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 Alibaug is one of the picnic sport which provides favourite weekend getaways for Mumbai and Pune visitors. there are beautiful beaches, forts, traditional food, water sports and local attractions create Alibaug tour into an amazing picnic experience. you can find religious attractions such as Birla temple, Kanakeshwar Temple, Vikram Vinayak Temple, Ganpati Temple and Balaji Temple. It is a coastal town on the border of Maharashtra, the main attraction of Alibag is the beaches. Nagaon Beach, Alibag Beach and Mandwa Beach are some popular beaches in alibaug. Alibag is all about beaches about 100 km from Mumbai and is a popular destination if you want to go out on weekends and relax. The Alibag has shades of coconut milk and red spices and Alibag is very close to the beach.The nights here are quiet and eventful, you can experience horse riding in the sunset or make a party in a rented resort or having a hearty meal in any farm to fork restaurant. The beaches at Alibag are ancient, wide and considered great for swimming. It is an island with many beaches and most of the beaches are lined with resorts and hotels, which are open almost all year round. In Alibaug, many tourists choose to set up a hammock between two palm trees on the beach and read a good book or sleep in it. Standing on the shore with the breeze in your hair and the water tickling your feet, Alibag will surely captivate your heart and holiday.

Alibaug has lots of beaches, and all the beaches are few minutes distance from each other, so you can visit all beaches without missing a beach. Alibuag is most visited picnic place in maharashtra now a days alibaug is know as Mini Goa, Alibaug offers a view of not only the sunrise and sunset but Fort, Coconut trees, Mango trees. Alibaug is located 95Km from mumbai and 143Km from Pune. Alibag was an important naval base of the Maratha king Shivaji Maharaj. Alibag and its environs, on the trade route between the Malabar coast and the Persian Gulf, were strategically important, and the Siddi, the Marathas, the Portuguese and the British at Murud Janjira struggled to gain control on coast. Colaba's sea fort, built by Shivaji maharaj in 1680, is also one of the most popular attractions in the city. Alibag was developed by Maratha Admiral Kanhoji Angre.

Alibaug is famous for its numerous beaches, which are just a few minutes away from each other, so you don't have to worry about which beach to visit and which one to leave. The most visited beach in Alibaug is, the Alibaug Beach, which offers a panoramic view of not only the sunrise and sunset, but also the Colaba Fort, which you can take a small boat ride to. Colaba Fort was once the cornerstone of the Maratha Empire and most of the architecture is still intact. Other popular beaches in the area include Kihim Beach, and Nagaon Beach, Kihim Beach is considered a photographer's paradise. The palate in Alibaug is tinged with coconut milk and red spices, and since Alibaug is close to the coast, seafood rules the plates and the heart. In Alibaug many tourists set up a hammock between two palm trees on the beach and settle down with a good book or a nap. Standing on the shore with the wind blowing in your hair and the water tickling your feet, Alibaug is sure to capture your heart and your vacations. Nights here are both laid-back and eventful, whether it's horseback riding into the sunset or partying aboard a chartered yacht or at any of the farm-to-fork restaurants. You can enjoy eating to your heart's content.

The calm and scenic beach is the major attraction in Alibaug. Chosen as a weekend getaway or short vacation destination in Maharashtra, Alibaug is a perfect destination for any beach lover. Alibaug is named after Ali Bagh. Stories say that Ali planted many mango and coconut trees. The origin dates back to the 17th century when the place developed during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj. This Taluka was declared in 1852. Alibag was home of the Beni Israel Jews. Surrounded by spectacular landscapes and romantic atmosphere, this beach destination also offers a number of watersports, historical sites and relaxing resorts that make for an unforgettable experience here. Alibaug is also home to Mandwa Beach, a beach famous for numerous film shoots that take place here. The beach offers a panoramic view of the Gateway of India from its bay and you can sit on the sand under a grove of coconut trees on the beach and sip a cool drink.

There isn't much to do in Alibaug unless your sole purpose is to enjoy doing nothing but going to the beach, frolicking in the sea or visiting the numerous forts that dot the shores like a string of pearls. However, it is the USP of the seaside town. Alibaug is a respite from the hectic lifestyle of Mumbai. Some of these beaches also offer a variety of watersports. One can spend a pleasant day visiting all the historical attractions like Brahma Kund or Colaba Fort with a glimpse of the past. One of the best ways to spend your time while in Alibaug is to indulge in water sports activities offered by the beach here. Sports like parasailing, jet skiing and banana boating can be done by beginners as well as experts and promise a fun experience for all. Many of the beach campsites here are perfect spots for activities. Summers in Alibaug are generally hot and humid, while winter months are cool and pleasant.

Things to do in Alibaug

The warm sand, the cool breeze, the great food will definitely make the trip worth it! The view of the Arabian Sea adds to the beauty and serenity of this place. Whether traveling with your family, friends or partner, Alibaug has something to offer for everyone. People love to come to this beach for weekend vacations as Alibaug has many activities to relieve your stress and make you feel refreshed. Also known as a beautiful coastal town nestled in the lap of nature. The charming small town attracts tourists with its colonial charm and beaches spread throughout the city. Water sports activities are famous in Nagaon beach. Kashid Beach, Alibag Beach and Mandwa Beach. The beach has a history of being a major attraction for numerous shoots of popular films. If you visit at the right time, you can also indulge in water sports offered at popular beaches in Alibaug. The city promises a fascinating and exploratory trip that will leave you wanting more. Alibaug is a great way to spend a great holiday with friends and family.

Sandy beaches, grand forts and ancient temples make sure that your activities in Alibaug don't end soon. Alibag beach is the most popular beach in Alibag which offers a panoramic view of the sunset. Colaba Fort is a popular fort of great architecture and beauty where boating to the fort is very popular. There is also a very famous beach called Mandwa Beach. A visit to this fascinating place will make you feel like you have arrived somewhere in a paradise that has a lot to offer with natural resources and beautiful scenery. With many activities in Alibaug, it is fast emerging as a major tourist destination in the country, where you get experience the surreal nature & avoid all kinds of annoying elements of life. One can enjoy the peaceful climate & nature here.

Alibaug lies between the Sahyadri Mountains and the Arabian Sea in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. It is surrounded on three sides by the Arabian Sea. Alibag is famous for its water sports activities like parasailing, banana boat ride, jet-sking, surfing etc. The place is also famous for camping and fishing. Tourists enjoy horse and buggy rides on the beach. In addition to its distinctive beach tourism, Alibag is known for its heritage sites at Colaba Fort, Kankeshwar Temple, Chaul and Revdanda Fort. For those who are religious, there are many temples and synagogues that you can visit. The temples are at a certain height above sea level, so you need to trek up to them, this is an experience. There are also a few islands around Alibag, which run regular or speed boats. It gives you a change of scenery with all the same benefits. 

1. Alibaug Beach

Alibaug beach is popular not only for its scenic beauty but also for its rich history and many adventure sports activities. You can take a boat ride across the beach waters where you can see the Colaba Fort in all its glory. An unshakable symbol of all that the Maratha Empire built, this historic structure still stands strong on the coast. You can laze in the pristine black sands of the clean beach and enjoy the spectacular views it offers. Witness the sunset over the shimmering waters of the ocean, leaving the sky painted in red and pink. The majestic silhouette of the Colaba Fort can be seen in the dim sky even at a distance. The beach coastline runs for 4 kilometers along the shores of the Arabian Sea and is also inhabited by a few fishing villages, where you can experience the lifestyle and culture of the locals. While here, you can also visit the Ganapati Temple which is almost 400 years old. Visit Alibag Beach to experience its unique shades that range from illustrious history to thrilling activities.

Considered to be the most visited beach in Alibaug, Alibaug Beach is known for its unique and spectacular view of sunrise and sunset, and travelers visit to understand the history of the region without the nearby Colaba Fort. This beach is well maintained and well prepared so tourists can enjoy various water sports in Alibaug. Don't miss the shacks selling lip-smacking food along the beach to experience the local flavor of the city. You can expect a wide range of options from Konkani, Maharashtrian, Seafood, North Indian and South Indian cuisines. All the water and adventure sports that the beach has to offer can also feed their adventurous souls. Consider going parasailing in the sky or hitting the ocean on a banana boat ride. If you are not a fan of watersports, trekking and camping near the beach await you with lit bonfires and smoking barbecues.

Alibaug Beach is the main beach of the city, and is famous for its clean coastline. The beach is mainly black sand with lots of rocky outcrops. Alibaug Beach is the most popular beach overlooking the Colaba Fort which provides a perfect view at sunset as part of Alibaug Packages. The beach is very lively with bathers in the morning and many food stalls in the evening. Not a good workout when the city wakes up to birds chirping, seagulls screeching and waves crashing. The air is clean and fresh, and the beach at Alibaug is a beautiful stretch of fine, clean sand, and sun salutations and meditation are an ideal way to start the beautiful day ahead! While the beach gets crowded in the later part of the day, the morning hours are calm enough to enjoy a yoga session here. There are no facilities on the beach for water sports like boating, diving or snorkeling. Walking and sunbathing, riding in a six-seater horse-drawn buggy are the most ideal activities at Alibaug Beach. The government has created a great platform for tourists to enjoy the sea and bath safely. Although the beach is safe for swimming at low tide, be careful as there are no lifeguards on the beach.

2. Akshi Beach

Akshi Beach is a beautiful white sand beach lined with suru trees. The combination of trees and white sand adds to the beauty of the beach. Akshi is a long stretch of beach that stretches south to Nagaon. This beach is also a favorite of bird watchers and nature lovers. Akshi Beach is ideal for those who want peace and solitude. The water is clean and safe for swimming. Tourists can see Colaba Fort and Alibaug at a distance from the beach. Tourists visit this beach in large numbers as different types of birds and different plants can be seen on the beach. North of Akshi Beach is inhabited by fishermen and best avoided in the morning. Akshi Samudra is safe making it a unique place for activities like boating, sunbathing and swimming. Various species of birds are also attracted to Akshi Beach, making it a popular bird watching spot. Many species such as seagulls, bar-tailed godwit, dunlins, terns and plovers can be seen on these shores. More than 300 species of birds visit this beach every year. Akshi Beach is also a must visit for bird watchers and shutterbugs.

Akshi Beach is also considered a fisherman's beach, which means it is not as crowded or commercialized as some of the other beaches in the region. Surrounded by swaying palm and coconut trees, Akshi is one of the cleanest beaches in India, making it highly attractive to many endemic and migratory birds from around the world. Every year, hundreds of bird lovers visit the beach to catch a glimpse of some of the unique bird species that inhabit the area, including plovers, seagulls, terns and bar-tailed godwits. It is approximately 5 kilometers away from the more dynamic and famous Alibaug Beach.

3. Kolaba Fort

Colaba Fort or Alibag Fort is the most important tourist attraction in Alibag. It is a 300-year-old fort that was once a major naval station in Maharashtra during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj. This isolated military fort in the middle of the Arabian Sea is a spectacular sight. Alibag is not more than 2 kilometers from the beach, accessible on foot during low tide, but during high tide, a boat has to be hired. The trail is quiet and scenic as the area is sparsely populated with only a few beachgoers. The Maratha warrior Shivaji Maharaj built the Kulaba fort in 1680 after the entire South Konkan was under his control. In 1662, he fortified and fortified Colaba Fort to make it one of his major naval stations. The command of the fort was given to Darya Sagar and Manik Bhandari under whom Colaba fort became a center for Maratha attacks on British ships. It is one of the prominent places to visit in Alibaug.

The Colaba fort consists of a 25 feet high rampart with 17 bastions for defensive fire in case of any enemy attack. There are two main entrances, one facing the sea and the other facing Alibaug. The gate facing the ground was known as the 'Maha Darwaza' and was the gateway to the royal family. These are teak wood doors with iron plates fitted at many places. Beautiful pictures of various animals like tigers, lions and peacocks were carved on the doors. The interior of the fort contains historical artefacts and relics such as cannons and carvings of animals and birds on the walls of the fort. Old temple buildings are also located here. Although the mighty fort is in the middle of the sea and surrounded by water on all four sides, the presence of a fresh water well within the fort premises is an important feature. A Ganesha temple built by Raghoji Angre in the year 1759 is also located in the area and is still worshiped by local fishermen.

An old military fort in the Konkan region, Colaba Fort is a place you must not forget to visit during your trip. The fort takes you back in time to appreciate the important historical facts related to this fort.  If you are traveling during low tide, it is easily accessible on foot. If you happen to be there during high tide, hire a boat to keep yourself safe and enjoy the place to the fullest. Colaba Fort is one of the many famous forts in Maharashtra and one of the best places to visit in Alibaug. The average height of the fortifications of the fort is 25 feet. It has two main entrances. At low tide one can easily reach the fort through waist deep water. If you are visiting the fort during high tide, you will need to take a boat. It is 1 - 2 km from Alibaug beach. As one of the most prominent forts in Maharashtra, its strategic location helped it act as a major naval station and a bastion to attack British forces. The magnificent fort is now a popular tourist destination and the main attraction of the idyllic town.

4. Murud Janjira Fort

The name Murud-Janjira is derived from the Arabic word 'jazira' which means "island". You can go to the fort by boat from Rajapuri Jetty. The fort was originally built by the Sultans and later the Marathas made various modifications to it. The fort was a complete living fort with natural ponds, offices, palaces, religious centers. During the conflict, the roof of the fort was used as a watch tower. The rooftop now offers a beautiful view of the blue, crystal clear waters of the Arabian Sea and the golden sands of Murud Beach. At a distance of 53 km from Alibaug, there is a beautiful fort in the middle of the Arabian Sea. Around 500 cannons were used in battle in Murud-Janjira fort. Now, only a few cannons exist and are very popular with visitors. Apart from this, the fort has some beautiful tombs, a water tank and some stone sculptures. A very popular gate of the fort is the gateway with a small sculpture of six elephants and a tiger known as “Sher Darwaza". Approachable by boat, it is one of the strongest sea forts in India and is frequently visited by tourists. You can spend half a day here exploring the bastions and secret passageways. Ideal for history buffs, it makes a great half-day trip from Alibaug.

Janjira Fort is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on all four sides and is one of the strongest sea forts in India. It is one of the popular heritage places in Maharashtra and must include places in Alibaug tour packages. The original structure was built in the 15th century by a Koli chief as a defense against pirates and thieves. Originally a small wooden structure, the Janjira fort was later conquered in the 17th century by the Abyssinian Siddi Sirul Khan of the Ahmednagar kings. During its construction, the structure of the fort collapsed three times. Siddi realized the need for sacrifice, so he offered his 22-year-old son to God. Perched atop a massive rock in the middle of the Arabian Sea's expansive sky, this fort has stood the test of time as well as the resilience of the past. If you are visiting the Konkan coast in Maharashtra, this fort is a must-see. The fort's 19 towers still stand today, proudly reflecting its glorious past. Just a short distance from the sandy beach, the magnificent fort roof not only offers a glimpse of the past but also a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea from all sides.

5. Varsoli Beach

Varsoli Beach is known for its beach resorts and cottages that are best suited for a peaceful getaway. The beach serves as a naval base for the Indian Army and is also known for its various adventure sports. Varsoli Beach is a wonderful surprise for the eyes, boasting a sea of sparkling white sand and clear blue waters. The 2 km long picturesque coastline is dotted with casuarina, suru and palm trees, which make for a truly mesmerizing sight. There are rocky boulders up to a few meters along the shore, which add another charm to the pristine beauty of the beach. The surrounding areas of the beach are filled with various beach resorts and cottages that are known to offer the best vacation experience to tourists. Stay at various resorts and cottages – Enjoy white sandy beaches, enjoy boat trips and engage in fishing. Alibaug has a variety of things to do near the beach. It is the perfect beach to enjoy the weather and spend quality time while participating in various adventure sports activities.

There are also many well-equipped and comfortable cottages and resorts on the beach, which offer tourists a great stay for a memorable beach vacation. Apart from this, there are also decent and budget-friendly restaurants and cafes very close to the beach, offering tourists local as well as international delicacies. Varsoli is a beautiful white-sand beach with calm waters of the Arabian Sea. The 2 km long coastline of Varsoli beach is lined with numerous palm, suru and casuarina trees. Some parts of the coast are lined with rocky boulders which add another natural beauty to this beach. All these factors combine to make Varsoli Beach a highly recommended getaway for a beach holiday. Varsoli Beach is located in Varsoli, a small settlement on the outskirts of Alibaug. This beach is 2 km long and more beautiful than Alibaug Beach. It is a clean and less crowded beach in Alibaug area. Although this beach serves as a naval base, tourists can enjoy the white sand and clear water. Moreover, the beach is lined with numerous coconut and casuarina trees. Varsoli Beach is a popular tourist destination for those seeking a peaceful and serene environment.

6. Nagaon Beach

Nagaon Beach is another tourist attraction that comes in the list of things to do in Alibaug. The beach is lined with palm, betal and suru trees. The beach stretches for 3 kilometers and is known for cleanliness and water sports activities. You can also enjoy horse riding and camel riding on the beach. This beach is best known for its cleanliness and water-based adventure activities available at reasonable prices. Experience the local life at the many homestays and resorts here, making Nagaon Beach a great weekend getaway. Nagaon Beach, Kashid Beach, Varsoli Beach, Akshi Beach, Mandwa Beach, Murud Beach, Kondivli Beach, Kelshi Beach, Chamas Beach or Kihim Beach take your pick from the many beaches on this beautiful Konkan coast around Alibaug. Go swimming, surfing, or rent a boat and cruise the Arabian Sea, enjoying the picturesque views from the water. The beach remains uncrowded on weekdays, so it won't be difficult to find your own corner to relax, sunbathe or cool off in the generous shade.

The silky and shimmering golden sands of this beach offer visitors a wonderful place to relax, sunbathe and enjoy fun beach games. Nagaon Beach is the central location for many nearby beaches like Murud Beach, Akshi Beach, Kihim Beach, Mandwa Beach, Alibag Beach and Kashid Beach. Nagaon Beach has a long beach, which stretches for three kilometers and meets the waves of the Arabian Sea. The sunset spots on the beach make it the best attraction and motivate many people to take an evening walk here. Many professional photographers also come to the beach during this time to take some stunning pictures. Along the shores of Nagaon beach there are many bustling beach shacks that serve lip-smacking seafood to tourists. The beach also offers visitors a lively opportunity to experience horse riding and camel riding.

Unlike other beaches in Alibaug, this beach is mainly a sandy beach and is surrounded by casuarina trees which gives the beach a romantic atmosphere. Nagaon Beach is a quiet and secluded beach compared to Alibaug and Kashid Beach. Nagaon is the hub of water sports in Alibaug and the beach has the most water sports operators who also offer parasailing in the sea. Tourists can enjoy parasailing, jet sky, motor boat ride, banana ride and many other water rides at Nagaon Beach. The sunsets here are particularly picturesque and an evening walk on the beach is a great way to end your day. Beach shacks serving mouth-watering seafood are another amenity that Nagaon Beach offers to its visitors. Nagaon beach also serves as a hub for other beaches like Murud, Kashid, Akshi, Alibaug, Kihim and Mandwa.

7. Kihim Beach

The beach is impeccable, and the water is completely safe, which attracts hundreds of tourists to it every year. Along with the charisma and charm of the sandy white plain, the beach is full of greenery. Insects like butterflies and bees come to visit the wildflowers around the beach. Kihim Beach is a sandy beach where visitors flock to enjoy moments of cool and peaceful atmosphere. Bird lovers can find a large number of exotic bird species in this area. Different types of butterflies can also be seen here. Those interested in water sports and adventure sports have the best time here. Indeed, it is a great place to do a lot of things at night in Alibaug. The beach is adorned with incredible golden sand. Water sports are available with activities like camel ride and ATV ride. Beautiful migratory and resident birds also visit Kihim Beach and are found here in abundance. The beach is known for its exquisite beauty, fantastic backdrop and pollution-free environment. The beach is covered with a pristine blanket of white sand dotted with unique and colorful seashells. Birders also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Kihim as a variety of migratory and local birds are seen in different seasons.

Kihim Beach has become a very commercially successful junction in recent years. Proximity to India's commercial capital, Mumbai, helps the cause. There are many attractions as well as local kokani food joints in and around Kihim Beach. Places like the famous Colaba Fort, Akshi Beach and many religious temples around the beach attract tourists immensely. One can indulge all his senses enough while visiting this beautiful site. The picturesque view, the lapping sound of the sea waves, the soothing breeze on the skin and the delicious, aromatic food from the food stalls delight all the senses. Kihim Beach is one of Alibaug's most popular beaches, with rocky stretches of clean sandy beach interspersed here and there. The beach has soft fine sand and is black in color. The northern part of the beach is rocky and the southern part has long stretches of sand.

The waters at Kihim are inviting but adventurous swimmers have to be careful of the rocks strewn along the beach. Khanderi and Underi forts can be seen on the horizon from the Kihim coast and along with the rocky ridges this part of the Konkan coast offers the most beautiful view of the setting sun. There are many options for sightseeing in and around Kihim Beach.  This makes the attraction a fashionable tourist destination for people of all ages. Kihim also offers a rural lifestyle with a variety of seafood & especially Konkani cuisine.

8. Mandwa Beach

Mandwa Beach is one of the best beaches in Alibaug. It is a pristine and quiet beach that is great for water sports activities. You can even do a morning walk! It is a popular weekend getaway for Mumbaikars due to ferry services running from Gateway of India and Mandwa Port. It is located near the beaches of Alibaug and Kihim and is famous for its white sand and blue sea. The beach is isolated from crowds and pollution. The nearby village of Mandwa attracts tourists due to its dense coconut groves. The beautiful sunset view from the beach is truly picturesque. Chaul is a popular tourist destination located near the beach. The place is known for churches, Buddhist caves, synagogues, temples and many Portuguese ruins. Mandwa is a very popular beach destination for people living in Maharashtra. The location is famous for the film Agneepath, where both Amitabh Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan have starred in two separate films. It is also famous for its sandy golden beaches, scrumptious food and water-sports activities, a complete beach vacation is guaranteed if you decide to visit this beautiful place.

Best sunrise and sunset can be experienced at Mandwa beach. Clean climate and beautiful and tall coconut trees make Mandwa Beach a perfect place for a mini-vacation. For those looking for some adventurous water-sports in the clearest waters, Mandwa is the perfect destination for adventure seekers as it offers kayaking, banana rides, water scooters, jet skis, etc. There are water rides around 12 km from Alibaug. Mandwa beach is known for its exotic charm and its peaceful atmosphere and can be reached by bus and private taxi. Another tourist attraction in this city is famous for its sculptures. Mandwa Beach offers you a lot to make your days amazing with both water and land activities. This pristine beach is a great place for a walk along the shore. Also indulge in various water sports here one of the best things to do in Alibaug, Maharashtra. Karmarkar Museum. On a clear day, one can enjoy a long, breathtaking view across the bay to the Gateway of India. Mandwa beach is very accessible as there are direct ferry services to and from Mumbai city. A calm and quaint beach, Mandwa will not disappoint you.

9. Kashid Beach

The clear blue waters of the Arabian Sea, the white, sandy beaches are perfect for a weekend getaway. You can plan a trip under the shade of the 3 km long casuarina trees or indulge in the many water sports options available at the beach. Whether you are a solo traveler, planning a weekend getaway with your partner or taking your family. go for long walks, enjoy horse riding, get an adrenaline rush with all the water sports, plan a night camp under the starry sky or spend some quiet time with your significant other. Kashid is one of the cleanest beaches in North Konkan. The beach stretches for 3 km and is surrounded by bushes and trees called casuarina. You can indulge in watersports, go overnight camping and enjoy the beautiful night sky or go horse riding on the beach. Visit the Murud Janjira Fort, 20 km from Kashid and witness a piece of history. Perched atop a massive rock in the middle of the Arabian Sea's expansive sky, this fort has stood the test of time as well as the resilience of the past. Kashid Beach is very crowded on weekends so it is best to visit on weekdays.

Kashid Beach is nestled between two hills and is known for its clear waters, white sand and casuarina groves along the coast. Kashid Beach is a calm and soothing place and a great escape from the busy city life. Surrounded by a diverse landscape of water, rocks and cliffs and close to Mumbai, Pune and Alibaug, this place witnesses a large number of visitors throughout the year. Weekends can be fully booked so plan your vacation in advance and make the most of your experience. Kashid is not as commercially popular as other beaches in the state.The popular beaches here offer recreational options in the form of water sports and plenty of para sailing! Alibag and Kashid beaches offer the best para sailing experience in the region. Kashid Beach is also perfect for surfing, with waves reaching six feet almost year-round. However swimming is not recommended at Kashid. Kashid is also a popular destination for water sports like water scooters, parasailing and banana boat rides.

10. Revdanda Fort

Revdanda Fort, also known as Revdanda Agarkot, was built in 1558 by Portuguese Captain Soj. In 1740 Revdanda along with the Koralai fort came under the Maratha Empire as per the treaty made by the Portuguese. The remains of a Portuguese fort are covered with wild plantations. What stands out are the cannon holes in the fortification walls bordering the sea. Although the fort is now in ruins, Ravdanda Beach a pure historical attraction with extraordinary natural beauty and it is a must visit place. Revdanda Beach is known for Revdanda Fort, an old Portuguese fort with a wooded plantation. The fort offers a great view of the beach and is less crowded.

The circumference of the fort is about 5 km. The entire fort has two main gates, one from the north and the other from the south. Of these, the northern gate was used for land access and the southern gate for access to the sea. This route leads to the main sea through Revdanda Bay. The Portuguese built a dock here which eventually ceased to exist. The north and south gates are directly connected by a long road made of stone. Now, only the western part of the compound has some remains of the ancient fort. The rest eventually became Revdanda village with houses and farmland.

Best Time to Visit Alibaug

November to March is the best time to visit Alibaug to enjoy the beaches as the weather is dry and cool. Monsoon season starts somewhere in June and continues till September and is therefore off-season. Also, the boat service between Mumbai and Alibaug does not operate during monsoons. It starts getting hot from March and stays very hot till June, however, due to its proximity to Mumbai and Pune, many families come here to spend their summer vacations. During this season there is a lot of pipit in Alibaug. Schools are very crowded in April and May due to summer vacations as well as Gudi Padwa and Holi festivals. During this season, tourists can chill at the beach and visit its popular spots.

Being a coastal city, Alibaug experiences hot summers and heavy rainfall. Hence, October to March is the best time to visit Alibaug when the weather is conducive to relaxing on the beaches. Also, this is the best season to indulge in adventure activities. Between July and October, during the rainy season, visitors can expect frequent heavy rains. However, the natural beauty of the region is enhanced by the lush greenery and rain-washed scenery during this season. It's time to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi grandly in Alibaug.

Alibaug Accommodation

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How to Reach Alibaug

The fastest way to reach Alibaug is to take a boat from Gateway of India to Mandwa Jetty in Colaba area of South Mumbai. It takes about an hour to reach Mandwa Jetty by ferry or 20 minutes by speedboat. From the jetty, the beach is another 30-45 minutes south by bus or auto rickshaw. Bus is included in the price of the ferry. Alibaug is well connected to major cities of Maharashtra and the country by road, rail and ferry. Mumbai and Pune are the two major cities nearby. The nearest railway stations to Alibaug are at Pen and Koha while the nearest airports are Pune and Mumbai.

Alibaug is a beautiful coastal town in Raigad district of Maharashtra, about 96 km from Mumbai. It has magnificent forts, endless greenery, breathtaking beaches and ancient shrines, making it a must-visit for the laid-back traveler. Nagaon Beach, Alibag Beach, Akshi Beach, Mandwa Beach, Colaba Fort and Kankeshwar Forest are some of the popular tourist attractions. When it comes to connectivity, Alibaug is well connected to other major Indian cities by air, road and rail. Ferries operate throughout the year from morning to evening (around 6am to 6pm) except during the rainy season from June to September. Services usually resume at the end of August, but this depends on weather conditions.

Reach Alibaug by Road

Alibaug is located almost midway on the Mumbai-Goa highway (NH66). Being a popular scenic coastal highway, many tourists prefer to travel to Alibaug from Mumbai. There are also regular bus services to Alibaug from Mumbai, Pune and other nearby cities. These buses are run by both government and private operators and are comfortable to travel From Mumbai, around 35-40 state transport buses ply between Mumbai and Alibaug. Also these buses connect Alibaug with places like Thane, Pune, Nashik, Borivali, Kolhapur, Miraj, Solapur, Jalgaon etc.

Alibaug is connected by road via Pen. There are many state transport buses available from major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Nashik, Goa directly to Alibaug Beach. While traveling from Pune to Alibaug by road, one can take the Lonavla route, which is the shortest, or the Mulshi route. Distance from Pune to Alibaug is 140 km and Mumbai to Alibaug is 110 km.

Let's see the distances between Alibaug and some of major cities in maharashtra:

  • Mumbai to Alibaug – 94 km
  • Pune to Alibaug – 145 km
  • Satara to Alibaug – 247 km
  • Nashik to Alibaug – 229 km
  • Kolhapur to Alibaug – 367 km
  • Sangli to Alibaug – 367 km
Reach Alibaug by Train

Alibaug is a small seaside town and does not have its own railway station. The nearest railway station to Alibaug is at Pen, which is on the Mumbai-Goa road. Via Pen, Alibaug is connected to Panvel and then to Mumbai and other cities on the Indian railway network. If you are traveling from Mumbai to Alibaug or Thane to Alibaug, both stations run regular trains to Panvel station. Roha and Panvel are the nearest railway stations at a distance of 37 km and 47 km respectively. You can find a train from the source station to reach one of these & travel by bus, auto or hired cab. Alibaug is somewhat inconvenient as it is not connected to the Central Railway, but trains can be availed from two nearby railway stations. You can book an auto or cab to reach Alibaug.

Reach Alibaug by Air

Alibaug dont have airport. The nearest major airport to Alibaug is the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, which is about 140 km away. It will take about three and a half hours to cover this distance. You can hire a cab, board a bus or take a ferry to reach Alibaug Beach. Mumbai Airport is the nearest airport connecting all major cities and states of India.

FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Alibaug

Q: Which are the best budget hotels near Alibaug beach?


Top Budget hotels near Alibaug beach are -  Ekant cottage, Jeevan Geet, Hotel Samudra City, Mountain Base Resort etc.

Q: How many hotels in Alibaug are available for booking at hotelinkonkan?

A: All properties listed on are available for booking.

Q: Which beaches are best in Alibaug for visit?

A: Alibaug Beach, Nagaon Beach, Rewas Beach, Kashid Beach, Akshi beach are best beaches for visit in Alibaug.

Q: How can I go to Alibaug by train?

A: Pen is the nearest railway station which is 30 Km away from Alibaug. Take Taxi or bus from pen to Alibaug.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Alibaug ?


Best places to visit near Alibaug are - Kolaba Fort, Vrindavan Farm, Murud-Janjira Fort, Nagaon Beach, Kihim beach, Kanakeshwar forest, Brahma Kund, Rewas Jetty etc.

Q: For what Alibaug is famous ?


Alibaug is famous for historical forts, traditional veg, Non veg, seafood and its lovely beaches.

Q: Which are best beaches near Alibaug ?


Alibaug Beach, Kashid Beach, Nagaon Beach, Murud Beach, kihim beach, akshi beach and Revdanda Beach are some of the best beaches near Alibaug.

Q: Which are the best cheap hotels in Alibaug?


Best Cheap hotels in Alibaug includes - Laxmi Narayan Cottage, Vijay Bungalow, Mountain Base Resort, Sai Krupa Cottage, Raghushilp Guest House

Q: Which Alibaug hotels are best for families?


Raghushilp Guest House, Sai Krupa Cottage,Mountain Base Resort, Mangetsu Farm,Vijay Bungalow, Laxmi Narayan Cottage are best hotels for families in Alibaug.

Q: What is the price range start for Alibaug hotels?


Alibaug hotels budget price starts from Rs. 1000 and Luxury, Star hotels starts from Rs. 5000.

Q: Which are popular couple friendly hotels in Alibaug ?


List of many couple friendly Hotels in Alibaug at Check some best couple hotels in Alibaug - Kalpvruksh VillaVandana Villa, Ekant cottage, Kulswami cottage

Q: Which locations have large no of hotels near alibaug ?


Nagaon has 48 properties which is maximum no of hotels in nagaon. 18 best hotels in akshi beach, 16 hotels at kihim and 12 hotels at Kashid, Alibuag those are popular locations for hotels near alibaug.

Q: What type of properties are available for stay in Alibaug?


Alibaug have 5 Villa , 8 Cottage , 35 Hotel , 12 Homestay , 20 Resort , 6 Farm House are available for stay in alibaug. you can book all those properties on HotelsInKonkan

Q: Which are the top luxury hotels in Alibaug?


The top luxury hotels in Alibaug are Mountain Base Resort, Hotel Samudra City, Shaant Beach Resort, Samudra Darshan, Palmeraie Holidays, Casa Marina .

Q: Can you suggest us hotel rooms under Rs. 1500/- for hotels in Alibaug ?


Many hotels are available in Alibaug that offers hotel rooms under Rs. 1500/-. There are some best options for you - Sai Krupa Cottage, Kulswami cottage, Mountain Base Resort, Kalpvruksh Villa, Ekant cottage.

Q: What are the budget hotels on the beach in Alibaug?


Budget hotels on the beach in Alibaug include Shaant Beach Resort, Samudra Darshan . See the full list on - Alibaug Beach Hotels.

Q: Which hotels have pay directly to hotel facility in Alibaug?


All hotels in Alibaug that are listed on have pay directly to hotel facility. However, there are some hotels that take a low amount as advance for book hotel for you .

Q: What are some of the best vacation rentals that Alibaug has to offer?


Ekanta Cottage, Hotel Samudra City, Kasturi Cottage and all the hotels and resorts listed above are highly rated rentals in Alibaug. The resort or hotel offers a private balcony, a garden and a BBQ to make you feel perfectly comfortable in your new surroundings.

Q: Which is the best hotel when traveling to Alibaug with kids?


Mountain Base Resort is a top luxury hotel for families in Konkan and has a restaurant and free parking. Other good options for staying with kids include Shree Krupa Bangalow and Samudra Darshan. Also, all these resorts and hotels have fun places and toys for children of all ages.

Q: What is the best hotel for a beach holiday in Alibaug?


Alibaug Thal Coconut Beach Resort is a top luxury beach resort in Alibaug that offers free parking and all modern facilities just 10 minutes away from Alibaug Beach. Other good options for your beach trip include Raghushilp Cottage, Hotel Samudra City, Swami Holiday Home. Find more accommodation near Alibaug Beach.

Q: What are the hotel rates in Alibaug for weekends?


The average price per night for a 3-star hotel in Alibaug on a weekend is Rs.10,500/- for a 4-star hotel Rs.15,500/- and 5-star hotels in Alibaug for weekends around Rs. 21,000/- per night. There are many budget hotels and resorts available in Alibaug whose weekend charges are on average - Rs. 2500/- for AC room and 2000/- for Non AC room. You can confirm hotel rate with hotel owner while booking a hotel from Hotels in Konkan.

Q: Do hotels in Alibaug provide Wi-Fi facilities?


Yes, there are many hotels where Wi-Fi facility is available. For more hotels with Wi-Fi facility in Alibaug visit website. Many hotels offer free Wi-Fi to their guests. However, it is always better to check whether hotels in Alibaug offer Wi-Fi facilities to guests. Make sure you have free wifi when booking a hotel directly with the hotel owner on Hotelskonkan.