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Murud is Located in the Konkan coastline, Murud is a town 11km from Dapoli. Having a long beach with swaying palms and a beautiful ancient Durga Devi temple are its attractions.

The old Durga Devi temple was built in the 18th century and there is a lovely lake having fresh and cold water. The carvings on its wooden pillars are worth seeing! A large bell hangs above the left side of the entrance. It is said that after winning the battle of Vasai, Chimaji Appa - the great Maratha warrior had brought that bell from one of the churches.

Murud has a lot of beach resorts in the coconut trees. Speciality of Konkani food fresh seafood includes the likes of Pomfret(Paplate), Kingfish (Surmai) and Prawns straight from the Arabian Sea. You can also enjoy pure vegetarian, home-made Konkani cuisine at some of the houses nearby. The beach itself with its soft sand and wide expanses is well suited for walking, jogging or simply freaking out. You will probably be able to watch the white bellied sea eagle.

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