Malvan Beach

malvan beach

Malvan Beach

Malvan is a dream holiday destination with its beautiful beaches, quiet backwater, historic forts and exciting adventure ways. Backwater Water in Malvan is an ideal place for sports and today Malvan is the most popular after known destination for water sports in Maharashtra. Malvan is one of the rare places where you can enjoy SCUBA diving and snorkeling in Maharashtra. Although the tourist season in Malvan increases up to October (end) - the best time to visit (Middle) May will be the best excitement during February and November. malvan is one of the taluka in Sindhudurg district. Malvan is a holiday festival in which there is something for every soul! Keep these relaxing vacations through beach or vacation thrilling holidays Do not forget to take advantage of the mouth water that is delicious for the people who enjoy the dishwasher for Malvani dishes, so that you have everything in Malvan to keep you excited during your holiday in Malvan.

Nearly there are lots of temples are dispersed, Malvan is not a temple like most coastal beaches in Konkan, but there is a lot to see in Malvan. Boat rides are two things that you can not miss in Carly Backwater and snorkeling and SCUBA diving in Malvan. Here dolphin watch rides are also very popular and if you do not see dolphins at Malvan you might face it.

The solitary beaches of Malvan welcome you to our shores. Between coconut tree horizons and flute aromatic sounds Seeking daily escape from the insanity and having the opportunity to revive it and enjoy the ancient peace of the wall. A perfect holiday getaway spot for you and your family, is also an ideal honeymoon destination for new ones, who want to spend time with the start of a new chapter in their life and their life partner. This beach is not a place for rest, however, it is near the city center and probably the most accessible beach in the area. One of its kind marine gardens in Asia is the next attraction. Since 2000, the government has proposed the use of marine water, but no action has been taken yet. The area of ​​Malvan is a strong island on the coastal rocks. Coral patches have been reported in the central part of Sindhudurg fort. Most marine plants and animals in the inter-tidal area are exposed during any low incision. So keep an eye on the best opportunities for scuba diving. However, now the best attraction of this beach is Sindhudurg fort.

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