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Tapola is a satellite village known as 'Mini Kashmir'. It has some very beautiful scenic beauty which makes it an ideal place to experience nature. There are many unknown forts like Vasota, Jaigad in the dense forest around Tapola Lake, which is an adventure in itself. Tapola is pollution free and experiences a refreshing atmosphere that will revive anyone's senses. There are many camp sites available for trekkers and tourists who want to explore this place more closely. Tapola is located near mahabaleshwar, a beautiful village it is about 25 km from the hill station and is known as the 'Mini Kashmir' of Maharashtra. This rustic village is popular among nature lovers and vacationers who want to return to nature. The road to the village is as scenic as the panoramic views on both sides. Tapola is one of the tourist destinations in Maharashtra that can be enjoyed during the months of October to February when the weather is perfect for camping and trekking. The greenery of Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary and the huge Shivsagar backwaters created by Koyna Dam have created this small paradise. Tapola makes a nice entrance to avoid the crowds and spend a day or two in the embrace of nature. Tapola is very close to Mahabaleshwar and this beautiful place is a great option for your day trip.

The jungle trek, especially the trek to Vasota fort, is a thrilling activity in Tapola and is rapidly gaining popularity among tourists. You can also see many anonymous islands or boats in Shivsagar Lake in this huge 90 KM reservoir with so many things to do, Tapola is the perfect place for a weekend. There are many forts in Tapola which are inaccessible. But the view of these forts is very beautiful. The biggest tourist attraction of this place is trekking which is very exciting for travelers. There are also many water sports that you can take part in while you are in Tapola. Visitors enjoy boat trips to Triveni Sangam, Bamnoli Island and many other beautiful places. One of the sights of Tapola is to visit Kas Pathar which takes about an hour to reach. In the months of July and August, when the place is full of flowers, its true beauty is seen. One of the historical attractions here is the Pratapgad fort which was built by the great king Shivaji maharaj in the 17th century. This site showcases the glorious past of our Indian history restored to this day. Your trip to Tapola is incomplete without visiting Shivsagar Lake. The lake offers tourists a variety of activities such as water scooter riding, swimming and kayaking.

Well known for its rugged charm and breathtaking views of the Koyna and Solshi rivers, this beautiful helmet makes your journey enjoyable and many amazing attractions to visit. This tourist destination in Maharashtra can be easily reached by air, rail or road transport from many major cities like Mumbai, Pune and Kolhapur. You can reach Pune railway station and reach Tapola or you can reach the desired destination by traveling by plane at Pune airport. There are several bus services available to take tourists to this place. Tapola trip can be enjoyed during the winter season when the weather is perfect for camping and trekking.

Things to Do in Tapola & Best time to visit

One of the most famous attractions is Tapola Lake, famous for its trekking and picnic spots. You can also try activities like boating, kayaking, paragliding and swimming. There are many forts like Vasota and Jaigad in the dense forest of Tapola which are a must for history lovers and those who want to trek fast through the forest. There are many small islands near Tapola where you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset by taking a strange stroll in the evening. In the greenery of this place you can enjoy a walk with your lover and capture some great moments with your loved ones. also experience Tapola's Jungle Trek.

The best time to visit Tapola is during the months of October to March, during the winter in Maharashtra. During these months, the climate in Tapola is very pleasant, with cold winds blowing during the day and a little cold at night. During this time tourists can not only enjoy the sights but also take part in many other outdoor activities.

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FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Tapola

Q: Which are the best budget hotels in Tapola?


Top Budget hotels in Tapola are -  Tapola Eco and Agro Tourism, Manorama Resort etc.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Tapola?


Best places to visit near Tapola are - Lingmala Waterfall, Kas Plateau, Kaas Lake, Vasota Fort, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani etc.

Q: What is the price range starts for Tapola hotels?


Tapola hotels price range starts for Rs.1000/- and luxury hotels starts from Rs.2500/-

Q: How many hotels in Tapola are available for booking at hotelinkonkan?


Around 8  properties are available for booking check among those listed Tapola hotels on

Q: How to reach Tapola by Rail ?


The wathar railway station is the nearest railway station to Tapola. It is connected to all train networks to Mumbai and also to the Indian Railways Network. Distance from Wathar to Tapola is 105 KM. You can get any local transporation to reach Tapola from Wathar.

Q: Which hotels are suitable for children and family in Tapola?


Tapola Eco and Agro Tourism, Manorama Resort are some suitable for children & family hotels in Tapola.

Q: What is distance between Pune to Tapola?


Distance between Tapola to Pune is 133 Km long.

Q: What is distance between Mumbai to Tapola?


Distance between Tapola to Mumbai is 276 Km long.

Q: What type of properties are available for booking in Tapola?


Tapola has 8 Hotels, 5 Resorts, 2 Homestay, 2 Cottages, 0 Bungalows,  4 MTDC hotels in Tapola such property types are available for booking in Tapola.

Q: Which are the best cheap hotels in Tapola?


Best cheap hotels in Tapola includes - Tapola Eco and Agro Tourism, Manorama Resort . book any resort in Tapola and click here for get all resort list.

Q: How to get the best hotels & resorts for Tapola stay?


You can pick best hotels & resorts on the basis of top reviews given from our guest on hotel detail page, check photos, rates, amenities, hotel & resort location, popular landmarks, you can see some best hotels in Tapola are - Manorama Resort, Tapola Eco and Agro Tourism . click for all Tapola hotel list.

Q: Can you suggest us hotel rooms under Rs. 1500/- for hotels in Tapola?


Available hotels in Tapola offers hotel rooms under Rs.1500/- those are Manorama Resort, Tapola Eco and Agro Tourism. You can book Tapola hotels & resorts as per your budget.

Q: Which hotels have pay directly to hotel facility in Tapola?


All hotels in Tapola that are listed on have pay directly to hotel facility. However, there are some hotels that take a low amount as advance to book hotel for you.