Raigad Fort

Raigad Fort

Raigad fort is located at Sahyadri mountain ranges, about 25 km from Mahad in Raigad district. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj renovated this fort In 1674, the Maratha Empire was declared as a capital. There is a facility for ropeways to get to the fort, so that the fort can be reached in a few minutes. Raigad Fort has a man-made pond and its name is "Gangasagar Lake". The only way to get to the fort is through the "Maha Darwaja". on Raigad fort there is one famous Tower built in the high valleys and is known as "Hirkani bastion".

Raigad is about 820 meters above sea level at 2700 feet high. There are 1400-1450 steps to reach the fort. The ancient name of Raigad was Rayri. Javali chief Yashwantrao More fled from Javli and stayed on to Raigad. Chhatrapati Shivaji maharaja, laid siege on Raigadas on 6th April 1656 and in May Raigad came under the control of Shivaji maharaja. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj elected Raigad as the capital of maratha empire Raigad because it is difficult to land and hence it is convenient for sea transport because of the capital of Raigad. The coronation of Mahārāj took place at the same place. One and a half meters high - Dense crowd of Devagiri . Grass does not grow in the rainy season. There is no place for birds to come down on the vertical edges. Looking at this, Maharaj said, become happy and said, this is right place for capital Make the fort on the this palce. After shivaji Maharaj, raigad is capital for nearly six years. There are two ways to go to the fort. One-Dedicated towers and two-penny doors. Apart from this, the story of Hirkani, who has a hard-fought Hirakani strap, is famous. There is currently a facility for ropeway to go to the fort.

There is a direct bus service from Pune to Raigad. This bus passes through Bhor via mahad Marg via Pachadgaon, from Panchagarh (Roop Way) to Raigad. From here you stepped up to only 1435 steps, that can reach Raigad Math. But there is a cave on the 4-5 minute climb towards opposite direction of Raigad in this cave pond. its called "Tiger Girl" or "Cave of Dancing!" New trekkers have begun to call this cave "Guns of Pachad".

Tours of school colleges and tourism companies are organized tour at Raigad. If you can sit on the fort by going to the door, then you can reach the Raigad by climbing 1000 to 125 steps. The cave of Tiger or Dancing Tigers that must be seen by the tourists is on the Raigad.

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