Tarkarli Beach

tarkarli beach

Tarkarli Beach

Tarkarli beach is the best white sand beach along the entire plateau of Konkan coast. Although near to Goa, Tarkarli is still one of the most popular beaches in South Konkan. The Karli Backwater is one of the most beautiful places on the one side and on the other side of the Turquoise Blue Sea, Tarkarli are the most popular beaches in Maharashtra. A major beach destination on the map of Maharashtra Tourism Department Tarkarli Beach Tourism is popular among the tourists in Maharashtra and the entire country as well as foreign tourists.

Tarkarli is promoted by MTDC is in place. Tarkarli located in sindhudurg district. Goa is one of the southern most beaches of Maharashtra. Some parts of the sea coast in Malvan, Tarkarli is a small stretch on the beach, it is the Devbaug beach and Sindhudurg beach is on the north. The 8km long and narrow window on the beach has made me popular with crystal clear water so that you can clearly see in the 20-foot room of the sea bed. Through background trees in the background, I open an interesting approach to my guests with beautiful fifteen rivers, different colors and sized sailboats, small hinges on the banks of the river - Tarkari is the idea that you can imagine.

Tarkerli is a very fast growing tourist destination and it has become preferred destination after goa from the last few years. while Tarkari is blessed with beautiful and clear white sand beaches, cool backwater, peace and green nature and other attractive places like traditional markets, temples, forts. Villages nearby and the city. The centerpiece of features like snorkelling, dolphin and scuba diving has become popular.

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