Bhandardara Hill Station

Bhandardara hill station

Bhandardara Hill Station

Bhandara is located in Ahmadnagar Maharashtra. Bhandhatarara is a hill station which attracts thousands of tourists every year. In the Sahyadri mountain ranges of Maharashtra, on the flow of the Pravara river, The folklore says that after being pleased with the austerities of Agastya Muni, he blessed the river on the River Ganga to the river Parvar.

After every monsoon, a high place is created for a whole new life and every argument is bound to be binding beauty. It is the place of every traveler. Located 170 km from Pune state of Maharashtra, this place is gradually a kaleidoscope of green surroundings, waterfalls and mountains. there are various medicine tree which used in Ayurveda. This is why God visited them with the most sacred rivers in India, along with one river of Ganges, which is today known as Pravara. This particular stream is the lifestyle of the region and it has increased the number of beautiful water. The chief among them is Arthur Lake, Randha Falls and Umbrella falls. Visit famous places in Bhandarara, like Bhandardara Lake, built by dense forests of Sahyadri Hills. Wilson Dam is located at a height of 150 meters above sea level. Randha Falls, one of the oldest dams in India this is Indias third largest waterfall. Later in the Agasti Rishi Ashram, a large number of tourists will be attracted to the mythological epic and peaceful areas.

Bhandardara is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations and the number of visits to various places is increasing every year. It is a favorite place of many Bollywood directors and many well known Hindi / Marathi films have been shot in the same area. (Kati Kite, Heena, Ram Teri Ganga Mali, Raju Chacha, and Deol were some of them.) are some movie created there. Wilson Dam is a large circular waterfalls, and he is known as umbrella fall due to its characteristic shape. Umbrella can be seen from a very wide distance while the dam is being used. However, this umbrella falls only in the months of July to October.

Bellow are the places to visit in bhandardara
1) Umbrella Falls
2) Wilson Dam
3) Kalsubai Peak
4) Randha Falls
5) Ratanwadi Village
6) Arthur Lake
7) Agatsya Rishi Ashram

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q: Where is Bhandardara located, and what makes it a popular hill station?
A: Bhandardara is situated in Ahmadnagar, Maharashtra, nestled in the Sahyadri mountain ranges along the Pravara River. Renowned for its natural beauty, waterfalls, and green surroundings, Bhandardara attracts thousands of tourists annually.

Q: What is the significance of the Pravara river in Bhandardara's folklore?
A: According to local folklore, Agastya Muni's austerities pleased the gods, leading to the blessing of the Pravara River. It is believed that Agastya Muni transformed the river, which is now known as Pravara, akin to the sacred Ganges.

Q: What are the major attractions in Bhandardara, and what activities can visitors enjoy?
A: Bhandardara offers several attractions, including Arthur Lake, Wilson Dam, Randha Falls, and Umbrella Falls. The region is known for its lush forests and is a hub for Ayurvedic medicine trees. Visitors can engage in activities such as boating, exploring Agasti Rishi Ashram, and enjoying the scenic beauty.

Q: Why is Bhandardara a popular location for Bollywood film shoots?
A: Bhandardara has become a favored destination for Bollywood directors, with numerous Hindi/Marathi films shot in the area. The picturesque landscapes, including Wilson Dam and Umbrella Falls, have been featured in well-known films like Kati Patang, Heena, Ram Teri Ganga Maili, Raju Chacha, and more.

Q: When is the best time to visit Bhandardara to witness the Umbrella Falls?
A: The Umbrella Falls near Wilson Dam in Bhandardara are best observed during the months of July to October. During this period, the characteristic shape of the falls, resembling an umbrella, is particularly prominent. Visitors can enjoy the spectacular view of the falls during this seasonal timeframe.

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