Vasota fort

Vasota Fort

The fort of Vasota is located in the Satara district of Maharashtra state. Vasota fort is one of the many fortresses of many travelers. This fort is a unique fortress in Jawali forest. Sahyadris main line extends south-east. The quadrangle of this row is on the horizon of Dategad. This range goes from Mahabaleshwar to Dategad. The Koyna river flows through these two rows. Dam is constructed at Helvak on the river Koyna which flows through this Jawali valley. This lake is called Shivsagar. The water of Shivsagara touches the base of Vasota. The water of Shivsagara is spread to the Tapola. Sahyadris main range and Shivsagars water are densely forested in this region. Due to the dense forest on the east and the uncontrollable downstream of Konkan in the west, Vasotas immensity has increased greatly.

There is a legend that there was a disciple of Vasishtha Rishi in the hill on which Vasota was, so he named it his guru for this mountain.The idea is that Vasishtha should have been Vasota. Shilahar kalin kings built this fort on this hill. It is mentioned that the fort was constructed by another king Bhoj. The name of Vasota was named Vaigastad by chatrapati shivai Maharaja. There is also a note in Peshwa regarding the inaccessibility of this fort during Shivaji Maharaj this fort was used as a jail. The reason for this is the forested and dense forest. Previously there were tigers, leopards, and animals. These animals are still there. When Shivaji Maharaj won the Jawali, he took many forts around, but Vasota did not take it a little away. Later Shivaji Maharaj was stuck on Panhalgad, sending his infantry under the command of Maval, he took Vasota Fort on 6 June 1660.

After death of Afzalkhan sardar of shivaji maharaj whos name daroji attack on Rajapur and asked to british proples for Afzalkhans ship address. They did not say, therefore, the British officer Griffard arrested and kept him on Vasota. Among the prisoners captured in 1661, Rwington, Foren and Samuel were imprisoned on Vasot. Later, in 1679, at the fort of Vasota we found 26,000 rupees. In 1706, Tai Telini took the fort in its hands. In the following year Peshwa Senapati Bapu Gokhale fought with Tai Telini. After the eighth month of heavy war, Tai Tilini was defeated and in 1730, the fort of Vasota fell into the hands of Bapu Gokhale.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q: Where is Vasota Fort located?
A: Vasota Fort is situated in the Satara district of Maharashtra, India. It is part of the Sahyadri mountain range, specifically in the Jawali forest.

Q: What makes Vasota Fort unique?
A: Vasota Fort stands out due to its location in the Jawali forest, with the Sahyadris main range extending to the south-east. The fort overlooks Dategad and is surrounded by the dense forests of the region.

Q: What is Shivsagar, and how does it relate to Vasota Fort?
A: Shivsagar is a lake formed by the Koyna River, and its waters touch the base of Vasota Fort. The lake extends to Tapola, creating a picturesque landscape. The dense forests around the Sahyadris main range and Shivsagar contribute to the immensity of Vasota.

Q: What is the history behind Vasota Fort?
A: The fort has a historical significance dating back to the Shilahar and Bhoj dynasties. Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaja named it Vaigastad. During the rule of Shivaji Maharaj, Vasota served as a jail due to its inaccessibility. The fort was captured in 1660 after a determined effort by Shivaji Maharaj.

Q: Why was Vasota Fort used as a jail during Shivaji Maharaj's time?
A: The fort's dense forests and difficult terrain made it a secure location for holding prisoners. Even after Shivaji Maharaj's victory in the Jawali region, Vasota remained unconquered until 1660.

Q: Who were some notable prisoners held at Vasota Fort?
A: Afzalkhan's sardar, Daroji, and British officers Griffard, Rwington, Foren, and Samuel were among the prisoners held at Vasota at different times.

Q: What adventure activities are available around Vasota Fort?
A: Some resorts and camping organizers arrange activities such as Vasota Fort trekking, boating in Shivsagar lake, water sports in Koyna Dam backwater, and camping.

Q: Can visitors engage in water activities around Vasota Fort?
A: Yes, visitors can participate in boating on Shivsagar lake and enjoy water sports in the Koyna Dam backwaters, enhancing their overall experience of the region.

Q: Are there any wildlife encounters during the Vasota Fort trek?
A: The region is known for its diverse wildlife, including tigers, leopards, and other animals. While trekking, visitors might come across the natural beauty and wildlife of the Jawali forest.

Q: How can one reach Vasota Fort?
A: The trek to Vasota Fort usually starts from Bamnoli village. Visitors can reach Bamnoli by road from Satara and then proceed to Vasota through a trek or boat ride, depending on the route chosen.

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