Top 10 best tourist places to visit in Malvan, konkan - maharashtra

Malvan Tourist Places

Top 10 best tourist places to visit in Malvan, konkan - maharashtra

Malvan is a historic small town situated in the Konkan region between the Western Ghats to the east & the Arabian Sea to the west. The city has some of the most amazing beaches in western India, formerly impregnable island forts, temples and wildlife sanctuaries which make one of the most exciting places to visit in Malvan. Malvan has some unique places like Tsunami Island and Malvan Marine Wildlife Sanctuary that you will love. Everything about Malvan, be it beaches or dense forests, is beyond the hustle and bustle of urban areas and gives you a relaxing holiday experience. 

The historical significance of Malvan invites tourists throughout the year, which makes the place famous for its religious ethnicity as well as for its fun activities. Despite being full of hotels and resorts, it is difficult to find the right accommodation if you have not booked in advance during the peak season. With the best things to do in Malvan, people don't want to miss out on the fun activities and unique tourist attractions that this place has to offer. A small town spread out on a white sand beach stretching from Achara Beach in Malvan-North to Devbagh Beach in the south. Malvan has some scenic beaches, quiet backwaters, old forts and beautiful temples that can be seen in an instant weekend from Pune and Mumbai.

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Best 10 Awaysome tourist places to visit in Malvan

1. Sindhudurg Fort

Located on the coast of Maharashtra, Sindhudurg Fort is an ancient fort situated on an island in the Arabian Sea. This majestic building is spread over an area of ​​48 acres, its majestic walls standing tall against the crashing waves of the sea. The main entrance of the fort is hidden in such a way that no one can recognize it from outside.Sindhudurg fort is a symbolic example of the vision and resources of the Marathas. This mighty fort is not only a historically significant attraction but also a popular tourist destination due to the surrounding natural beauty. Spread to the right in the middle of the mighty Arabian Sea, the fort offers breathtaking views. Its rich historical background adds to the experience of the place.

Spread over an island in the Arabian Sea, Sindhudurg Fort is a living example of Maratha architecture in Malvan. Malvan has become one of the most popular tourist destinations not only because of its high walls and huge structures but also because of its incomparable view of the sea. Sindhudurg Fort is an important tourist destination in Malvan. The fort is a masterpiece of ancient naval strategy. In 1664, Sindhudurg fort was built on the orders of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj to repel the invasion of Dutch, Portuguese and British.The island, known as Khurte Island, was built with great defenses against enemy attacks, along with a huge coastal fort, majestic walls, hidden entrances and long ramparts. The fort has 42 bastions which are surrounded by small Padmagad, Sarjekot and Rajkot forts.

Built by Chhatrapati Shivaji, Sindhudurg fort uses the natural protection of the surrounding rocks to his advantage. With its fortified walls and attractive entrances, the fort is a fascinating specimen of history making it a favorite tourist destination in malvan. One of the reasons why this magnificent fort has stood the test of time is probably its unique and incomparable architectural style. The foundation of the mighty building was laid at the front and the protection provided by the surrounding rocks acted as an impenetrable barrier against any enemy forces.

Distance and required time to reach Sindhudurg Fort

From Pune - 390 km and more than 8.3 hr required to reach Sindhudurg Fort.

From Mumbai -530 km and more than 10 hr required to reach Sindhudurg Fort.

From Kolhapur- 161 km and more than 4 hr required to reach Sindhudurg Fort.


2. Devbagh Beach

The white sand and serenity on Devbagh Beach paints a beautiful picture. Known as one of the best places to visit in Malvan, Devbagh beach is ideal for relaxing, sunbathing, swimming and watching seagulls and other aquatic birds. Malvan is an important destination for tourism. Devbagh Beach is one of the best beaches in Malvan, with its many varieties of golden white sand and blue water, where you can spend a beautiful day soaking in the warm sun, watching dolphins or waterfowl or participating in peaceful sports. Build beach volleyball or sand castles. Devbagh beach is at a distance of 12 km from Malvan.

Devbagh Beach is one of the commercial beaches in Malvan. Along with the long stretches of the Golden Beach, the attraction is famous for water sports including kayaking, jet skiing, bumper and banana rides. The beach is also famous for the sea eagles that grow in the area and the dolphin boats for mammals in the deep blue sea.

Distance and required time to reach Devbagh Beach

From Pune - 395 km and more than 8.4 hr required to reach Devbagh Beach.

From Mumbai -534 km and more than 10 hr required to reach Devbagh Beach.

From Kolhapur- 162 km and more than 4 hr required to reach Devbagh Beach.


3. Malvan Scuba Diving

Malvan is a picturesque city in Maharashtra with beautiful beaches which is famous for its various adventure activities and water sports. This pristine and offbeat destination allows you to soothe your eyes with the scenic landscape of the wide expanse of beaches and at the same time explore the underwater aquatic life.Go for scuba diving with adventure sports like parasailing, speedboat, jetski etc. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can enjoy these watersports alone or with your family. scuba diving can be done in Malvan Maharashtra. Due to the relatively clean water, it is the perfect place for scuba diving.

Scuba diving is really fun and the sport always gets high ratings. As exciting and thrilling as it is for experts, it is equally safe for non-swimmers and beginners. Anyone can do scuba diving, all you need is scuba diving training from experienced divers who will help you get out of the water, allowing you to enjoy and explore the amazing flora and fauna.

Distance and required time to reach Malvan Scuba Diving

From Pune - 390 km and more than 8.2 hr required to reach Malvan Scuba Diving.

From Mumbai -533 km and more than 10 hr required to reach Malvan Scuba Diving.

From Kolhapur- 161 km and more than 4 hr required to reach Malvan Scuba Diving.


4. Malvan Beach

Malvan Beach is situated on the Konkan coast, this sparkling white-sand beach attracts nature lovers and photographers, while the charm and serenity of the beach enchants honeymoon couples. Malvan Beach is a famous tourist destination in Maharashtra. One of the most enjoyable Malvan tourist destinations, the beach is packed with seafood shacks, bars and pubs. A lot of tourists visit Malvan Beach on weekends. The Golden Beach offers tranquil surroundings with hills covered with palm, coconut, cashew and mango trees around the long stretch of coastline. The beach has witnessed many historical events, including 19th century invasions, and is considered a landmark of historical significance.

Malvan beach is clean, less crowded and spacious. A wide range of water sports activities are available here. The sea is calm and there are lots of places to visit. This is a unique tourist destination to visit Malvan with friends and family. You can reach the beach by bus or car from Kudal Railway Station, Dabolim Airport of Goa. If you visit Malvan, don't miss the exotic seafood and local malvani food.

Distance and required time to reach Malvan Beach

From Pune - 389 km and more than 8.2 hr required to reach Malvan Beach.

From Mumbai -532 km and more than 10 hr required to reach Malvan Beach.

From Kolhapur- 160 km and more than 4 hr required to reach Malvan Beach.


5. Achara Beach

Situated on the shores of a fishing village by the sea, Acharya Beach is one of the best places for couples in Malvan. It offers amazing views and the ultimate fun of water sports. Ideal for dolphin spotting, the beach has a lighthouse and a vintage library for book lovers. Most people don't know that Acharya Beach so it is less crowded. this beach is a beautiful beach in maharashtra.

Achara Beach is a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the region. The attraction is known for its scenic beauty, with hills on one side and lighthouses to guide sailors, long stretches of smooth golden sand and clear waters of the Arabian Sea. This beach is also famous for water sports and is one of the few beaches in India where you can see some friendly dolphins.

Distance and required time to reach Achara Beach

From Pune - 379 km and more than 8 hr required to reach Achara Beach.

From Mumbai -521 km and more than 10 hr required to reach Achara Beach.

From Kolhapur- 149 km and more than 3.7 hr required to reach Achara Beach.


6. Rock Garden

This is a beautiful manicure rock garden near Chivala beach. Located by the sea next to Arase Palace, from here one can enjoy photogenic sunsets and even click great photos. The sight of the waves crashing on the huge rocks completely calms the mind and body. Adjacent to Chivala Beach, the Rock Garden offers tourists a fairy-tale view of the rising sun. Best time to visit in the morning or evening as you can relax in the tranquility of this place. Unlike other gardens, this garden is unique in its nature as it has not sand but huge rocks and lush green carpet. 

It is a pleasant experience to watch the waves crashing on the rocks near the shore. It is famous for its beautiful sunset views near malvan. Here you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, well-maintained surroundings and a group of warm locals. The beautiful Virgin Beach adorned with rocks creates a unique atmosphere when visited at sunset.

A beach garden is something you want when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. And this is what the Rock Garden in Malvan is bringing to you. Located just behind the market in Malvan, the well-maintained Rock Garden is a place where you can enjoy a walk through the garden and see the sounds and views of the ocean waves rolling on the rocks. The silence in the midst of chaos aptly describes the place. There is also a small toy train that can add fun for the kids coming to the garden.

Distance and required time to reach Rock Garden

From Pune - 390 km and more than 8.2 hr required to reach Rock Garden.

From Mumbai -533 km and more than 10.5 hr required to reach Rock Garden.

From Kolhapur- 160 km and more than 4 hr required to reach Rock Garden.


7. Rameshwar Temple, Malvan

Malvan is the most magnificent temple of Lord Shiva. Proud of its long corridors, designed pillars, artefacts and idols, the temple is made up of two Shivlings. According to mythology. The outer surface of the temple is covered with very delicate and intricate carvings, which has definitely added another dimension to the experience of this temple. The fine example of fine engineering, symmetry and temple design is magnificent. The Rameshwar temple is dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva and there are two different Shivlings in the temple premises. One of these Shivalingas is believed to have been built by Goddess Sita herself, while the other is believed to have been brought by Lord Hanuman from Mount Kailash.

These temples measure 400 feet each to the east and 640 feet to the north and south. The interior of the temple is delicately decorated with pillars and artefacts, and the echoes of the priests' eulogies create an atmosphere of another world. Visit this temple to rediscover your spiritual existence. 

Distance and required time to reach Rameshwar Temple

From Pune - 380 km and more than 8.1 hr required to reach Rameshwar Temple.

From Mumbai -523 km and more than 10.3 hr required to reach Rameshwar Temple.

From Kolhapur- 151 km and more than 4 hr required to reach Rameshwar Temple.


8. Tsunami Island, Malvan

Tsunami Island is an adventure center in Malvan - a paradise for adventure enthusiasts and water babies and is famous for a variety of water sports including jet skiing, banana boats, kayaking and bumper boats. The sand found on the island is said to be magnetic and has the potential to cure arthritis when massaged on the affected parts of the body. Named after the tsunami, the island is home to recreational water sports. From scuba diving, parasailing, kayaking to banana boat rides, bumper rides and jet skiing, Tsunami Island offers a lot to adventure enthusiasts. Moreover, sunset views from this glittering white sand island are dying.

It is one of the tourist attractions in malvan, as various adventure sports like scuba diving, paragliding, parasailing, banana boat ride and bumper ride can be done here. The island bears a striking resemblance to the atmosphere of Goa. There are many huts on the beach where you can get some good beer and snacks to have a good time. The local administration here strives to rid the beach of dirt and plastics.

Distance and required time to reach Tsunami Island

From Pune - 410 km and more than 8 hr required to reach Tsunami Island.

From Mumbai -560 km and more than 11 hr required to reach Tsunami Island.

From Kolhapur- 167 km and more than 4.2 hr required to reach Tsunami Island.


9. Talashil Tondavali Beach

Tundishil Tondavali Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Maharashtra, India, which is still unused. The long expanse of golden sand covered with coconut trees and the light glowing waves make it a perfect beach for those who want to avoid commercial tourist destinations and those looking for a quiet escape.Talashil Beach is a remote road located in Malvan, the best feature of which is solitude. Apart from this why you should consider this beach as the best place to visit in Malvan as it has warm sand, abundant marine life and mild waves. Easily accessible by boat. So, if you are looking for a real beach vacation, visit Tundishil Tondavali Beach which is popular beach destination in malvan.

Tondwali village in Malvan is situated between Kalaval creek in the east and Arabian sea in the west. Tondwali is 22 km from Malvan and 45 km from Kankavali. The lower mouth is the lower wadi. Tondavali has a clean virgin beach and from the bottom you can walk to Achara by the sea which is 9 km. It is a unique experience. Due to its proximity to Kalaval Bay, Tondwali has many water sports options such as boating, water-scooter, banana-ride etc. Here you can go dolphin-watching without going far into the sea.

The main occupation of the villagers of Tondwali is fishing and a variety of local fish (Bangada, Surmai, Paplet, Columbi, Tarli) can be tested here. Beyond the Kalaval bridge in Revadi village, the famous Bhadrakali temple is known as the village of the late Machhindra Kambli (a big name in Marathi drama) and you can visit this temple by boat from Talashil. The port of Surjekot is being developed to the south of Tondwali, while a world-class 'Sea-World' project to the north is expected to take shape in the near future.

Distance and required time to reach Talashil Tondavali Beach

From Pune - 388 km and more than 8.2 hr required to reach Talashil Tondavali Beach.

From Mumbai -530 km and more than 11 hr required to reach Talashil Tondavali Beach.

From Kolhapur- 158 km and more than 4 hr required to reach Talashil Tondavali Beach.


10. Chivla Beach

If you are looking for cool places to visit in Malvan then you must visit Chivla Beach. The beach with its blue water and palm trees is one of the perfect places to relax and unwind. After seeing all the sights in Malvan, you can sleep on the white sand of this beach and soak in the summer heat, which is one of the best things in Malvan. 

Chivala Beach is a wonderful site that offers a lot more than beautiful scenery. It also promises to entice tourists with the adventure activities organized here. Being clean, ancient and peaceful, nature lovers and couples can be seen crowding the place. Also, it is surrounded by tourists for nocturnal walks on full moon nights. The view of the moon rising out of the wild sea looks amazing. Visit the food joints near the beach to use some delicious seafood. The sheer beauty of the beach is indescribable. Visit the beach first to experience how enjoyable it can be. It is a beautiful piece of clear sand and clear water on the border of Malvan city in the northwest. This small ‘C’ shaped beach is quiet and serene. It is a wonderful experience to relax and watch the sunset around the beach in the evening.

Distance and required time to reach Chivla Beach

From Pune - 390 km and more than 8.3 hr required to reach Chivla Beach.

From Mumbai -532 km and more than 11.2 hr required to reach Chivla Beach.

From Kolhapur- 160 km and more than 4.1 hr required to reach Chivla Beach.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q: What makes Malvan a unique tourist destination, and what are the key attractions that visitors should explore?
A: Malvan stands out as a historic town nestled between the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea, offering a blend of amazing beaches, island forts, temples, and wildlife sanctuaries. The blog highlights Tsunami Island and Malvan Marine Wildlife Sanctuary. Travelers may inquire about the distinctive features that make Malvan a must-visit place and the key attractions to explore.

Q: Tell us more about the historical significance of Sindhudurg Fort and its architectural marvel. What are the main activities or experiences one can enjoy at the fort?
A: Sindhudurg Fort, situated on an island in the Arabian Sea, is known for its historical importance and Maratha architecture. Visitors may be curious about the history behind the fort's construction and the unique features that make it a popular tourist destination. Information on activities and experiences at the fort can enhance the visitor's understanding.

Q: What water sports and recreational activities are available at Devbagh Beach, and how can visitors make the most of their time there?
A: Devbagh Beach is highlighted for its white sand and serenity, along with water sports like kayaking, jet skiing, and bumper and banana rides. Potential tourists might want to know more about the water activities available, ensuring they can plan and make the most of their visit to Devbagh Beach.

Q: Can you provide details on scuba diving in Malvan, including safety measures, training options, and the underwater experience?
A: The blog mentions Malvan as a destination for scuba diving, a popular adventure activity. Travelers interested in scuba diving might have questions regarding safety measures, training availability for beginners, and the unique underwater experiences they can expect. Offering such information can help potential divers plan their adventure.

Q: What are the best times to visit Malvan Beach, and what are the notable features and attractions that visitors should explore during their stay?
A: Malvan Beach is portrayed as a scenic destination with historical significance. Potential tourists may inquire about the best times to visit, as well as notable features and attractions along the coastline. Providing details on activities, nearby points of interest, and the overall experience at Malvan Beach can assist travelers in planning their visit.

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