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Enjoy the wonders at the Tarkarli beaches so it serve as a perfect getaway for Pune and Mumbai tourist. lots of tourist from pune and mumbai visit tarkarli to enjoy the natural beauty of tarkarli every weekend. This is an ideal picnic spot for beach and adventure lover. This is one of the place for water activities and scuba diving activity in konkan. you can find lots of beach activities like boat ride, Sleeping bumper, Stay in a House Boat, banana ride, Jet-sky ride, Parasailing and famous deep water scuba diving in tarkarli beach. Tarkali is a small village in western Maharashtra, situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea. The village is famous for its clear sea water and white sand depicting the beach. A new weekend gateway from Mumbai and Goa, the place hosts adventure water sports. To the south of this village flows the river Tarkarli, which is surrounded by dense forest. One can travel by boat in the river to enjoy the calm of the backwaters flowing in the Arabian Sea. You can visit Sindhudurg Fort on the beach to know the history. The place is popular for its clean environment and various water sports available on the beach. Tall cypress trees also add to the beauty of nature. You can also go on a water dolphin tour. This beach is also known as 'Queen Beach' of Sindhudurg.

A series of ancient beaches, Tarkarli is an ideal choice for holiday weekends. If lucky, you can also see dolphins. Tarkarli is proud of the excellent talcum-powder sand available in the Konkan. The most beautiful beach in Maharashtra, not in India. Since this place is being searched recently, you may find it obscure due to commercialization. The white shoreline covered with cypress trees is a great place to relax, get close to nature and eat amazing Malwani food. From long walks along the original white sand shores to a glimpse of the majesty of Maratha forts. Stituated between the Sahyadri mountain ranges and the Arabian Sea, Tarkarli is one of the most attractive vacation spots for the city travellers. The calm blue of the sea, the white soft sand on the lonely beach surrounded by tall coconut trees. Tourists flock to Tarkarli and Malvan for coral reefs and clear blue waters filled with exotic fish and dolphins. The lush green hills of Amboli and the white beaches of Goa are a short distance from Tarkarli. Visit Tarkarli and let the colors and sounds of nature enchant you! . During the morning walk, a group of people are seen pushing the boat into the sea to catch a new one all day long. There were many small and medium sized boats are on the beach.

Tarkarli is one of the fastest growing major tourist destinations in Maharashtra and for the last few years it has become the second most preferred destination after Goa.Tourists from all over the world visit this place all year round, Tarkarli enjoys a beautiful and clean white sand beach, clear backwaters, tranquility of nature and greenery and many other fascinating places like traditional markets, temples, forts. Tarkarli is perfect holiday gateway in Maharashtra. there are some other places to visit near tarkarli are Achara Beach, Tsunami Island Beach, Devbagh Beach, Chivla Beach, Vengurla Beach, Nivati Beach, Kunkeshwar Beach, Mochemad Beach, Tondavali Beach, Kolamb Beach, Sindhudurg Fort, Dolphin Spotting many more places. The setting sun will captivate your mind and body completely. In addition to the amazing beauty of the sea, you can also see dolphins floating in the water. To enjoy some wonderful seafood and boat trips at sea, visit the nearby fishing village of Devbag.

The water around Sindhudurg fort is relatively clear and although the reefs here are not world-class, it is not a bad idea to give it a try. Guides and coaches are helpful and patient; If you wish, you can also enroll for a special certification course. Although Tarakali is not blessed with hills, it has some amazing places that fascinate people at large. Famous places like Tarakali Beach, Vitthala Temple, Malvan Plateau, Sunehra Pathar Point etc. are crowded with hundreds of tourists. Since this place is just being discovered, you might find it obscured by commercialization. The white sand beach covered with suru trees is a great place to relax, get close to nature and eat amazing Malvani food. From long walks on pristine white sand beaches to reliving the past glory of Maratha forts. Tsunami Island in Maharashtra is located on the Tarkarli River. Tourists and locals can enjoy adventure activities. It is the best place to visit during monsoons. You can enjoy various water sports here, you can participate in scuba diving, paragliding, jet-ski, banana boat ride and many other activities. Tarkarli has a series of pristine white sand beaches, where one can enjoy a walk along the shore, take a family trip or indulge in a number of water sports.

Tourists flock to Tarkarli and Malvan for coral reefs and clear blue waters teeming with exotic fish and dolphins. The green hills of Amboli and the white beaches of Goa are just a short drive from Tarkarli. Visit Tarkarli and be mesmerized by the colors and sounds of nature. Tourists come here in large numbers to enjoy their holidays. So whenever you decide to come to Tarkarli, do visit this place. Tarkarli is blessed with beautiful and clean white sand beaches, serene backwaters, peace and greenery of nature and many other attractive places like traditional markets, temples, nearby villages and forts in the city. Moreover, features like snorkeling, dolphin and scuba diving have added to the hub's popularity.

Things to Do in Tarkarli

Tarkarli is famous for its long coastline and many quiet beaches, including the mighty Sindhudurg Fort. Apart from this, Tarkarli has many adventures. In addition, you can have plenty of Malvan food. Alternatively, you can relax on the beaches, go for thrilling water sports, stay in a houseboat or enjoy a boat ride on Dhamapur Lake. Tarkarli is famous for its water sports activities like parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boat ride, jet-skiing etc. Houseboat riding is one of the best activities in Tarkarli. It is also famous for dolphin spotting as well as exploring underwater life with corals around 350-400 years old.

Located in the South Konkan region of the state, it is one of the cleanest and safest beaches that will sweep your heart away with its breathtaking charm. The soft, soothing pastel hues of this coastal town will instantly soothe your mind, and as you sit by its pristine shores, you'll feel the gentle breeze on your cheeks. Tarkarli is popular for its long coastline along with many quiet beaches and the mighty sindhudurg fort. Apart from this there are many adventure activities and exciting things to do in Tarkarli. Apart from that, you can have a sumptuous Malvani meal, you can laze on the beaches, indulge in thrilling water sports, stay in a houseboat or enjoy a boat ride on the Dhamapur Lake. Check out the extensive list of things to do in Tarkarli below.

1. Scuba Diving

Tarkarli is a great place for scuba diving as it is blessed with spectacular beaches and exotic marine life. One of the most amazing things to do in Tarkarli, scuba diving not only introduces you to the fascinating charm of marine life, but also makes you aware of its importance and conservation. The presence of expert and certified scuba instructors with proper safety equipment makes diving more exciting, while the abundance of marine life adds to the experience here. Also, the many scuba camps and training centers in and around Tarkarli make it the most ideal place to dive and explore the amazing underwater beauty of the Arabian Sea. Some of the major scuba diving spots in Tarkarli are Malvan Marine Sanctuary, Tsunami Island, Columb Beach etc. Where you can marvel at the most beautiful coral reefs, fish and exotic species of plants. Also considered a paradise for divers, here you can enjoy the peaceful underwater life at an affordable price.

Thrilling water sports in Tarkarli are sure to give you an adrenaline rush in addition to amazing memories. The beaches are full of complete seclusion and tranquility, and hence make a great place to try your hand at the water sports available in Tarkarli. Water sports are the best way to take a break from the stress and bustle of life and completely soak in the atmosphere. It is also believed that these water sports help us heal and discover ourselves. Among the many water sports, the most popular are scuba diving, snorkeling, banana boat ride, etc. Apart from this, dolphin cruising is another popular activity on the beaches. You are taken a little further out to sea in a boat where you can see live dolphins surfacing. 

2. Parasailing

Parasailing in Tarkarli is one of the best recreational activities that Tarkarli trip offers you. In parasailing the person is pulled behind the boat and attached to a specially designed canopy wing which is really safe. The harness connects you to the parasail, which is attached to the boat with a tow rope. The vehicle then takes off, carrying the parasender and the person into the air. The boats are so powerful that two people can parasail behind them at the same time. You can parasail solo if you wish or take your special someone with you to share this wonderful and mesmerizing experience. This adventurous activity gives people a chance to soar into the clear skies of Tarkarli and float freely to capture the panoramic view of the expansive sea. You can either enjoy parasailing with an instructor or if you are confident enough, you can go parasailing with a partner of your choice. Either way, it will be an exciting and memorable experience for you. You can enjoy the beautiful and serene Deobagh Beach with Sangam Point, where the beautiful Karli River and Deobagh Beach meet. This activity is primarily a fun ride.

Parasailing involves floating above the turquoise waters of the sea on a secured parachute that is attached to a powerful boat. As the boat floats on the water, it pulls the parachute above the ground and takes you aloft within seconds. Plan a visit to Tarkarli and indulge all your senses as you witness the mesmerizing beauty of Tarkarli and its picturesque beaches. When you visit Tarkarli and its magical beaches, you will surely find it hard to resist the temptation! The reason is simple, The stunning beauty, pleasant climate and wide beaches in Tarkarli will make you indulge in parasailing and witness its mesmerizing beauty from high above ground.

3. Tsunami Island

Tsunami Island is an island and a beach. One of the busiest places to visit in Tarkarli is Tsunami Island as it offers a range of adventure sports activities. From scuba diving to parasailing, banana boat rides and jet skiing, a whole lot of fun awaits at this breathtaking island of Tarkarli. It is famous for various water sports including jet skiing, banana boats, kayaking and bumper boats. The sand found on the island is said to be magnetic and has the ability to cure joint ailments when massaged on the affected parts of the body. You can also enjoy local delicacies at the various food shacks on the island. A deltaic island nestled in the middle of the Tarakali River, it is a perfect destination for both beach lovers and nature lovers. This island can only be reached by boat. Tsunami Island promises a variety of outdoor adventure activities like kayaking, jet-skiing, banana and bumper boat trips, etc.

The island was not shaped by tsunami waves, but its non-existent name makes it a famous tourist destination for water sports where one can admire rides such as jet-skis, banana watercraft rides, bumper vessels, kayaks and the like. The best time to visit Tsunami Island for water sports is during high tide when the small island is somewhat submerged under knee-deep water. Tidal Island is a small island in the delta of the Tarkarli waterway off the Devbagh coast. It is also a coastal cum island to appreciate a watercraft ride in the backwaters of the Tarkarli River. The view of this island is very beautiful and tourists come especially to see this view.

4. Snorkelling

Snorkeling is another very popular water sport and one of the most exciting things to do in Tarkarli. The sport requires you to stay on the surface of the water and only look down after donning a diving mask, snorkel and a breathing tube called swimfins. Sometimes, you may also need to wear a diving suit if and when the water is too cold. Tarkarli is the only place where you can dive deep into the enchanted world of marine life and witness its magical beauty. If you must plan a trip to the scenic and beautiful Tarkarli Beach and it is one of the best things to do in Tarkarli. The best time to go snorkeling is when the sun is shining and the water is clear. Now comes the best part, considering the trail and adventure snorkeling on offer, it's easy to assume that it will cost more. There are many exotic fish and plants that you have probably only seen in search channels.

Located on the Konkan coast and surrounded by the Arabian Sea, Tarkarli's underwater life is rich with an array of rare and exotic marine species. Clear water, pleasant and friendly waves, diverse array of coral reefs, abundance of exotic fish and more make this village a must visit for marine life lovers. This is the best water activity. The use of this device allows swimmers to see underwater attractions such as brightly colored fish and huggable corals, usually for extended periods of time with little effort. Snorkeling is the act of swimming in or through waterways using a diving mask, a molded tube called a snorkel, and a tube tire. Also, since snorkeling involves diving in shallow and clear water, it is also a must-do in Tarkarli with kids.

5. Stay in a House Boat

At Tarkarli, one can have the remarkable experience of staying in a houseboat on the backwaters of the River Karli. Falling asleep to the sound of waves really refreshes and rejuvenates the body and mind. You can visit the MTDC website to book a houseboat for accommodation, as they offer two houseboats with 2 furnished bedrooms and an open-air upper deck. The tranquility and serenity of Tarkarli can be further enjoyed by staying in a houseboat. These stays are currently increasing the huge ubiquity among the visitors to this locale. As the region is blessed with the tranquil backwaters of the Kurli River, a houseboat stay is an ideal way to stay afloat and try the peace and tranquility that make Tarkarli a must-visit in all of Maharashtra. Adding to this stay, there is pleasant weather and natural beauty that surely makes you crave for more. Also, as the houseboats come with almost all luxury facilities and comforts, it gives you a great holiday experience in them.

The serenity and tranquility of Tarkarli can best be experienced by staying in a houseboat. Although one of the new ventures, this stay is now gaining immense popularity among the tourists of the region and is a wonderful thing to do in Tarkarli. Among the various things to do, a houseboat stay is one such experience that can be enjoyed with family members and friends as well. The level of fun and safety measures associated with houseboats also make it one of the best things to do with kids in Tarkarli. Adding to this stay, there is the charming climate and sumptuous excellence that will surely impress you to work up an extra appetite! Additionally, since houseboats come with all the extravagant amenities and revamped offices, you are guaranteed to understand a conflicting occasion in them. As the locale is graced with the silent backwaters of the Kurli River, a houseboat stay is a great way to stay above water and try the peace and serenity that make Tarkarli a must-visit in all of Maharashtra.

6. Tarkarli Beach

A visit to the picturesque Tarkarli Beach is a must while on a trip to Tarkarli village. Home to the most captivating white sands in the entire region, this sandy retreat is known for its stunning beauty and alluring charm. Whether you are a beach person or not, this untouched beach will surely appeal to all your senses and urge you to spend some quality time here and it is one of the fun things to do in Tarkarli. If you are planning a date with someone, a visit to this beach should be on your list of things to do around Tarkarli. Visit this sandy paradise, enjoy the coolness of its playful sands, feel the pleasant breezes and listen to the hymn of the sea waves while participating in many water sports. Tarkarli beach is colored by the bright rays of the setting sun and it is time to cast a mysterious spell on the beholders. Visit this beach at night and Watch how the mood changes when the sun goes down and the waves play with the bright rays of the sun!

Tarkarli's rustic setting and untouched excellence make it an ideal destination to appreciate every bounty of nature! Whether it's pristine or warm sands, energetic waves or evergreens, magical slopes and mountains or exhilarating stretches of water dons, this beach has something for everyone. Providing wonderful and delightful minutes to the movement agenda, this curious village in Maharashtra is likewise known for its all-encompassing dreamlike excellence in the evenings. Famous for its diverse beaches, Tarkarli is the epitome of a beach lover's paradise. With numerous beaches like Tarkarli, Kollam, Achara, one can spend their entire day roaming and lazing around. You can also enjoy the many adventure sports on offer. Rare whale sightings make the beaches truly beautiful. 

7. Sindhudurg Fort

Visit Sindhudurg fort is the main pillar of Shivaji Maharaj's naval rule. This fort was generally built to monitor the trade routes of the British and other rulers to expand and control the Maratha Empire. It is a 350-year-old ancient fort spread over 48 acres and has a two-mile-long rampart 30 feet high and 12 feet thick. This architectural phenomenon lies in its ruins, however, one cannot deny the aura it still enjoys during the Maratha rule. Ferry is the best way to reach this fascinating fort from Tarkarli. Reminiscent of the rich history and past, Sindhudurg Fort stands on a small island in the majestic Arabian Sea. A symbol of the valor of the Maratha Empire, this magnificent fort was built by Shivaji Maharaj in late 1656.

Visit this ancient fort Sindhudurga and find a way to relive its golden history. Explore the surroundings and marvel at the architectural splendor of the past while enjoying panoramic views of the Arabian Sea. It is one of the famous heritage sites in Tarkarli that depicts amazing architecture and scenic views. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj built this fort to protect his empire. A large number of tourists visit this place of historical importance. An architectural marvel of its time, it is one of the most impressive sea forts in the country and was built to protect the Maratha Empire from enemies. The fortifications and revolutionary layout of the fort supports the fact that it was one of the grand structures built during the Maratha rule in Maharashtra.

8. Dolphin Spotting

One of the most charismatic inhabitants of the sea, watching dolphins is a pure joy! Those who are looking for some of the most fun and exciting things to do in Tarkarli, can enjoy dolphin watching around the region's many beaches and fulfill their desires. One of the best of the ocean's most charming tenants, dolphin watching is a joy! Individuals with a keen eye for some of the most thrilling and exciting activities in Tarkarli can enjoy dolphin watching around some of the beaches in the area and fulfill their every wish. Endowed with dolphin-rich waters, Tarakali is one of the best places in India where you can expect the most exciting dolphin safari tour. Achara Beach, about 22 km from Malvan, is where you are likely to spot dolphins surfacing every now and then. So be sure to keep your camera handy as you travel along the coast to capture candid shots of these playful mammals. This tour will be very exciting for both kids and adults.

Achara and Nivati beaches in Tarkarli are some of the popular places where these living creatures can be easily spotted. The pleasant climate, gentle waves and low human interference favor large dolphin populations in and around these beaches. Visit these two sandy spots in Tarkarli on a bright sunny day, take a boat ride and take a dip in the sea. Watch these lively creatures swimming on the beach or in the deep sea and be ready to capture them on your lens as they search for food and make your dolphin cruise more exciting and memorable. A great ride out to sea to spot friendly dolphins. Not only are the big fish the gentlest, but you'll want to position your camera for the perfect shot as the dolphins race over and above the waves. Dolphin spotting is a favorite water sports activity in Tarkarli. The beautiful environment, gentle waves and low human intervention favors a large dolphin population in and around the coast.

9. Jet Skiing

Another great adventure you can add to your Trakarli trip is jet skiing. Tsunami Island is one of the best places where you can experience the most exciting of this water sports activity. Many instructors will accompany you as you track the high waves of the ocean. It is an easy and thoroughly enjoyable ride that is loved by people of all ages. If you are one of those people who are inspired by thrill and adventure on the blue water then Tsunami Island near Tarkarli is perfect for you. Accessible only by boat ride, it is the most sought after destination for water sports enthusiasts. The gentle sea air, amazing waves, clear sand and water surrounding this island make it a hub for many water activities. Take a boat trip to Tsunami Island and indulge in exciting sports like jet skiing! Ride this powerful watercraft that has an amazing ability to take you through the waves at high speeds and show off your sailing skills. Come in a group, participate in this exciting game, enjoy the sea and exciting waves!

Jet ski ride at Tarkarli, Deobagh Tsunami Island is one of the many fun things to do. Two people can ride the jetski at a time. Wave Runner safety features include a fire extinguisher, a whistle, mandatory life jackets and lanyards (kill cords). Life jackets are provided for children under 30 Ibs and for those over 300 Ibs. Every passenger wears a life jacket at all times. The most adventurous water sport in Tarkarli is jet skiing. Jetski is very easy to operate, although an instructor is usually with you. Jet skiing in Tarkarli will surely thrill you.

10. Dhamapur Lake

It is an artificial lake, established by Raja Nagesh Desai in 1530 near Tarkarli. Surrounded by rolling hills and greenery, the place has been frequented by locals as a place of recreation since its construction. Spread over an area of 10 acres, Dhamapur Lake will delight you with its magical charm. It is a favorite picnic spot for holiday makers as there are plenty of water sports activities and of course the scenic attraction. It is the perfect place to stay in a homestay in the surrounding villages and have a rich experience of getting to know the local culture. The water of Dhamapur Lake is scenic and reflective throughout. One of the best things to do in Tarkarli is to visit the Bhagwati Temple for a day and indulge in the many water sports. It is a beautiful place for lovers who can enjoy a boat ride in calm, calm waters. It is known for its crystal clear water and the sea bed can be seen on clear weather days.

Best time to visit

A large number of tourists come from all over the country to Tarkali, which has a pleasant atmosphere throughout the year. Winter is the best season to visit Tarkarli. Tarkarli is an ideal holiday destination from October to March. Monsoons can also be a favorable time to plan a trip, although heavy rains can ruin your plans. Summer is the worst time to visit Tarkarli due to scorching heat and unbearable humidity. Summer starts from March and lasts till June. The highest and lowest temperatures of the season are 32°C and 25°C respectively. Summer offers some of the best time to explore the city. Surrounded by the wild white waters of the Arabian sea and beaches, Tarkarli is a place waiting to be discovered. It is a quaint little fishing village with a good number of tourists visiting the beaches for the adventure sports available and the lush green countryside that presents an eye-pleasing sight. Tarkarli has a tropical climate with hot and humid summers, wet monsoon months and warm yet pleasant winters. The best months to visit the beach town are the mild winter months of October to February. Tarkarli has charming places to explore and the best season will ensure you a great trip. 

Tarkarli is the beach. The best time to visit Tarkarli is October, November, December, January, February and March. It is expected to be a bit crowded this time as it is peak season. This time is perfect for scuba diving, snorkelling and other activities. Many cultural programs are also organised at this time. Moderate weather is experienced during July, August and September.  The rainy season can also be a good time to plan a trip, although heavy rains can ruin your plans. Summer is the shortest time to visit Tarkarli due to the scorching heat and unbearable humidity.

Tarkarli Accommodation

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How to Reach Tarkarli

Snorkeling and scuba diving at Tarkarli beach in Malvan of Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra is a great experience. Tarkarli beach is easily accessible from major cities by air, rail and road. Tarkarli is well connected to all cities in India by road. Regular bus service runs in Tarkarli village. There is no direct air or rail connectivity to Tarkarli. The nearest airport is at Panji, Goa.

Reach Tarkarli by Road

Tarkarli falls under Malvan Taluka/Tehsil of Sindhudurg District in Maharashtra State, India, so the nearest stopping point anywhere in India is Malvan City or Malvan Taluka. Tarkarli Beach is well connected to Malvan by bus. The coastal city is about 475km from Mumbai via Panvel Kochi Road, NH 17 and 576km via Mumbai Kolhapur Road, NH 4. Daily luxury, private and state transport bus services are also available from various parts of Mumbai, Goa and Pune. There is no direct bus service to this place but one can take a bus to Malvan which is just 6 km from Tarkarli. From Malvan, the city is connected by road to Kolhapur (157 km), Sangli (204 km), Kudal (28 km) and Ratnagiri (169 km). Direct buses from KTC bus station in Panaji to Malvan take around 4.5 hours. As buses are infrequent on the direct route, one can travel from Panaji to Sawantwadi, Sawantwadi to Kudal and Kudal to Malvan for break journeys. The total travel time on this route is only 3 hours 15 minutes.

Reach Tarkarli by Rail

The nearest railway station to the city is Kudal which is approximately 45 km from Tarkarli. One can board different types of trains from cities like Mumbai, Pune and Goa to reach the city. Major trains serving Tarkarli are Konkan Express and Mandvi Express. Trains are available to Kudal near the railway station which is 50 km from Malvan town and an additional 6 km to Tarkarli Beach. Tarkarli can be reached by autorickshaw from Kudal and trains are also available from Mumbai and Pune. Tarkarli does not have a railway station, but is easily accessible from the nearby towns of Sindhudurg (about 31 km), Kudal (about 32 km) or Kankavali (about 50 km) railway stations on the Konkan Railway. From any of these railway stations you can take a cab, auto rickshaw or state transport bus to Tarkarli. Weekly, bi-weekly and daily trains stop at Kudal and Sawantwadi stations from Goa, Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram, Patna and Jabalpur etc. Many trains like Konkan Kanya Express (Mumbai CST – Madgaon), Sri Ganganagar Kochuveli Express (Rajasthan – Kerala) stop at Kudal. If you get a cab from the railway station to Tarkarli, you can also use the cab for sightseeing for a day or two.

Kankavali Railway Station is 52 km from Tarkarli Beach. Kankavali on the Konkan Railway connects Tarkarli Beach via Malvan, which is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes by road from the railway station. Frequent buses are available to and from Malvan every 30 minutes. MSRTC buses or auto-rickshaws are available from Sindhudurg, Kudal and Kankavali railway stations to reach Tarkarli Beach. A spur on the Konkan Railway connects Tarkarli Beach to nearby towns, where most major passenger and express trains stop. The beach can be reached from Kudal via Malvan.

Reach Tarkarli by Air

Located on the Konkan coast, Tarkarli does not have its own airport but can still be reached by air. Dabolim (Goa) has an airport accessible to this city which connects the region to various parts of the country. It is about 80 km from the center of Tarkarli. From the airport, one can easily hire a private cab which takes more than 2 hours to reach the city. Another airport is Kolhapur Airport which is approximately 115 km from Tarkarli.

If you are an international tourist then the nearest airport is Mumbai, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Anyone staying in Mumbai will need a domestic flight to Dabolim, Goa which is the nearest airport to Tarkarli, Malvan. Also you can travel by tourist bus from Panjim (Capital of Goa state) to Malvan. Tarkarli can be reached from Malvan which is about 7 km. Malvan is well connected to Mumbai, Goa, Pune etc by government and private buses and taxis. 

Budget Hotels in Tarkarli from Rs 500/- to Rs 1500/-

Top Hotels in Tarkarli from Rs 2500/- to Rs 5000/-

FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Tarkarli

Q: What are the cheap options available to stay during Tarkarli trip ?


Cheap options for stay in tarkarli are - Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Lodges, cottages available which starts from at Rs. 800/- for book cheap hotels in Tarkarli.

Q: Which are the popular budget hotels in Tarkarli ?


top budget hotels in Tarkarli are - Ratnasindhu Beach Resort, Samant Beach Resort, Matruvastalya Home Stay, Mangal Nivas etc.

Q: What is distance between Pune to Tarkarli ?


Distance between Pune to Tarkarli is 385 Km.

Q: What are famous in tarkarli ?


Deep water Scuba diving, Dolphin watching, Water sports activities clear water beach are famous in tarkarli.

Q: What is the price range starts for Tarkarli hotels ?


Price range for Homestay in Tarkarli starts from Rs.950/- (For 2 Guest) and luxury hotels in tarkarli price range starts for Rs.2050/-

Q: What type of properties are available for booking in Tarkarli?


Hotels, Resorts, Bungalows, Cottages, Lodges, MTDC hotels and Beach homestay in Tarkarli such property types are available for booking.

Q: For what is Tarkali famous ?


Tarkarli is famous for clean water beach and popular scuba diving destination in Maharashtra.

Q: Which are the top beach hotels in Tarkarli for family stay?


Mangal Nivas, Matruvastalya Home Stay, Samant Beach Resort, Ratnasindhu Beach Resort are top beach hotels in Tarkarli for family stay.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Tarkarli?


Water sports, Tarkarli beach, scuba diving, Karli backwaters, Dhamapur lake, Sidhudurg fort, Achara Beach are the best places to visit near Tarkarli.

Q: How can i search best hotels in Tarkarli?


You can find available hotels inTarkarli on website using amenities, Price, Hotel Type search filters at budget price.

Q: Which hotels are closest to tarkarli beach ?


There are some hotels listed on HotelsInKonkan are closest to tarkarli beach - Mangal Nivas, Manali Resort, Namrata Niwas, Siddhivinayak Beach Resort. book tarkarli beach hotels at budget price.

Q: Which are popular couple friendly hotels in tarkarli ?


Many tourist visit tarkarli beach continuesly some guset recommended for couples - Vedaa holidays, Siddhivinayak Beach Resort, Manali Resort are popular hotels for couple in tarkarli. get full list of tarkarli hotels 

Q: Where to stay in tarkarli during trip ?


HotelsInKonkanhas wide range of properties to stay in tarkarli - 20 hotels in tarkarli, 18 Resorts in tarkarli, 11 Homestay, 8 Cottages, 9 MTDC hotels, 4 Bungalows are listed. chooe your accommodation as per your requirement to stay in tarkarli.

Q: Which hotels have pay directly to hotel facility in Tarkarli?


All listed hotels in Tarkarli are having pay directly to hotel facility. However, there are some hotels that take a some money as advance for book tarkarli hotels for you .

Q: Can you suggest us hotel rooms under Rs. 1300/- for hotels in Tarkarli?


Here is list of some hotels under Rs.1300/- : Namrata Niwas, Mangal Nivas . get full list of tarkarli hotels 

Q: There is any deals & offers available for hotel booking in Tarkarli?


Many deals & offers are available on Tarkarli hotel which listed on book tarkarli hotels to get attractive discounts now !

Q: What is the average price of hotels and resorts in Tarkarli for the weekend?


A deluxe resort in Tarkarli on Saturday and Sunday has a normal price starts of Rs.2200/- and luxury resort rates for Saturdays and Sundays start at Rs. 2800/- All modern comforts are available in such resorts.

Q: How to choose the best hotel and resorts from Tarkarli accommodation?


You can select properties based on reviews, their location, famous landmarks, budget and availability, convenience of choosing accommodation in tarkarli as per your interest and needs. Below are some popular hotels and resorts to choose from that are well reviewed by guests. Book Vedaa holidays, Surya Home Stay Resort, Swami Bed and Breakfast, Aamrai Niwas.

Q: What is the distance from Mumbai to Tarkarli?


Distance from Mumbai to Tarkarli is 532 km. You can reach tarkarli by your own vehicle or state transport vehicles.

Q: What are the popular hotels for unmarried couples in Tarkarli?

A: has a wide range of hotels for unmarried couples in Tarkarli. Some popular hotels among couples are Vedaa holidaysSurya Home Stay ResortSwami Bed and BreakfastAamrai Niwas. While booking a hotel in Tarkarli, you need to call the number given in the sms and ask which identity proof required for unmarried couples.

Q: Why do the rates of hotels and resorts in Tarkarli change frequently?


Hotel room rates change frequently depending on the particular hotel and its facilities. Rooms are scarce during peak season and hotel rates fluctuate frequently during weekends. If you are visiting Tarkarli except during weekends and peak season, we have many offers. If you share your booked hotel details with us, we can give you an offer.