Top 10 best places to visit in Alibaug - Konkan Maharashtra

Alibaug tourist places

Top 10 best places to visit in Alibaug - Konkan Maharashtra

Alibag is a beautiful place with clean beaches, lush forests, historic forts, temples and even farmland. Alibag is a great place for offbeat and relaxing holidays for every traveler. But that's not all. In addition to the inner city, there are many places nearby that would make a great site for a short trip from the city. There are many places to visit near Alibag where you can visit for an adventurous and rich experience, the best of which are listed below.

 Alibaug offers a refreshing escape from daily & city life. Adequate accommodation including long distance beaches, Resorts and hotels in Alibaug will be a welcome respite from the city activities. The view of the Arabian Sea adds to its beauty & serenity. In fact, a weekend trip to Alibag is recommended. When visiting the port city, Alibaug has a few sights to consider. we have listed bellow top 10 best places to visit in alibaug.

10 Awaysome tourist places to visit near Alibaug


1. Alibaug Beach

Alibag Beach is a beautiful part of the sandy sea in ​​Maharashtra. Alibag is a black-sand beach that offers a panoramic view of Colaba Fort from the shores. The amber sand is beneath its rugged black surface, and the lazy rocks that surround the entire landscape make its unique view more pronounced. Remains of the fort can be clearly seen from Alibag beach which can be easily reached by low tide and by small boat at high tide. The beach is famous for its beautiful views of sunrise and sunset. This is a great place to spend a leisurely stroll on the Arabian Sea and sunrise, sunset and pictures of Colaba Fort, which will surprise you when you visit to Alibaug.

If you like to explore the beaches and are planning a trip, Alibag Beach is one of the best tourist destinations in Maharashtra. The best thing about this beach is that you can enjoy Colaba fort boat ride. Take a small boat ride on the popular fort which offers a magnificent view. The best thing about this beach is the fresh air and cool sandy beach. Enjoy a coconut drink or Vada Pava which is a specialty of Alibag. You can also find a beach resort where you will find a variety of vegetarian dishes with traditional kokani recepies.

Alibag Beach is famous not only for its scenic beauty but also for its rich history and many adventure sports activities. You can take a boat ride through the beach waters of colaba Fort in all its splendor. An integral symbol of what the Maratha Empire stood for, this historic monument is still strong on the coast. The coastline runs 4 km along with the shores of the Arabian Sea and is also inhabited by some fishing villages, where you can experience the lifestyle and culture of the kokani locals. While here, you can also visit the nearly 400 year old Ganapati Temple. Visit Alibag Beach to experience its unique shades ranging from renowned history to thrilling activities.

Distance and required time to reach Alibaug Beach

From Pune - 145 km and 3 to 4 hr required to reach Alibaug Beach.

From Mumbai95 km and 2 to 3 hr required to reach Alibaug Beach.


2. Murud Janjira Fort

Murud Janjira Fort is a fortified fort located on an island in the coastal village of Murud, which is 55 km from Alibaug, Maharashtra. The fort, perched on a cliff in the middle of the expanse of the Arabian Sea, stands the test of time as well as the resilience of the past. If you are travelling in the Konkan coast, Maharashtra, you should visit this fort as it will tell you a lot of history.

Murud Janjira Fort  is spread over an area of ​​about 22 acres. The fort was originally a wooden structure, which was later renovated by Sidi Sirul Khan in the 17th century. The fort is a masterpiece of architecture. In the original excerpt, there is a stone, depicting six elephants caught by a lone tiger, an image of Siddi's courage. The ramparts have 23 huge towers about 30-40 feet high, They are still in place. Among them are three notable guns made of five metals namely 'Kalal Bangadi', 'Landa Kasam' and 'Chavi'. The main gate of the fort is seen on the shores of Rajapuri, it is masked, covered and exceptionally strong. There is a small door to the unbroken ocean to get rid of the enemies. The 5-story old royal residence is currently in disrepair. There are overlapping paths to crises. This fort is impregnable. Nineteen of the bastions of the fort stand to this day, proudly saluting their glorious past. Not far from the sandy shores, the majestic fort's roof not only gives a glimpse of the past but also offers panoramic views of the Arabian Sea.

Distance and required time to reach Murud Janjira Fort

From Pune - 160 km and more than 4 hr required to reach Murud Janjira Fort.

From Mumbai148 km and 3 to 4 hr required to reach Murud Janjira Fort.


3. Kolaba Fort

Colaba Fort or known as Alibag Fort, situated in the middle of the sea and surrounded by the waters of the Arabian Sea, it is one of the major tourist attractions in Alibaug. Colaba Fort is a 300 year old fort which was once a major naval station in Maharashtra during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj. Situated in the Arabian Sea, it has a distinct military fortifications and a breathtaking view of sea. Located less than 2 km from Alibag beach, the fort is accessible for walking at low tide, but at high tide, a boat has required to reach this fort. The trail is quiet and scenic as the area is sparsely populated with only a few beaches.

Discovering the fort is something that everyone loves to try at least once in their life. The hidden stories of forts always motivate you to explore these places. The fort has an average height of 25 feet and has two main entrances, one to the beach and the other to Alibag. Another attraction of this place is the Siddhivinayak Temple in the fort.

The fort is surrounded by historical artefacts and the walls of the fort are filled with artifacts such as cannon, animal and bird carvings. Old temple buildings can also be seen here. Although the mighty fort is in the middle of the sea, surrounded by water on all sides, the presence of fresh water wells in the fort premises is an important feature. The temple of Lord Ganesha, built by Ragoji Angre in the year 1759, is also in the area and is still worshiped by the local fishermen.

Distance and required time to reach Kolaba Fort

From Pune - 145 km and more than 3 hr required to reach Kolaba Fort.

From Mumbai95 km and more than 2 hr required to reach Kolaba Fort.


4. Nagaon Beach

Situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea, Nagaon Beach is 9 km from the city of Alibaug. Nature of palms, betel nuts and cypress trees, the beach is famous for its cleanliness and affordable water-based adventure activities. Many homestays and resorts offer a glimpse of the locals' lives, which making Nagaon Beach a great weekend getaway. This beach is relatively cleaner and more beautiful than any other beach in Alibaug. The climate here is generally humid with a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius. Parasailing, Banana Boat Ride, Jet Skiing and Bumper Rides are some of the adventure sports you should try here. Winter is the best season to visit this beach. There are other wonderful places to visit near Nagaon Alibag.

The beach is about 3 km long and is an ideal place for tourists to take part in some activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. Go deep into the clear blue water and witness the coral reefs. Enjoy the amazing sunset with its orange color as you walk along the beach in the evening. This beach is at a distance of 7 km from Alibaug. This beach is also called Satad beach. For that ultimate experience, it is one of the best tourist destinations in Alibaug.

The shores of Nagaon Beach are spread over 3 km by the waves of the Arabian Sea. The sunset here is especially beautiful and a great evening walk to the beach is a great way to end your day. Beach Shakes is another feature that Nagaon Beach offers to tourists. Nagaon Beach is also a hub for other beaches like Murud, Kashid, Akshi, Alibag, Kihim and Mandwa.

Distance and required time to reach Nagaon Beach

From Pune - 151 km and more than 3.2 hr required to reach Nagaon Beach.

From Mumbai101 km and more than 2.5 hr required to reach Nagaon Beach.


5. Kashid Beach

Kashid Beach is 32Km from Alibaug and it is situated between two hills and it is famous for its clear sea, white sand and casuarina forests along the coast. The most beautiful and charming beach in the Konkan region is spread over 3 km of white sand. Kashid Beach is a quiet and comfortable place which is an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Kashid is not as commercially popular as most of the beaches in the state. Most of the visitors visit at Kashid on their way to Alibaug or Murud. It is popular among couples due to its seafood cuisine and resorts. The best time to visit this beach in Alibaug is from October to March.

This charming beach is covered with shrubs called casuarina, which complements the existing landscape and attracts tourists for long stays. This beach is very crowded on saturday and sundays. However, this sprawling beach promises you lots of water sports to play and create memories. 

Distance and required time to reach Kashid Beach

From Pune - 175 km and more than 4 hr required to reach Kashid Beach.

From Mumbai125 km and more than 3 hr required to reach Kashid Beach.


6. Kihim Beach

Cool breezes and in search of some photography, Kihim Beach is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Alibaug. The shore is completely covered with clear water and dense vegetation above and below the shore. You can spend some time here with your loved one while visiting the quiet Kihim Goan and appreciating the excellent Indian cuisine. Located just 12 Km from Alibaug, Kihim Beach is famous for dense coconut trees and pollution-free air. The beach is adorned with incredible white sand with distinct types of shells scattered all over. The area is covered with trees and flowers. Beautiful migratory and resident birds also visit Kihim beach and are found in abundance here.

There are many options for sightseeing in and around Kihim Beach. For example, Colaba Fort, located on the coast, can be seen from a distance. This makes the attraction a fashionable tourist destination for people of all ages and thus the place can be visited with friends, family, relatives or spouse. Kihim beach is about 12 km from S.T stop. The beach is also popular for its unusual butterflies, feathered animals and flower varieties. The beach is also known for its sandy beaches and the large number of coconut trees growing in the region.

Distance and required time to reach Kihim Beach

From Pune - 145 km and more than 3.5 hr required to reach Kihim Beach.

From Mumbai95 km and more than 2 hr required to reach Kihim Beach.


7. Brahma Kund

Brahma kund is one of the most popular tourist place in Alibaug, built in 1612. Located 20 km from Alibaug, it is one of the most visited religious place in alibaug. Surrounded by steps on all four sides are Shiva Lake and Brahmas Kund. Legend has it that when Lord Krishna bathed, the water in the tank was collected by building walls. It is a spectacular rectangular shaped basin. It is believed that in the past, when Lord Krishna bathed Lord Krishna, water was collected from the pool by building walls. Other tourist attractions in Kunda are Chhote Maruti Mandir and Mirchi Baba.

Distance and required time to reach Brahma Kund

From Pune - 145 km and more than 3.5 hr required to reach Brahma Kund.

From Mumbai95 km and more than 2 hr required to reach Brahma Kund.


7. Mandwa Beach

Mandwa beach is a popular weekend beach destination, this beach is located in Mandwa village in Maharashtra near alibaug. Mandwa beach is very accessible as there is a direct ferry service to and from the city of Mumbai. A quiet and fantastic beach, the tent will not disappoint you during your mandwa trip. Mandwa is a family tourist destination located on an excellent and exceptionally beautiful beach in Alibaug. Throughout the day, visitors can enjoy breathtaking weather and beautiful birds. Moreover, life in the vibrant village and the magically built beaches offer a lot to the tourists. The huge and beautiful garden of coconut trees adds even more charm.

Mandwa is a very popular beach destination for people living in Maharashtra. The place is famous for the film Agneepath, where both Amitabh Bachchan and Hrithik Roshan have acted in two different films. It is also famous for its sandy golden beaches, charming food and water sports activities, if you decide to visit this beautiful place the whole beach vacation is guaranteed.

Distance and required time to reach Mandwa Beach

From Pune - 154 km and more than 3.4 hr required to reach Mandwa Beach.

From Mumbai104 km and more than 2.3 hr required to reach Mandwa Beach.


8. Revdanda Fort and Beach 

Revdanda Fort is located in Revdanda village at a distance of 17 km from Alibag and 125 km from Mumbai. It offers a view of Revdanda beach and the winds blowing from there always make the fort a great place to spend time. Revdanda Fort is surrounded by abundant coconut trees and beetle nuts, and is adorned with the aroma of a rare species of plant called Bakuli in the local language.

Revdanda Beach is a very different beach in the region. The sand is black, which gives it a unique look. The beach is an integral part of the people of Revdanda, a place where people come to relax after a long day's work. Since Revdanda is a coastal region, fish and rice are important ingredients in the diet of the people of this region. Remains of the Portuguese fort are covered with wild groves. What are the differences between the cannon holes in the walls of the seafront. Although the fort is now in ruins, one must visit the Ravdanda beach - a pure historical attraction with its unique beauty of nature.

Distance and required time to reach Revdanda Fort and Beach

From Pune - 159 km and more than 3.5 hr required to reach Revdanda Fort and Beach.

From Mumbai109 km and more than 2.7 hr required to reach Revdanda Fort and Beach.


9. Akshi Beach

Situated near the town of Alibaug in the Raigad district of the Konkan region, with its lush, golden beach, it is one of the most unique beaches in Alibaug, and if you are looking for the right gateway to visit, then Alibaug, then Akshi Beach is one the best option. Get lost in a quiet place, stop watching because all you need is Akshi Beach. Sandwiched between Nagaon Beach & Alibag Beach, Akshi is a fishing village which is not very popular among tourists as it is secluded and quiet. The calm water coming from the shore filled with palm and coconut trees is a delight to this place. It is one of the cleanest beaches in Maharashtra. 

It is about 5 kilometers from Alibag beach. There are numerous cottages and hotels along the coast. The sea is generally safe and the coastline is relatively horizontal, making it a unique place for activities such as boating, sunbathing and swimming. Akshi Beach also attracts a wide variety of birds, making it a popular bird watching spot. Many species such as seagulls, bar-tailed godwit, dunlin, terns and plovers can be seen on these shores. More than 300 species of birds visit this beach every year. This beach is separate from one of the most secluded beaches in the Maharashtra, it is situated between Nagaon and Alibaug beaches and does not attract much tourists due to its area and diversity. With a local population, this is an ideal place to witness the local coastal culture of the inhabitants.

Distance and required time to reach Akshi Beach

From Pune - 150 km and more than 3.2 hr required to reach Akshi Beach.

From Mumbai100 km and more than 2.3 hr required to reach Akshi Beach.


10. Saswane Beach

It is a very quiet beach that is relatively unknown to people and is therefore considered one of the best tourist destinations in Alibaug on weekends. Coconut trees align the beach and enhance the beauty of the beach with a small village. It is a relatively unknown beach on the extended coast after Awas and Alibaug. The beach is a high-rise residential village with sparse bungalows and luxury apartments. With a desert of coconut trees in the distance, the sky presents a fascinating picture. Due to its location promotes water sports (excluding monsoons), it is frequented by travelers from both Pune and Mumbai. There is also a sculpture museum on the very scenic beach and very beautiful sunset views.

Along with all these beautiful features this beach also offers many water sports. Unfortunately, water sports are not available during the rainy season as the tides are very aggressive during those months. Don't miss the sun set in the sea behind the colorful fishing boats on the beach.

Distance and required time to reach Saswane Beach

From Pune - 153 km and more than 3.3 hr required to reach Saswane Beach.

From Mumbai103 km and more than 2.4 hr required to reach Saswane Beach.


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