Sandhan Valley Trekking

Sandhan Valley Trekking bhandardara

Sandhan Valley Trekking

Sandhan Valley is Also called the Shadow Valley in the intensive valley, which is the biggest contamination in the grand setting of the Sahyadri Western Ghats. Water sculpted is 200 feet deep and 1.5 km long. Sandhan Valley is situated on the west side of the beautiful Bhandardara area near Samarad village. The valley of Madan and Kulang (known as AMK-rated as the most difficult track in Sahyadri), Ratangad, Ajoba & Kalsubai 5400 ft high mountains. During the two high walls of the mountain range there is a bright and deep narrow rock forward ravine . At some places, its width is less than 3 feet and in some places the sun rays can not reach the land.

Sandhan Valley is a great valley in the Sahyadri mountain ranges. Sandhan Valley is a great combination of Trek Canyon and Valley. The real meaning of adventure with trekking and camping experiences along with your friends and family in Igatpuri. Sanshan Valley Trek is a unique experience that combines both activities like rappelling, trekking and many other adventure activities.

There are lots of activities available in Sandhan Valley like Trekking, Bonfire, Camping under the open sky, Tent pitching, Rappelling , Rope climbing etc.

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