the quarters occupied by royal ladies. Murud Janjira Fort is a large and powerful fort located on an island in the coastal settlement of Murud, about 55 KM from Alibaug in Maharashtra, India. This fort was controlled by the Siddiqui emperors and many rulers tried to conquer the Janjira fort but failed.

Murud Beach waits for the sun to turn red over the Arabian Sea all day long, with the impossibly situated Padmadurg Fort floating in the water. Murud is a charming twin island fishing destination blessed with an abundance of natural beauty characterized by a wide stretch of sparkling sandy beach lined with coconut and betel nut trees. The ever-impregnable Murud Janjira Fort, the old palace of the Nawabs, many ancient temples and churches, beaches safe for swimming, high mountains, adventurous catamaran boating, many luxurious beach resorts, calm and pollution-free atmosphere are perfect tourist destinations. Millions of tourists are attracted to this land of beauty and bravery. The calm and serene environment with beautiful natural beauty makes Murud a great place for a family holiday. With so many options for accommodation, the beach locale is a prime place to relax and enjoy a fun-filled vacation. Murud's golden beaches, sparkling sea waters, adventurous water sports and beautiful sunsets all make your vacation here unforgettable. Murud Beach is a 1.7 km stretch of black sand. Coastal Murud Beach is one of the famous beaches in the entire state of Maharashtra and is a major tourist destination in Alibaug.

Things to Do in Murud janjira 

A two or three day vacation is perfect for exploring Murud and its surroundings. Although Janjira Fort is the main reason to visit Murud, there is a beautiful, peaceful beach where people spend their mornings and evenings. Janjira and Padmadurg are two island forts that can be seen from the beaches in broad daylight. At sunset, Idgah, the highest point in Murud and the best place to go for a beach. Murud Janjira Beach offers various water sports activities like parasailing, banana boat ride, ferry ride, jet skiing, surfing etc. The place is famous for camping as well as fishing. Horse, camel and buggy joy rides are available at the beach. Being on the coast of Maharashtra, seafood is a specialty here. However, it is one of the most visited tourist destinations and is frequently visited by national and international tourists.

1. Murud Janjira Fort

Murud Janjira village is one of the strongest sea forts in India. Surrounded by the Arabian Sea on all four sides, the fort is believed to have never been defeated in battle despite many attempts by the warring armies. Murud Janjira Fort The history of Murud Janjira Fort dates back to the 15th century when some local fishermen of Rajapuri built a small wooden fort called Medhekot on a large rock in the sea to protect themselves and their families from pirate attacks. However, the Nizamshahi Sultan of Ahmednagar wanted to make it a fort, firstly because of its vast area and secondly because of its strategic location. At the Sultan's will, a general named Piram Khan captured the fort, and Malik Ambar - the Abyssinian regent of the Siddi dynasty and his administrative spokesman - ordered the construction of a strong stone fort in place of the wooden post.

Best time to visit Murud Janjira Fort Maharashtra is known for its hot summers and being a part of the sea crossing, it is not really worth visiting during the rainy season because, in case of a storm or heavy rain, the boat service is suspended for safety reasons. It is best to visit the fort during the more pleasant months of October to March. How to reach Murud Janjira Fort Since Murud Janjira Fort is a seaside fort, one naturally has to go by boat.

2. Murud Janjira Beach

Murud Janjira is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the Western Indian region. Murud Beach is a charming place surrounded by sand dunes on three sides. To its north and south are rocky groves, while to the east lies the city of Murud and hills beyond. It is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches adorned with magnificent forts and surrounded by coconut and palm trees. The sunset view in Murud is very beautiful and the adjacent island forts of Janjira and Padmadurgad add to the beauty of the beach. The beach has round-the-clock gentle and soothing breezes, allowing tourists to spend a relaxing time. The calm and serene environment with beautiful natural beauty makes Murud a great place for a family holiday. With so many options for accommodation, the beach locale is a place to relax and enjoy a fun-filled vacation.

3. Ahmedganj Palace

The complex houses a grand mosque and tombs of former Nawab rulers. These tombs are believed to be filled with untold riches - but no one dares to open the graves. This royal formation must have seen many fierce battles in the past. Now, it stands as a memoir and as a tribute to all that was seen. Murud is also known as Janjira and Ahmedganj Palace. The fort was built in 1885 and is spread over an area of 45 acres making it a perfect destination for history buffs. This destination is built in Gothic and Mughal architectural styles. Built in a blend of Mughal and Gothic styles of architecture, it is a beautiful palace that once housed the royal Nawabs. However, you can only see the palace from the outside as the palace is still owned by the Nawab's descendants and is a private property.

An interesting story regarding the tombs is prevalent among the local people which says that the tombs are filled with treasures of untold wealth. No one dares to open the grave yet. A visitor to the palace will have a remarkable opportunity to glimpse the palace documents written in a dead language called "Mori". On entering Murud, the Nawab's palace is on the left hand side of the road. This magnificent palace is built on the edge of a cliff and offers a magnificent view of the Murud and the Arabian Sea.

4. Garambi Falls

Garambi Falls and Dam are two unexpected places near Alibaug. Although the waterfall is very close to Murud, many visitors to Alibaug also visit Garambi Falls. Some places are so exciting to visit when you travel to the most unexpected places to find such magical things. At a height of 100 meters, these falls thunder in full glory during monsoons. It is a pleasure to come here just to witness the waterfall. Soaking in its waters and enjoying the surrounding forest is its own attraction. One can spend hours here enjoying the chirping & humming of birds. The water looks pristine & crystal clear - visitors can drink it.

This amazing waterfall falling from this height gives a breathtaking view. The joy of soaking in this amazing gift of nature is so much fun. Another interesting aspect of this waterfall is that its water is very pure and anyone can drink from it. Garambhi Falls is surrounded by lush forest and the area offers a panoramic view. One can spend hours here enjoying the chirping of birds and the music of flowing water. During monsoons, this waterfall takes on a magnificent appearance and the mesmerizing place definitely brings tourists back for the next visit. Garambi Waterfall is a seasonal waterfall. The best time to visit Garambi Falls is during monsoons (June-September) or after monsoons in October. It is situated in the jungles of Murud village in the heart of Maharashtra state. Most of the visitors to Murud or Alibaug know little about this beautiful and peaceful place. 

5. Garambi Dam

The dam is situated amidst greenery which makes it an amazingly picturesque location. The sounds of nature - water and birds - make this place more attractive. The dam is situated in the backdrop of greenery. Chirping birds, melodious sound of gurgling water and greenery all around, the nature surrounding the dam is just perfect. The dam site is truly a scenic valley to behold. Garambi Dam is approximately 10 km from the Murud janjira on the Tala-Murud road. It takes you around 2 hours to reach the falls from Alibaug.

Garambi Dam is the source of water supply to the entire Murud Janjira town and surrounding areas. It is set against a scenic backdrop of lush greenery and melodious chirping of the many birds found here. It is a great place to spend some precious time with your family to marvel at the beauty of nature. Garambi Dam was built by Nawab Sir Siddi Ahmad Khan, the last ruler of the East during the Siddi dynasty. The dam is dedicated to Queen Victoria and is the source of water supply to the city.

6. Kansa / Padmadurg Fort

The Padmadurg fort has witnessed several fierce naval battles between the Siddhis and the Marathas for maritime supremacy on the west coast of Maharashtra. Covering around 9 acres, this fort is considered to be the most important sea fort in India. This famous fort was built by the great Marathas to conquer the nearby Janjira fort. The ruins of this great fort can be seen from the beach. After Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj (son of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj), the fort was taken over by the Janjira rulers, the Siddhis, who modified the architecture of the fort in the Siddhi style. So some of their water tanks, guns and bastions can also be seen in the fort. After Siddhi, the British captured Padmadurg and built their barracks. The fort was used to imprison political criminals in the 19th century.

The fort of Kansa is surrounded on all sides by the sea which is about 20 feet deep at its outer circumference. This fort was built by the great Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in the year 1676. The fort was built by the Marathas to challenge the Janjira port held by the Siddis. Padmadurg is an easy trek seaside fort situated in Rajapuri village in Raigad district of Maharashtra. Padmadurg Fort is also known as Kansa Fort.

7. Sidhi Vinayak Temple

Siddhi Vinayaka Temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. It is believed that Ashtavinayaka Yatra ends with the darshan of this temple. 'Sankashti Chaturthi' is celebrated every Monday in the temple. The annual festival of Maghi Chaturthi is also celebrated here. The Siddhivinayak temple is located in the small and beautiful Nandgaon village of Murud in Raigad district. There are many such temples in Konkan but this temple is unique. There is also a temple of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shani in the premises. Devotees visit the Siddhivinayak temple every Tuesday and Chaturthi. Durong your murud janjira temple this popular temple is your must visting place.

The temple of Siddhi Vinayaka is located between Kashid and Murud at Nandgaon, 10 km before Murud. The temple of Siddhi Vinayaka is located near the secluded Nandgaon beach. A visit to the Siddhivinayak Temple can be combined with a Murud Janjira tour. Every month 'Sankashti Chaturthi' or 'Sankat Haar Chaturthi' is a traditionally auspicious day for 'Darshan'. Siddhivinayak Temple Nandgaon is crowded every Tuesday. A grand festival is organized here every year on 'Maghi Chaturthi' which is celebrated with great pomp.

8. Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach is nestled between two hills and is known for its clear waters, white sand and casuarina groves along the coast. The 3 km long white sand beach is the most beautiful and charming beach in Konkan. Kashid Beach is a calm and soothing place and a great escape from the busy city life. Kashid is not as commercially popular as other beaches in the state. Most tourists stop at Kashid en route to Alibaug or Murud. It is one of the popular beaches in Maharashtra and is also a popular weekend getaway in Mumbai and Pune. The crystal clear blue waters of Kashid Beach are a feast for your eyes, offering both serenity and beauty in a single frame! Kashid Beach is also perfect for surfing, with waves reaching six feet almost year-round. However swimming is not recommended at Kashid beach.

9. Datta Mandir

Datta Mandir is a red dome temple on top of the hill. Built by Swami Brahmendra, this temple houses a three-faced idol of Sri Datta. The three-faced idol represents the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar. Datta Mandir is located in the town of Murud Janjira in the state of Maharashtra along with various other things. Datta Mandir can be visited using our Murud attraction planner. It is 18 km from Kashid Beach. There is a road to the temple, but a trek up to it is also a popular option. A scenic and beautiful climb is a joy. The view from the top is quite spectacular. For some more beautiful views one can try to watch the sunset from here.

10. Nagaon Beach

Nagaon beach also serves as a hub for other beaches like Murud, Kashid, Akshi, Alibaug, Kihim and Mandwa. Nagaon Beach has a long beach, which stretches for 3 kilometers and meets the waves of the Arabian Sea. The sunset spots on the beach make it the best attraction and motivate many people to take an evening walk here. Many professional photographers also come to the beach during this time to take some stunning pictures. Nagaon Beach is a very famous place for tourists from Mumbai and Pune. Famous for its clean beaches and water sports, Nagaon beach offers a flat beach that makes it ideal for swimming and other water sports. Nagaon also offers delectable local cuisine and seafood. Beach resorts and cottages are popular accommodation options available here. Tourists can also choose suitable options from hotels and private bungalows.

Nagaon is the hub of water sports in Alibaug and the beach has the most water sports operators who also offer parasailing in the sea. Tourists can enjoy parasailing, jet sky, motor boat ride, banana ride and many other water rides at Nagaon Beach. The beach is considered safe for all kinds of activities like swimming and boating due to its flat surface.

Best time to visit

Murud Janjira, settled near the Arabian Sea, received heavy rain this time. Usually it is not advisable to visit during these months as traveling is not easy. Murud is a place worth visiting throughout the year. However, the best time to visit Murud Janjira is from October to February. It has slightly warm summers and cold winters. However, it is advised not to go during monsoons as Konkan receives heavy rains. The beauty increases many folds during the rainy season. You have to plan your visit around festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and New Year for a truly vibrant holiday.

October to February is the best time to visit Murud Janjira. The weather is pleasant and perfect for exploring the amazing city. Although there is a cool breeze at this time, it is bearable. Summer season at Murud Janjira is from March to June. A heat wave can be experienced and the temperature usually drops by 42 degrees Celsius. October to March is the best time to visit as June to October is the rainy season and summer is hot and humid. Tourists should check the high and low tide times before entering the sea. Recruitment in rainy season can be dangerous so avoid visiting.

Murud janjira Accommodation

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How to Reach Murud Janjira

From Alibaug city centre, Murud-Janjira is about 50 km or about 1 to 1.30 hours drive. One has to go to Murud-Janjira by private vehicle or one can reach Murud-Janjira by rickshaw from Alibaug City Center. Enjoy your journey through the scenic roads of Konkan. This region has some of the best roads in the state. Murud-Janjira is located in the state of Maharashtra and is a great gateway from Mumbai. It is connected by road to all major places in Mumbai and Maharashtra. Mumbai is well connected by road and rail to the rest of India and the world. bellow are the ways to get to Murud-Janjira

Reach Murud Janjira by Road

Murud is very well connected by road. There are regular buses from Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. This is a very decent option if you are traveling on a budget. If you like to travel according to your own schedule and time, taxi services are the best. If you have your own vehicle, it is very convenient and a great option. Connected by Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) and some private passenger services. Finally, those who plan to travel with their own vehicle will find it a fantastic and convenient option. This will also give you the flexibility to travel within Murud. Otherwise, you will have to rely on auto-rickshaws once you reach here. Navi Mumbai is very well connected by road, with buses to Murud from Mumbai and Thane. Budget travelers will find very decent options. Those looking to keep their own time and schedule have no reason to despair. You can always avail taxi services. It is very easy to find. Outstation cab services are also operating here so you can also consider online booking.

Let's see the distances between Murud Janjira and some of major cities in maharashtra:

  • Mumbai to Murud Janjira – 151 km
  • Pune to Murud Janjira – 164 km
  • Satara to Murud Janjira – 200 km
  • Nashik to Murud Janjira – 278 km
  • Kolhapur to Murud Janjira – 327 km
  • Sangli to Murud Janjira – 327 km
Reach Murud Janjira by Train

The nearest railway station from Murud Janjira is Roha Railway Station, which is 40 km from Murud Janjira. Roha Railway Station is well connected to the major cities of Bhavnagar, Kochuveli, Ratnagiri, Sawantwadi and Trivandrum via Bvc Kcvl Express, Rajya Rani Express and Netravati Express etc. Train frequency is good. On reaching Roha, cabs to Murud are available. The cab journey is approximately one hour. Panvel Railway station is also the nearest railway station for Murud-Janjira and one can take auto or public transport to reach Murud-Janjira from panvel.

Reach Murud Janjira by Air

The nearest international airport from Murud Janjira is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, about three hours from Raigad. Connecting flights to major Indian cities like Aurangabad, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bhopal Indore, Kolkata, Jaipur, Kozhikode, Lucknow and Madurai can be availed from here. The airport is about 165 km from Murud-Janjira. One can opt for a taxi to reach Murud-Janjira. When time is of the essence and you want to reach this dream destination as soon as possible to start your vacations, flights are the natural choice. From the airport, you can simply book a cab to reach this magnificent fort!

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FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Murud Janjira

Q: What is the price range starts for budget Murud Janjira hotels?


Price starts for Budget Murud Janjra hotels is from Rs. 900/- and luxury hotels starts from Rs.2000/-

Q: Which property types are available for booking in Murud Janjira ?


Available properties are - Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Lodges, Bungalows in murud Janjira for booking during your trip.

Q: Which are the top popular Hotels in Murud Janjira ?


Top Popular Hotels in murud janjira are - Palm Beach Paradise, Nisarg Bunglow Tourist Home, Sea Shore Resort, Shree Villa Holiday Home etc.

Q: Which are the best beach hotels near Murud Janjira ?


Palm Beach Paradise, Sea Shore Resort, Nisarg Bunglow Tourist Home, Shree Villa Holiday Home are best beach hotels near Murud Janjira.

Q: How many hotels in Murud Janjira are available for booking at hotelinkonkan?


All listed properties on are available for Murud Janjira cheap hotels booking.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Murud Janjira?


Murud Janjira Fort, Murud Beach, Garambi Falls, Ahmedganj Palace, Garambi Dam, Kasa Fort are best places to visit near Mrud Janjira.

Q: Which are the best family hotels in Murud Janjira?


Nisarg Bunglow Tourist Home, Sea Shore Resort, Palm Beach Paradise, Shree Villa Holiday Home are the best familiy hotels in Murud Janjira.

Q: Which are the best cheap hotels in Murud Janjira?


Best cheap hotels in Murud janjira includes - Palm Beach Paradise, Sea Shore Resort, Nisarg Bunglow Tourist Home, Shree Villa Holiday Home etc.

Q: Which things are famous in Murud Janjira?


Murud Janjira is famous for historical forts, Traditional veg, Non veg food, seafood and its lovely beaches. Find hotels near beach in murud janjira.

Q: What are the best resorts in Murud Janjira ?


Palm Beach Paradise, Nandanvan Holiday Home, Artes Shelter, Prakashman Cottage, Samudra Manthan are all top resorts for travellers staying in Murud janjira. Get all list of hotels on Murud janjira beach resorts.

Q: Can you suggest popular hotels & resorts in Murud Janjira to enjoy holidays with family ?


If you are planning Murud Janjira trip with your family, there are lots of hotels and resorts available at reasonable prices. The hotels listed on HotelsInKonkan offers a variety of best hotels in murud janjira to make your trip hassle free. You can enjoy traditional kokani food test here is murud janjira resorts with your family and friends. there are some best hotels & resorts in murud janjiraPalm Beach Paradise, Greenery Cottage, Sagar Shrushti Cottage, Hiralaxmi Residency, Shubham Karoti Cottage. you can book one of these hotels fully enjoy with your family.

Q: Which are the best couple friendly hotels in Murud Janjira ?


There are some couple friendly Hotels in Murud Janjira at Please find list of some best couple hotels in Murud Janjira : O NEST Countryside, Krishna Kutir, Niwant Cottage. Get full of couple friendly beach hotels in murud janjira.

Q: Which are the top budget hotels in Murud Janjira?


Best top budget hotels in Murud Janjira are : Palm Beach Paradise, Prakashman Cottage, Nandanvan Holiday Home. want to see full list of budget hotels in murud janjira - click here.

Q: What are the popular places to book hotels in Murud Janjira?


15 hotels Murud-Janjira is popular among the travelers for Murud Janjira hotel booking. After that 12 hotels near Murud Beach , 8 hotels near Siddi Palace Murud-Janjira and 5 hotels near Murud-Janjira Fort are famous places for Murud Janjira hotels booking.

Q: What are the type of properties available in Murud Janjira ?


Murud Janjira has 5 Villa , 12 Resort ,7 Homestay , 18 Hotel , 4 Cottage , 1 beach Holiday Homes  are available for stay. you can book any one of the accommodation as per your choice.

Q: Where to stay Near Murud Janjira?


Hotel Konkan offers many hotels and resorts to stay near Murud Janjira Beach. Visit to find the best hotels near Murud Janjira Beach. Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Bungalow, Cottages are available in Murud Janjira, you can choose the right option according to your needs.

Q: Is there any offer available for Murud Janjira hotel booking near Murud Janjira Beach?


There are many deals and discounts available for Murud Janjira Beach Hotel booking. Find the list of hotels in Murud Janjira and book one of the best hotels near the beach. Give us a confirmation of hotel booking and you can get discount in the hotel you have booked.

Q: What is the best time to visit Murud Janjira fort?


Winter is considered to be the best season to visit Murud Janjira. The temperature remains comfortable in winters and is perfect for tourism. October, November, December, January, February and March are considered the best months to visit murud janjira fort. In Murud Janjira, the rainy season starts in the month of July and lasts till September, which is not a good time.

Q: Suggest us hotel rooms below Rs. 1500/- for hotels in Murud Janjira?


Hotels in Murud Janjira offering rooms below Rs.1500/- are Palm Beach Paradise, Onest Countryside, Swapnali Guest House, SK Guest House, Murud Janjira. You can book Murud Janjira Hotels and Resorts as per your choice.

Q: Which hotels have pay directly to hotel facility in Murud Janjira?


All listed hotels in Murud Janjira have direct payment for hotel facilities on However, there are some hotels that take a small amount as an advance to book the hotel for you.