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Akshi beach have beautiful yellow sand which is very comfortable to walk on beach and sea a sunset on beach. you can enjoy water activity on akshi beach like Bumber ride, Parasailing, boat ride, speed boat and many more activity available on akshi beach. Akshi, Alibaug is located between famous Alibag and Nagaon Beach which is popularly known as Akshi Beach. The beach is secluded from well-known tourist destinations and gives you peace of mind. Due to its horizontal edge, it has become a unique place for boating, sunbathing and swimming. A beach is full of palms and coconuts trees, calm waves, various species of birds like seagulls, dunlins, terns, bar-tailed godwits and even more picturesque beaches compel a visit to this beach. Popular among migratory birds, Akshi Beach is often crowded with bird watchers and nature lovers. The beach is 6KM away from Alibag, so it is not very crowded. But since it is a fishing village, you can see colorful boats here. Redi turnstones, plovers, oystercatchers are some of the birds that are often seen here. The sea water on Akshi Beach is like crystal clear water and it is considered as ideal water for swimming. Akshi Beach near alibag is literally the most suitable for women and children as the water is stagnant over long distances.

Akshi beach is famous among tourists for its white sand, there are many cypress trees scattered on the beach. They make the beach more attractive. Visiting to Akshi Beach can also be combined with other tourist attractions near alibaug city. With its captivating cuisine and opportunities to explore the surroundings, nature view of konkan. Akshi Beach is one of the most notable beaches near Alibaug. Famous for its rejuvenating atmosphere and fun atmosphere, the beach is visited by many tourists throughout the year. A great place for ocean lovers, Akshi Beach is also considered a fishing beach so it is not as crowded or commercial as some of the other beaches in the region. Alibag is all set to deliver an authentic and unique experience during your trip! There are many ideal places to visit in and around this amazing place, the major local landmarks and the friendly traditional and luxury restaurants are just some of the great examples. Take a tour of Alibag and its surrounding attractions to enjoy an unforgettable holiday. A visit to Akshi Beach will give you an insight into the different cultures and traditions of Alibag. If you are planning a vacation in Alibag, you should visit Akshi Beach. Akshi beach is popular tourist spot for Mumbai and Pune tourist many tourist visit from Pune and Mumbai every weekend. there are lots of tourist attraction and sight seen in and around Akshi those are Kolaba Fort, Alibaug Beach, Versoli Beach, Korlai Fort etc.

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Many migratory birds come to Akshi Beach, which is why the area is crowded with bird watchers. Redi turnstones, plovers, oystercatchers and more are the major birds that are frequently found here. If you travel from outside Mumbai, you can reach here by ferry or personal transport. From anywhere in Alibag, one can take a seven seater or a rickshaw, which can be a little expensive but worth all the effort. Akshi Beach has always impressed people with its cleanliness and atmosphere. It has wide connectivity of roadways and regular service of local buses and taxis which enables smooth travel of locals and tourists.

Akshi Beach can be visited at any time of the year. People visit it because of its cleanliness. Another reason to visit it in large numbers is the presence of various birds. Bird watchers and photographers leave no stone unturned to capture footage of colorful birds. Thus, every season of the year is perfect for visiting Akshi Beach. However, November to July is generally considered the best time to visit Akshi. In the rainy season you get a great opportunity to see the natural beauty of the beach and its surroundings.

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Akshi beach have many stay options for tourist there you can get Hotels, Resorts, Homestay, Cottages as per your preferences like location, budget, stay type. provides you a list of Hotels, Resorts, Cottages, Homestay. you can book Akshi Hotels, Resorts in Akshi, Akshi cottages, Homestay in akshi at budget price.

If you are looking for a hotel, resort, homestay or plan to travel near Akshi Beach near Alibaug, for your comfortable stay, you need to find the best hotel rooms that suit your needs. You can find best and cheapest deals for hotels in Akshi Beach near Alibag and book them conveniently.  shows pictures of hotel rooms for you and lists of prices for each type of accommodation in Akshi. You can find 12 akshi hotels list so it is easy to find best hotels in akshi for your memorable trip in alibuag. Book hotels in Akshi and get attractive discount upto 30% on your every booking. You need to book and conform your booking details with us to get disocunt coupon which is avail at hotel. Akshi hotels provides free breakfast, modern amenities, Ac, Non Ac deluxe rooms at budget rate.

Budget Hotels in Akshi from Rs 500/- to Rs 1500/-

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Top Hotels in Akshi from Rs 2500/- to Rs 5000/-

FAQs - Things to Know before Booking Hotel in Akshi

Q: Which are the popular hotel near Akshi beach ?


Most popular Hotel near Akshi beach are Bhagyabhushan cottage and Samudra Darshan.

Q: What is price range starts for Akshi hotels booking ?


Booking price starts for cheap hotels in akshi for Rs. 700/- and luxury hotels in Akshi for Rs.1800/- .

Q: Which are budget hotels in akshi ?


Budget hotels in Akshi are - Bhagyabhushan cottage, Sai Krupa Cottage, Laxmi Narayan Cottage, Om Cottage etc.

Q: What are the best beach hotels in Akshi ?


Best beach hotels in Akshi are - Bhagyabhushan cottage, Laxmi Narayan Cottage, Sai Krupa Cottage, Om Cottage, Samudra Darshan etc.

Q: What are the popular places to book hotels in Akshi ?


Alibaug beach, Varsoli beach, kashid beach are popular best hotels in Akshi.

Q: What are the cheap family hotels in Akshi?


Laxmi Narayan Cottage, Sai Krupa Cottage, Samudra Darshan, Isha Farm, Bhagyabhushan cottage are cheap family hotels in Akshi.

Q: What type of properties are available for booking in Akshi?


Akshi has Hotels, Homestay, Resorts, Cottages, Bungalows, Lodges and Akshi MTDC hotels such property types are available.

Q: Which are the best places to visit near Akshi?


Kolaba Fort, Alibaug Beach, Versoli Beach, Korlai Fort, Revdanda Beach Fort, Awas Beach, Kihim Beach are best places to visit near Akshi.

Q: Which are best beaches near Akshi?


Alibaug Beach, Versoli Beach, Awas Beach, Kihim Beach, Kashid beach are most popular beach near Akshi. Get hotels near Akshi.

Q: How many Hotels & Resorts are available for booking Near Akshi Beach, Alibaug at


Total 35 popular hotels & reorts are available near Near Akshi Beach,Alibaug.Out of which 5 hotels are luxury hotels, 30 properties are budget resorts & hotels in Alibaug near Akshi.

Q: Where to stay near Akshi beach, Alibaug ?


HotelsInKonkan offers top 35 hotels for stay near akshi beach, alibaug. You can find best discount offers on hotels in Akshi near Alibaug.

Q: What are the popular Luxury hotels Near Akshi Beach Alibaug ?


The best Luxury Hotels Near Akshi Beach, Alibaug are Samudra Darshan, Isha Farm, Mountain Base ResortHotel Samudra City .