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Pawas village is great holiday destination situated 20km from Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra. It is spiritual place in pawas known for stay of Swami (saint) Swaroopanand, being a follower of warkari sampraday he had carefully learned the philosophy from Dasbodh, Dyaneshwari, Bhagawatam, Abhangas by many saints and upanishadas. There is also Samadhi mandir of swaroopanand and lakhs of people visit every year.

Various accommodations available to stay in pawas includes MTDC hotels and beach resort, private lodges, villas, farm house, bungalows, luxury hotels, 1 Star, 3 Star, 5 Star hotels. online hotels booking facility also available. They also serve delicious, tasty konkany style coastal foods. Pure veg restaurants are also available in pawas.

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