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Khopoli is away from the local prying eyes on the glittering highway between Pune-Mumbai. Khopoli in Maharashtra is mainly famous for its theme parks. Places like the midpoint of Mumbai and Pune, people from these urban centers often visit this place. Families visit the area as Imagica serves as an inexpensive getaway destination. Despite being an industrial city, Khopoli is considered one of the most popular weekend getaways in Mumbai and Pune due to its unexpected natural beauty. Thousands of vacationers visit this place to spend some time in the lap of nature, away from the hustle and bustle of cities. There's a lot to explore here - from lakes to waterfalls, temples to theme parks and more - so it's definitely worth a visit the next time you're planning a day out with loved ones. It is sometimes referred to as the City of Waterfalls as it is home to numerous waterfalls. Nestled at the foothills of the Western Ghats, Khopoli is a hidden beauty in the Raigad district of Maharashtra and is about 70 km from Mumbai. Hence, it makes for a beautiful weekend getaway in close proximity to nature. It is situated at the foothills of the Sahyadri and on the banks of the river Patalganga. The region's beautiful green scenery and Vireshwar temple dedicated to Lord Shiva are also popular attractions here. The Patalganga River is the main body of the Tata hydroelectric project in the region and thus powers the city's industrial circuit.

Nestled at the foothills of the lush Sahyadris, this small town is home to dense forests, amazing theme parks, blooming gardens, mesmerizing waterfalls and ancient temples, making it one of the most popular weekend getaways from nearby cities. Although, recently it has been transformed into an industrial city, it has managed to retain its original charm, beauty and serenity. It is thronged by tourists seeking solitude and quality time amidst abundant nature and natural beauty. Nestled in the serene and scenic surroundings, filled with the buzz and activity of its industrial units, Khopoli is a unique combination of nature and modernisation. This fascinating blend of two different worlds enriches the city with an enchanting culture that is woven with innovation alongside tradition. Mumbai is not far from the metropolis. A beautiful village during the Maratha era, the village was named as 'Campoli' during the British rule. A hydroelectric project built on the river Patalganga started the trend of modernization of the city, a thriving industrial city today. Rural and modern at the same time, Khopoli will surely charm you.

Apart from this, Khopoli is filled with numerous interesting attractions and sites that add the perfect charm to your trip. Whether you are a family visiting Khopoli or friends and couples, there is plenty for everyone to enjoy. One of the most popular places is Imagica - a modern day water and amusement park with many exciting rides, rollercoasters, themed areas and more that can entertain people of all ages. Kune and Zenith Falls and Tungarli Lake are the best options for treks, nature-walks and picnics if you want to seek adventure while spending time in peaceful surroundings. Many ancient temples and structures are also a part of Khopoli's landscape that attract devotees and adrenaline-junkies and photographers respectively.

Nestled at the foothills of the Sahyadri mountain ranges, this place promises many delightful experiences to the tourists. Bhor Ghat region is a special treat for nature lovers. While trekking through the hills you can enjoy breathtaking views from several places like Rajmachi Point and Tiger's Leap. Covered with greenery, especially during monsoons, you can spot some rare species of exotic plants and animals on the hilly trails. The nests of many colorful insects on wild trees are a special delight for photographers. Some of the popular picnic spots here include the picturesque Zenith Falls and Kalote Lake. Khopoli is also known for its rich culture and traditions. Sri Balleshwar Temple and Sri Varad Vinayak temple are important pilgrimage sites dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Known as Ashtavinayaka temples, they are especially popular for the Ganeshotsav festival. This is the best time to visit Khopoli as you get a glimpse of its cultural side with Dindi and Tamasha folk dances. A tour of the many industrial units around the city is an interesting way to explore the urban culture.

Khopoli is located just 80 km from the financial capital of India, Mumbai and is well connected by national highways. The approximate distance from Pune, Mumbai and all major cities of Maharashtra is less than 100 km from Khopoli and the city is very well connected by road network. All these tourist wonders have made this place very popular among tourists for weekend trips. Although an industrial town, Khopoli enjoys many small natural and man-made tourism attractions including magnificent view points, beautiful temple structures, the serene natural beauty of the Western Ghats.

Things to do in Khopoli

Khopoli is a breath of fresh air for tourists, who love to roam the streets whenever they get free time. To escape from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai city, one must take a trip to this small and peaceful city. Although a predominantly industrial region, Khopoli offers a diverse range of tourist attractions to explore. If you are an explorer and always looking for opportunities to discover hidden tourist spots, plan a trip to Khopoli now. It is definitely worth a visit considering the natural surroundings and peaceful aura. The main thing that attracts one's attention is the beautiful view of the Western Ghats. The long winding roads along with the rugged terrain of the lush green ghats are a delight for road lovers.

Although it has been transformed into an industrial city over time, thousands of local and seasonal tourists still visit the city every year. From lakes to forests, parks to theme parks and waterfalls to temples, there are hundreds of attractions in and around Khopoli. It is sometimes referred as the City of Waterfalls as it is home to numerous waterfalls. For tourists who are more interested in visiting temples and devotional places, Khopoli offers you some of the most important temple structures in the region. Ashtavinayaka temples of Sri Ballaleswara at Pali (38 km) and Sri Varad Vinayaka at Madh (7 km) are the most visited temples located in the heart of the city. These two temples are two of the eight Ganesha temples in Maharashtra that are popular for pilgrimage. Every year during the Ganpati festival, thousands of devotees visit these temples and the entire temple structure is decorated with garlands and vermilion.

Adventure lovers must visit Khopoli during monsoons when nature is at its best mode. A trek through the stunning Western Ghat forest to the full-flowing Zenith Falls or Khandala Ghats is an unforgettable experience. Another interesting place to visit is the recently added IMAGICA theme water park on Khopoli – Pali road. A day-long program can be planned with a variety of fun activities awaiting tourists of all ages. This theme park is one of the best parks in all of India. Just 12 km from the main town for tourism in Khopoli is the beautiful Kalote Lake. It is a perfect place for a relaxing family outing and is crowded on weekends. bellow are some popular tourist destinations to see in khopoli.

1. Imagica Theme Park

Imagica is a 130-acre theme park in Khopoli, India. It is owned by Adlabs Entertainment Ltd. Imagica is a first-of-its-kind themed family vacation destination in the country. Its large area includes a theme park, water park, snow park, Bollywood Park (home of the stars), Wonders of the World Illuminated Park (GloMagica) and a 287 room hotel Novotel Magica. The park has an estimated daily capacity of 15,000 visitors. To date, the park has hosted more than 3.5 million visitors. They have three parks theme park, water park and snow park available. The theme park is a short distance from the hill station. The theme park has several adventure rides and an attached water park. Imagica theme park is worth a visit and is one of the best parks in India. The rides aren't the only fun part. The amusement park has several shows at different time slots, which entertain the visitors.

The theme park has some thrilling rides and roller coasters for different age groups and has several thematic shows and a grand parade that will surely leave you in awe. Be sure to visit the Mykonos-themed water park to enjoy unique slides at -5⁰C in 15,000 square feet of snow park in 100% real snow. House of Stars will give you a glimpse of the magical moments of B-town while Illusions will let you explore some amazing, visual illusions.

2. Zenith Waterfall

If you are visiting Khopoli during monsoon then you should include Zenith Waterfall in your visit list. Zenith Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Maharashtra. The falls can be reached by a short trek through narrow paths between pits and troughs. Active from the month of July to September, this season attracts tourists due to its beautiful autumn scenery. It is about 80-90 feet high and falls in bends due to strong wind currents.

Whether you want to visit an amazing waterfall near Mumbai during the monsoons or a weekend road trip not far from the city, Zenith Waterfall at Khopoli is a good place for you. The distance from Khopoli to Zenith falls is 4 km, you can reach it in 10 minutes,Note that there is a parking lot near Zenith falls, but you should be careful while leaving your vehicle. You can reach this fall by private vehicle or a 40 to 50 minute trek from the concrete bridge near Khopoli railway station. The greenery, natural scenery, paddy fields and water springs that you cross on the trekking trail will make this adventure experience more memorable.

3. Kune Waterfall

Flowing down the rocky terrain of the Western Ghats through dense forests and rich vegetation, Kune Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in Maharashtra with a height of about 660 feet. Located around 10 km from Khopoli, it is a perfect place to relax your mind, body and soul. Kune Falls near Khopoli is the highest waterfall in the state of Maharashtra, cascading from a height of 660 feet in the rocky terrains of the Western Ghats. A breathtaking sight for onlookers, this fall is sure to soothe your soul with its serenity and unspoiled beauty. If you are looking for a place where you can relax in the lap of nature, Kune Waterfall is here to fulfill your craving. The lush greenery surrounding the waterfall helps maintain a cool and pleasant atmosphere, allowing tourists to get lost in the serenity. One can witness such an extraordinary expanse blessed with raw nature.

The lush greenery complemented by the cool and pleasant atmosphere makes it one of the best places to visit near Pune and mumbai. don't forget to spare some time to witness this amazing waterfall less than half an hour away. The waterfall is not grand, but its charm lies in its modesty. This waterfall passes through the Western Ghats and falls like a small trickle from the top of the mountain. Kune Fall is surrounded by vast nature that makes up for the lack of grandeur of the falls. The soothing sound of the water and the smell of the soil all enrich and rejuvenate the soul.

4. Rajmachi Fort

A beautiful hill fort that reflects the glorious history of Maharashtra, Rajmachi Fort is an ideal place to enjoy the panoramic beauty of Khopoli and its surroundings. It has become a weekend stop for many trekkers and campers since last decade. However, it is also frequented by numerous history buffs who come to check out the beauty of the fort through its ruined structure. So it would not be wrong to say that this magnificent fort attracts every type of tourist. Rajmachi (Udhewadi) is a small village in the rugged hills of Sahyadri in India. The fortifications at Rajmachi have two forts namely Shrivardhan Fort and Manranjan Fort. Rajmachi Fort is a popular place for trekking. It is a very famous fort located near two famous hills of Maharashtra namely Lonavla and Khandala. From the top of the fort, one has to capture the breathtaking view of the green hills of the Western Ghats. So, don't forget to bring your camera if you want to capture some great nature photos.

This fort is a symbol of Maratha pride and vale. Once a stronghold of the Martha Empire, the area now shows its strength in the legacy left behind. This fort is an architectural marvel and will leave you in awe. The area is visited by trekkers and cyclists. The steep climb makes this place a challenge worth conquering. The beautiful fort at the top makes the effort worthwhile. Rajmachi Fort also offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area. The historical relevance of Rajma Peak goes back to the First Anglo-Maratha War, when porters used to approach the fort.  An adventure trek to Rajmachi Fort in Maharashtra is a great option. Perfect for a long weekend, the Rajmachi Fort trek has a very scenic trail with interesting sights like waterfalls and Buddhist caves. Once you reach the top of this trek, an old fort with a spectacular view awaits you.

5. Tungarli Lake

Another beauty that is truly worth a visit, Tungarli Lake is a scenic spot about 15 km from Khopoli and a paradise for bird-watchers as well as photographers. Just 30 minutes from Khopoli, Tungarli is a lakeside resort - a lovely place to spend quality time with friends or family for a picnic lunch. Due to its location in the midst of dense green cover, the site has a rich avian population and therefore attracts many avid bird watchers, especially during monsoons. Photographers visit this place to capture the breathtaking beauty of the lake in their camera lenses. So if you are looking for picnic spots near Mumbai then this can be a great option. Surrounded by beautiful green forests, Tungarli Lake is a mesmerizing place to spend time with your family and friends and hence, it has developed as a major picnic spot around Khopoli. During monsoons, when the entire lake is filled with rainwater, you cannot deny its unimaginable beauty when the surrounding sky-high mountains and lush green trees are reflected.

6. Lohagad Fort

Lohgad is one of the many hill forts in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Lohgad is 1,033 meters above sea level, near the hill station Lonavala and 52 km northwest of Pune. The fort is connected to the neighboring Visapur fort by a short causeway. The fort was under the Maratha Empire for most of the time, with a short period of 5 years under the Mughal Empire. Lohgad fort is connected to the neighboring Visapur fort by a short ridge to its east. This range divides into the valleys of Indrayani River and Pavana River.

Located about 89 km from Mumbai, it is one of the best-built forts of the Maratha Empire. At a height of 3,450 feet above sea level, Lohgad Fort is a British-era marvel of Indian history. This fort is near Lonavala hill station in Maharashtra state. There are several options to reach Lohgad Fort and the most economical way is to board a train from Mumbai or Pune and alight at Lonavala station. It takes 3 hours from Mumbai and one hour from Pune respectively by train. From Lonavala station to Malvali station can be reached by local shuttle train. Lohgad fort is 8-9 km from Malvali station. It takes 2-3 hours to reach the fort.

7. Shri Varadvinayak Temple

Shree Varadvinayak Temple is one of the Ashtavinayak Temples in Maharashtra and attracts a large number of devotees throughout the year. Each of the eight Ganesha temples in the Ashtavinayaka circuit has a separate idol of the deity, the idol installed here faces east with its trunk turned to the left. It is an autobiography, which was found submerged in a neighboring lake in 1690. Built in 1725 by the Peshwa general Ramji Mahadev Bivalkar, the Sri Varadvinayak temple also houses Mushikas, idols of Navagraha deities and Shivlingas. It is one of the Ashtavinayaka temples of the Hindu deity Lord Ganesha. It is located in Mahad Samal town in Khalapur taluka near Karjat and Khopoli in Raigad district of Maharashtra, India. There are four elephant figures on the sides of the temple and there is an oil lamp which is believed to have been burning continuously since 1892. You can offer obeisance to the deity in the sanctum sanctorum and then proceed to the pool in the premises.

Varadvinayak Mahad Ganpati temple is the seventh Ganesha temple among the Ashtavinayakas to be visited during the Ashtavinayak Darshan Yatra. The idol in the Varadvinayak Mahad Ganapati Temple is a Swayambhu idol and the temple is actually known as a Math. The structure of the temple is very simple with a tiled roof, a 25 feet high dome with a golden pinnacle and a golden kalas. Carving of a serpent the temple is 8 feet long and 8 feet wide.

8. Shri Vireshwar Mahadev Temple

Sri Vireshwar Mahadev Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and was built by Nana Fadnavis, a powerful politician of the Maratha Empire. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this 18th century temple is visited by a large number of Hindu devotees, especially during Shivaratri. There is also a beautiful pond in front of the temple which is filled with water throughout the year. Hence, it is one of the few places where you can choose to retire in peace and quiet. Lazing by the lake and gazing at its sparkling water will surely soothe your soul.

There is an ancient Shiva temple at a distance of 15 minutes from Khopoli railway station. The temple will come up in the year 1758. The special feature of the temple is the carved Nandi of Mahadev, beautifully and gracefully carved Nandi. The beautiful lake in front of the temple makes it a perfect place to retire in peace and serenity. Once you say your prayers at the temple, you can laze by the pool or indulge in exploring the temple's fascinating history.

Best time to visit Khopoli

The best time to visit Khopoli would be when you can fully soak in the experience. Along with the best activities in this particular time in Khopoli, the weather of Khopoli is also favorable. If you are wondering when to visit Khopoli, Khopoli at the right time where you can have a memorable experience without worrying about minor issues. The best time to visit Khopoli in India is January and October to December. During this period the temperature is warm and the rainfall is less. The highest average temperature in Khopoli is 37 degrees Celsius in April and the lowest is 26 degrees Celsius in July.

In Khopoli, the wet season is oppressive and cloudy, the dry season is mostly clear and hot throughout the year. During the year, temperatures typically range from 60°F to 98°F and rarely fall below 53°F or above 104°F. Based on the beach/pool score, the best time of year to visit Khopoli for warm-weather activities is from late February to late April.

Khopoli Accommodation

The accommodation in Khopoli is nestled in the lush green hills of the ghats, giving tourists a unique natural experience. Depending on your travel preferences and your budget, you can choose from a range of great accommodation options that will make your holiday experience unforgettable. The most attractive part of these resorts and hotels in Khopoli is their proximity to nature. Almost all accommodations offer panoramic views of the mountains, as well as rainforests, lakes, and waterfalls that you can see directly from your room's balcony. When you are looking for a place to stay in Khopoli, you can choose from the many options available at

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How to Reach Khopoli

Nestled in the serene and scenic surroundings, filled with the buzz and activity of its industrial units, Khopoli is a unique combination of nature and modernisation. This fascinating blend of two different worlds enriches the city with an enchanting culture that is woven with innovation alongside tradition. A tour of the many industrial units around the city is an interesting way to explore the urban culture. Being a major industrial hub, Khopoli benefits from convenient public transport services. Local buses connect major parts of Khopoli and also ply on important routes in the city. Auto rickshaws can be hired to go to various places in the city. Tourists can also hire a private car or taxi for sightseeing from one of the car hire companies in Khopoli. Take care of your belongings while visiting religious places as there are chances of damage and theft due to large crowds. Carry comfortable and sturdy footwear while trekking in rainy season. Be careful not to fall while walking on slippery surfaces.

Reach khopoli by Road

Khopoli is close to the major cities of Maharashtra namely Mumbai and Pune and you can easily reach Khopoli from other cities of Maharashtra. State transport buses and private vehicles are available which can take you to Khopoli. Khopoli is 70 km from Mumbai and 86 km from Pune. You can reach Khopoli by bus or cab or you can reach by your own vehicle.

Let's see the distances between Khopoli and some of major cities in maharashtra:

  • Mumbai to Khopoli – 69 km
  • Pune to Khopoli – 86 km
  • Satara to Khopoli – 188 km
  • Nashik to Khopoli – 190 km
  • Kolhapur to Khopoli – 309 km
  • Sangli to Khopoli – 309 km
Reach Khopoli by Train

There are no regular trains to Khopoli from other major cities of the country. The nearest railway station is at Khandala which is 3 km away. Several trains run between Mumbai and Khopoli and cover a distance of about 113 km. Also many trains from Pune to Mumbai pass through Khopoli through in which you can reach Khopoli. Trains from other parts of the country are connected with Mumbai and Pune so any traveler from the country can easily reach Khopoli.

Reach khopoli by Air

Khopoli is not connected to other major cities of the country by regular air services. The nearest airport is in Mumbai at a distance of 69 km. Mumbai Airport is well connected to all major cities and towns, giving people a choice of flights to Mumbai. People can hire a taxi from the airport to reach smoothly or a another route is from Pune airport which is 85 km to Khopoli. From Pune you can easily reach Khopoli by taxi or bus.

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FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Khopoli

Q: What are the popular attractions near hotels and resorts in Khopoli?


Khopoli is known for its proximity to attractions like Imagica Theme Park, Imagica Water Park, and Khandala Ghat. Guests can enjoy convenient access to these popular destinations when staying at hotels and resorts in Khopoli.

Q: Are there family-friendly accommodations in Khopoli?


Yes, there are several family-friendly hotels and resorts in Khopoli. Many of them offer amenities such as spacious family rooms, kid-friendly activities, and proximity to family-oriented attractions like Imagica Theme Park, making them suitable for a memorable family vacation.

Q: What dining options are available near hotels and resorts in Khopoli?


Khopoli boasts a variety of dining options, from local eateries serving authentic Maharashtrian cuisine to international restaurants. Guests staying at hotels and resorts in Khopoli can explore nearby dining establishments for a diverse culinary experience.

Q: What recreational activities are offered by hotels and resorts in Khopoli?


Hotels and resorts in Khopoli often provide a range of recreational activities for guests. These may include swimming pools, sports facilities, spa services, and organized tours to nearby attractions. Guests can inquire about these offerings to enhance their stay.

Q: How far is Khopoli from Mumbai, and what transportation options are available?


Khopoli is approximately 80 kilometers away from Mumbai. Travelers can reach Khopoli by car, bus, or train. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway provides a convenient road connection, while the Khopoli railway station is well-connected for those opting to travel by train. Buses also ply regularly between Mumbai and Khopoli.