Places to visit near kashid beach

Places to visit near kashid beach

Places to visit near kashid beach

Kashid beach is known for beautiful & serene beach. Because of variety and popular tourist attraction kashid has become popular tourist destination in konkan Maharashtra. Kashid has historical importance to places of scenic beauty so it is ideal weekend getaway kashid is perfect destination for family and group trip.      

The beach stretches to a wide stretch of coastline and is known for its scenic location and tranquility. Kids, couples, families & adventure enthusiasts, everyone can find more than one way to enjoy a holiday on Kashid beach. Being close to 2 major cities of Mumbai and Pune  kashid beach is fully crowded on weekends. Kashid beach will surely delight you with its beauty & enchanting landscape. Reaching the beach through a virtual setting in itself is an amazing experience. Lets get ready for an unforgettable experience at Kashid Beach.

If you want to visit the weekend gateway which is a combination of both privacy & adventure, Kashid Beach is the perfect option for you. It is a unique place within the limits of Kashid, Alibaug that offers something for both couples & families. Kashid Beach’s crystal clear blue water is a treat for your eyes, providing both peace and beauty in a single frame!

The best time to visit Kashid Beach is during the winter season, i.e. between October & February. At Kashid Beach, the weather is perfect at this time to enjoy beach walks and water activities.


How To reach Kashid beach

Good connectivity to roadways, railways and airways, Kashid Beach is easily accessible from any part of the world – This is another reason why it is an ideal destination for a quick vacation.

How to Reach by Road – Kashid beach is situated at a distance of 150km from Mumbai & 175Km From pune. You can easily reach Kashid beach by road. Regular buses available from Mumbai & Pune.

How to Reach by Air – The Nearest Airport Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai. The Mumbai to kashid beach distance is 135Km. You can take Taxi or Bus from Mumbai to kashid beach.

How to Reach by Train – Roha is the nearest railway station to kashid beach which is located around 50Km away. This station of konkan railway is well connected with major cities in Maharashtra.


Tourist places to visit near Kashid Beach

Bellow is the list for popular tourist places to visit near Kashid beach

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